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Friday, August 28, 2015

Are Police Officers Psychopaths?

After Georgia police tossed a flash grenade into a crib of a toddler during a botched raid, the sheriff's department claimed that the child was at fault for being injured by the attack. Do incidents like this prove that cops are psychopaths? If so, they certainly aren't keeping it a secret. The folks at the Bogosity Podcast expose these bad cops in all of their psychopathy.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

SU Recap: We Need to Talk

Since “Story For Steven”, most of us fans have been quite curious to learn more about Greg’s early relationship with Rose and the Crystal Gems. This episode managed to help sate a little bit of that curiosity.

Through this episode, we gain a deeper perspective into Rose’s early feelings towards, which turned out to have been equally as platonic and unrequited as her feelings towards Pearl.

Speaking of which, in case anyone still had doubts about the relationship between Pearl and Rose, hopefully, this episode helped to shed some extra light on it for you.

And in case you were wondering why Steven and Connie can fuse but Greg and Rose couldn’t, this episode also helped shed light on this.

Overall, this was an excellent blast into the past (and perhaps the best episode of the second Steven Bomb), and here’s hoping for some more in the future.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Worst MLP:FIM S5 Eps (Thus Far!)

Some episodes are so lackluster that it's not really worth writing entire recaps for them. So here, I'm just going to give you all a quick recap of the worst episodes of MLP:FIM Season Five (thus far!) Don't worry! I will get to writing full recaps of the remaining episodes--EVENTUALLY!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Were The Ashley Madison Hacks Justified?

In light of the recent hacking and release of person information from infidelity dating site Ashley Madison, can the hackers be considered brave “hacktivists” like Edward Snowden, or are they criminal thugs who put innocent lives at risk? Shane Killian and Charles Thomas of the Bogosity Podcast shed light on the shady activity and overall impact of these hackers.


SU Recap: Rising Tides, Crashing Skies

In most other action shows, city and town settings merely serve as backdrops for the action. In Power Rangers, after the monster of the day finishes wrecking the city and getting destroyed by the good guys, the episode ends only for the very next episode to show the city good as new—as if a giant monster hadn’t been rampaging through it in the previous episode! The same thing can be seen in other shows such as Powerpuff Girls or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: the city gets destroyed one episode, only to appear undamaged the very next.

For this reason, it’s a breath of fresh air when, following the events of the Steven Universe season one finale, it takes several episodes for Beach City to return to normal as everyone else is cleaning up and recovering from the aftermath. We see the wreckage of the Gemworld ship remain scattered along the beach for several episodes until the Crystal Gems get around to cleaning it up. This commitment to realism is one of the many small details that make the show feel real for us.

With all the crazy stuff that goes on in Beach City, you has to wonder what the other denizens of the town think about it. How do they really feel about their town getting attacked by monsters, and how do they feel about the Gems? Do they appreciate the work that they do to keep evil away, or do they consider them a nuisance that the town would be better without.

In the guise of an amateur online documentary, “Rising Tides, Crashing Skies”, reveals these answers and allows us a glimpse into the perspective of the townspeople and the previous events surrounding the season finale. This type of perspective is something that is often lost with other action shows. We see the heroes fight off the villains, but we rarely see how the townspeople have to cope with it. For this reason, Steven Universe helps bring the show down to earth, humanizing the characters and helping us to identify with them.

That and it’s funny to see Ronaldo act like the lovable conspiracy nut that he is!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Are Video On-Demand Services Intentionally Bad?

Ever wondered why there isn’t anything good to watch on video on-demand services such as Netflix? You can blame the big movie studios for that. Shane Killian and Jim Goebel from the Bogosity Podcast discuss how the movie industry and its archaic business model for copyright and licensing stifle the content of video on-demand services.


Saturday, August 15, 2015

TTN2GTFO #0896: Left-Wing Websites That Won’t Allow Their Employees To Unionize

(This is a cross-post from my Tumblr blog "Things In America That Need To GTFO!" For more posts like this, please visit and follow my blog on Tumblr.)

If you’re a left-wing news/blog site such as Salon, Buzzfeed, or Upworthy that regularly shills itself as a propaganda mill for labor unions, then you are obliged to allow your own employees to unionize. Either put your money where your mouth is and practice what you preach, or shut the fuck up forever about how you believe unions are the “backbone of the middle class”, because you clearly don’t believe that yourselves!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Teen Titans Go! F*** Yourselves!

