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Monday, July 28, 2014

Sesame Street: 45 Years And Still Awesome

Having released highlights of its upcoming 45th season, Sesame Street shows that it still has the power and creativity to teach children even after 45 years on the air!

Sesame Street is parodying Comic Con. SESAME STREET IS PARODYING COMIC CON! Yes, this show still remains awesome after 45 years.

I am gushing over the references: Star Wars. Star Trek. X-Men. Batman. Doctor Who. Super Mario. Even The Simpson’s Comic Book Guy! “Best. Convention. Ever.” BEST. PARODY. EVER!

They see Bert rollin’. They hatin’. Think he's just too white n' nerdy. Think he's just too white n' nerdy.

She loves her hair. She wants to change the world. And now, in her newest video, that adorable little black girl puppet sings along with the other colored Sesame Street cast members about how they love their skin. Yay for racial pride! Wait…

Daily Pony: My Little Pokemon Trainer

My Little Pokemon Trainer by kilala97 on deviantART

This is making me so hyped for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Funnies (07/27/2014)

Need a good laugh? We all do. So here's your weekly compilation of political cartoons. This week sees the continuation of the everlasting circle of death. Civilians continue to die in the Middle East, death row inmates continue to die from botched executions, veterans continue to die waiting for healthcare, and Obama's ratings continue to die along with his credibility.





















SATIRE: College Dress Code Bans Fedoras


College Dress Code Bans Fedoras
Feminist backlash leads to trendy hat being banned as a "hate symbol."

Walter Crackpot
Daily Bungle

Male students returning to Farnsworth University this fall will have to leave their triblies at home.

That's because F.U.'s new dress code prohibits fedoras on campus, labeling the hats as "hate symbols."

F.U. officials released a statement explaining that the decision to ban fedoras was made due to the hats being associated with men's right activists and receiving complaints from female students.

Men's rights activists, or MRAs, as their name implies, claim to advocate for the rights of men and to address male gender inequalities; however, critics, especially feminists, argue that the movement is merely a facade for sexism and misogyny.

Recently, MRAs have received notoriety following the Isla Vista Shootings, as the shooter, Elliot Rodger, who killed seven people and injured 13, expressed within his manifesto misogynistic attitudes similar to those espoused by MRAs.

The Southern Poverty Law Center in 2012 released a report on MRAs and others within the so-called “men's right movement” and “manosphere,” but have not officially labeled them as a hate group.

For these reasons, there has been a push within the F.U. student body to ban fedoras and other apparel associated with MRAs.

F.U. dress code already prohibits clothing that displays racist and sexist language, and bans other apparel that are considered "hate symbols" such as gang symbols and swastikas.

Leading the charge to ban the fedora has been F.U.'s student feminist group, "Feminists Against Regressive Troglodytes."

Prior to summer break, F.A.R.T. forwarded to college officials a petition containing 50 signatures, mostly from F.A.R.T. members and other female students, calling for a ban on the fedora.

The petition included a written statement from F.A.R.T. president Ima Kuntz decrying the hat as a “symbol of patriarchy” and “male privilege” that should be no more be acceptable to wear on campus than Ku Klux Klan uniforms.

“White men are not allowed to walk around in white hoods giving the Nazi salute and yelling racial slurs at colored students, so why should they be allowed to proudly wear a symbol of patriarchy that they tip at women while addressing them as ‘M’lady’?” Kuntz wrote. “Such a gross display of male privilege is quite unsettling, even triggering, for female students, and thus should be banned from campus for good taste.”

Other apparel that were called upon to be banned as “hate symbols” also include My Little Pony clothing and apparel for men, as, with the fedora, this clothing is often associated with MRAs and other on-line sexists.

“By wearing this type of clothing, men who already benefit from far too much privilege within society steal a brand meant for underprivileged little girls and claim it as their own, thus taking a television show that is meant to be empowering for young girls and associating it with misogyny,” Kuntz elaborated.

Upon considering F.A.R.T.’s petition, along with similar complaints from female students, F.U. officials decided to comply with their concerns by revising the college dress code to prohibit fedoras, My Little Pony male clothing, and other apparel as “hate symbols.”

F.U. has since mailed letters to students informing them of the dress code revision.

“We at F.U. pride ourselves with maintaining a safe and comfortable learning environment where students of all backgrounds are free to learn without fear or threat to their personal wellbeing,” F.U. President Ben Dover wrote. “As such, if even a few students feel uncomfortable with something controversial such as an article of clothing, we find it necessary to consider their personal sensibilities and ensure that whatever is interfering with their learning experience is promptly addressed.”

As can be expected, the fedora ban has prompted negative counter-reactions from students, especially male students, who consider the revised dress code an example of “political correctness” and an infringement on free speech and expression.

“I don’t wear fedoras or Pony shirts, but that doesn’t mean other men shouldn’t wear them,” one male student, Joe BeLaugh, commented on the college’s forum in a thread about the new dress code. “Not all men who wear those things are sexist, and even if they were, this is a free country and they should be free to wear that.”

F.A.R.T. has since lauded F.U.’s fedora ban, hailing it as step towards “gender equality” while decrying its critics as “vanguards of patriarchy.”