If cartoons were food, then the original Teen Titans would be filet minion, and Teen Titans Go! would be the end result of that otherwise gourmet meal if it were devoured by a college dropout stoner and painfully excreted through diarrhea and rectal bleeding following a binge on beer and pot.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New Dark Stallion Chapter Preview

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic presents

The Dark Stallion

Episode 11: The Black Stallion Returns. Elements Of Harmony Unite


Thousands of Years in the Past

“My queen, my liege, what is the meaning of this?”

An armor-clad stallion stood concealed within the shadows of a throne room as he knelt before the royal dais. Upon that dais, sitting upon her throne, was Princess Platinum, dressed in her royal regalia. Next to her stood Clover the Clever; next to her, Starswirl the Bearded. Two royal sentries guarded either side of the dais.

Princess Platinum, from atop her throne, gazed upon the stallion kneeling before her. “I regret to inform you, my dear, that this is indeed true. Though I had originally considered you as a potential candidate for the sovereign of Equestria, it seems that Starswirl here, in his wisdom and discretion, has found two more suitable candidates for that position.”

The stallion rose from upon his knees and took a defiant stance from where he stood within the shadows. “But that honor had been promised to me. How could you so easily revoke it? Does your royal word mean nothing? Have I not honorably served you? Have I not fought in your honor? Have I not won you countless wars and battles?”

The unicorn princess could only tilt her head and close her eyes. “You have indeed proven to be a noble warrior, but this new land will need more than mere brawn to lead it. It will require a leader who is as strong in heart as he is in will—a loving heart guided by only the highest of virtues: honesty, loyalty, kindness, generosity, and kindness, one that will unite this new kingdom with friendship.”

She turned to Starswirl as he remained standing neaerby with his assistant, Clover. “And Starswirl here has found such a heart in the two alicorn sisters, Celestia and Luna. He and the 12 pony tribe elders have seen fit to prep them for their new role as Equestria’s royal sovereigns.”

The stallion, less than pleased by this news, drew a sword from his side. “That throne belongs to me, and I will take it, whether you offer it willingly or not.”

He dashed forward and leapt toward the princess, his sword drawn high above him. Before he could strike down upon her, his sword was stopped by two spears, each belonging to the royal guards.

The princess merely winced within her throne, as her two guards were the only ones keeping the sword from coming down upon her head and slicing her into two.

Starswirl took one step forward and struck his staff upon the ground. “You would dare defy your liege? Betray your kingdom?”

The stallion took one leap back and swung his sword at the others, pointing at them with its tip. “The only traitors here are you and the others who conspired to take from me what is rightfully mine, and I swear to the heavens above that I will take back what is rightfully mine!”

TTN2GTFO #3647: The Absence Of Female Comic Book Character Movies

The following is a cross-post from my new Tumblr blog, "Things In America That Need To GTFO!" For more posts such as this, please visit and follow my blog on Tumblr.

Hey, did you see Ant Man? Wasn’t that movie so cheesy yet so good? Yet isn’t it odd that Marvel produced a movie about a man who shrinks down to microscopic levels and controls ants, yet they still haven’t made a movie about the female Avenger, Black Widow?

Also, have you heard that they’re remaking the Spiderman movies? Yes, they’re remaking them, again, after having already remade the movies only a few years ago. Isn’t it also odd that we’re going to have three theatrical adaptations of Spiderman, yet we still don’t have one adaptation of a Marvel superheroine like Ms. Marvel?

Yes, this is a question that everyone has asked, but it still bears asking again: where are all the female superhero movies? In no other time have comic book movies proven hugely successful, yet all of them to this point have been major sausage fests. So when are we going to see some hotdog rolls?

It’s not like there’s a shortage of female comic book characters for either Marvel or DC, so what’s the excuse for not having them take center stage on the big screen? Does Hollywood seriously believe that comic book fans won’t bother watching a movie without a male lead? Yes, why would any lonely pre-pubescent (or pre-pibescent-minded) young man want to watch a movie starring a strong yet voluptuous woman wearing skin-tight clothing and armor that reveals her curves—HELLO!

And don’t even bother telling me that movies with female leads aren’t profitable. Both Frozen and Hunger Games prove your argument flawed. If moviegoers are willing to pay money to watch a strong yet attractive young woman wielding her bow and arrow against a tyrannical government like the badass that she is, they’re more than willing to watch a female superhero.

Yes, previous superheroine movies like Supergirl and Electra were major box office flops. So was Daredevil. That didn’t stop Marvel from remaking that comic book franchise into a Netflix series. If Marvel can try again with Daredevil, why can’t the movie industry try again with female superheroes? The old saying goes, “if at first you don’t succeed: try, try, again”, not “don’t even bother trying again ever!”