“Any neckbeard who is crying crocodile tears over this is merely mourning his loss of unwarranted male privilege and is only upset because he can no longer oppress women through their clothing,” Kuntz said in a phone interview. “Sorry, s***lords, but your right to free expression ends where my feelings begin.”


What if the fedora-shaming and Brony-shaming propagated by Internet feminist social justice warriors managed to have an impact in real life? What if fedoras and male Pony apparel were banned because it hurt the delicate feelings of feminist SJWs? Sometimes my own satire depresses me as to how it could easily become reality.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Favorite VGM: Corneria (Star Fox SNES)

To think that I had introduced this new segment over a month ago, but have not updated it until now. Oh well! Here’s more of my favorite video game music:

I’m not a huge Star Fox fan. I’ve only played a few games. But the one thing that I love most about them is the music.

Take for instance the music for the SNES Corneria stage. This is the very first stage that you play in the very first game, and its music definitely gets you pumped up to play it. When I think of a space shoot ‘em up, this is the music I hear in my head. Its speedy tempo and heavy beats combined with alternating harsh and light notes gets you energized to shoot down asteroids and enemy craft.

Compare this track with that for the Star Fox 64 Corneria stage. It sounds less like a space shooter and more like a slow, boring military march. Star Fox 64 may have had impressive graphics back in its day, but what it may had gained it graphics it more than lost in its music.

Super Smash Brothers Brawl offered a remix of the SNES Corneria music, and while it’s a fitting update to an epic song track, for me, I will always prefer the vintage, old school instrumentation of the SNES version.

Daily Pony: Let The Rainbow Remind You

The new Season 4 highlights video contains an extended version of “Let The Rainbow Remind You.” This song was perfect to end the season on, if not perfect overall, but I felt it was a tad bit short. This video has since made it 20 percent cooler! :D

Friday, July 25, 2014

TGWTG Doesn’t Know Real Talent!!!

Know Your Meme

(In which I channel my inner Drinking with Bob. Yes, I need to blow off steam THAT badly.)

What’s next? I’ll tell you what’s next: Channel Awesome.

For those who don’t know, Channel Awesome (or That Guy With The Glasses) recently held auditions for new reviewers. I just finished reading their results list, and I’m not happy. At all!

The only reviewer I know who managed to be accepted was Some Jerk With A Camera. (Gee, I wonder if the fact that his name is similar to the site’s had anything to do with him getting accepted!)

Other than that, every other reviewer that I know and love was rejected: Bobsheaux, Hardcore Kid, Huey's Animated Movie Reviews, Jaimetud, Media Hunter, Rowdy Reviewer, The Autarch of Flame, The Fiery Jokerm The Obscure, Vaulting.

Are you freaking kidding me?

All of them are talented reviewers. All of them are more than worthy to join the ranks of Doug Walker and company. Instead, they were given the whole “don’t call us, we’ll call you” routine.

I wouldn’t be so disappointed if it weren’t for the fact that most of them are from Reviewers Unknown, which is going to be shut down this fall. Worse, many of them are being booted from Blip (because the website is run by a bag of salty dicks).

This reveals a lot about TGWTG. They all may be talented, but they can’t spot good new talent even if it’s hitting them right in the freaking face. Doug, if you’re responsible for this, my respect for you has dropped by a good level or two.

I mean are you kidding me? Are you FREAKING kidding me?! You all have to wake up. WAKE UP!!!


Daily Pony: SDCC 2014 Panel

Equestria Daily

For the third year in a row, juicy announcements were revealed during the MLP Panel at Comic Con in San Diego. Equestria Daily has already posted panel highlights along with a special Season 5 sneak peek. I’ll be sure to throw in my two cents later this weekend. Until then, feel free to discuss the happenings in the comments below. (So it goes without saying: SPOILER ALERT!)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Daily Pony: Somewhere In The West

Somewhere in the west by vombavr on deviantART

Just look at the detail on this. My Celestia, the detail! It's darn near photo-realistic. It's talent like this that makes me love the fanbase even more.

And to think there are probably detractors out there who think that such talent is being “squandered” on a little girls cartoon.  them! Any show capable of inspiring such fine talent is a darn good one.

NYPD Officer Chokes Man To Death

The man you just witnessed being strangled by NYPD officers while crying out that he can’t breathe was 43-year-old father of six, Eric Garner, an asthmatic. He had been placed in a chokehold by an officer and slammed onto the pavement as other officers piled upon him. His crime? Trying to break up a fight. He later died.

The good news is that the officer responsible for his death has been stripped of his gun and badge. The bad news, of course, is that this act of police brutality happened in the first place—especially since the offending officer has a history of complaints against him.

If someone were to tell me years ago that they hated cops, I would have assumed them to be a mere thug. Now, after years of reading news story after new story of police abuse and brutality, along with the growing militarization of local law enforcement, I have to wonder why more people don’t hate cops.

Acts like this are not isolated incidents. They’re not the result of one bad apple. Police brutality is systematic within our law enforcement system, with most victims being black or Hispanic men. Is it any wonder that many inner city youth grow up with resentment towards police?

But of course, the anti-police mentality among inner city youth isn’t due to systematic police brutality, now is it? It’s because of fatherless children, right?