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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Daily Pony: Somewhere In The West

Somewhere in the west by vombavr on deviantART

Just look at the detail on this. My Celestia, the detail! It's darn near photo-realistic. It's talent like this that makes me love the fanbase even more.

And to think there are probably detractors out there who think that such talent is being “squandered” on a little girls cartoon.  them! Any show capable of inspiring such fine talent is a darn good one.

NYPD Officer Chokes Man To Death

The man you just witnessed being strangled by NYPD officers while crying out that he can’t breathe was 43-year-old father of six, Eric Garner, an asthmatic. He had been placed in a chokehold by an officer and slammed onto the pavement as other officers piled upon him. His crime? Trying to break up a fight. He later died.

The good news is that the officer responsible for his death has been stripped of his gun and badge. The bad news, of course, is that this act of police brutality happened in the first place—especially since the offending officer has a history of complaints against him.

If someone were to tell me years ago that they hated cops, I would have assumed them to be a mere thug. Now, after years of reading news story after new story of police abuse and brutality, along with the growing militarization of local law enforcement, I have to wonder why more people don’t hate cops.

Acts like this are not isolated incidents. They’re not the result of one bad apple. Police brutality is systematic within our law enforcement system, with most victims being black or Hispanic men. Is it any wonder that many inner city youth grow up with resentment towards police?

But of course, the anti-police mentality among inner city youth isn’t due to systematic police brutality, now is it? It’s because of fatherless children, right?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Daily Pony: Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash by Pembroke on deviantART

If I had a dime for every Rainbow Dash/Sonic reference, I would have enough money to buy Sega and create my own Rainbow Dash/Sonic crossover game.

Puppets Explain America’s Broken Prison System

America’s prison population has been rising within the past few decades despite its violent crime rates declining. So sky-high are incarcerations that a Sesame Street special has been released to help children cope with parents in prison. Taking a note from the place where the air is sweet, John Oliver on Last Week Tonight used puppets to help humorously explain America’s broken prison system:

It's a fact that needs to be spoken:
America's prisons are broken.
It's a hard truth about incarceration,
Prisons are needed for a civilization.

But mandatory minimums for heroin and crack
Stack the system against Hispanics and blacks.
Our prison population is bigger than Slovenia
Because we put people in jail instead of treating schizophrenia.

It's a fact that needs to be spoken:
America's prisons are broken.
Prison conditions are a national disgrace
With violence and maggots and possibly rape.

It's a fact that needs to be spoken:
America's prisons are broken.
America’s broken prison system are brought to you by decades of neglect, a lack of political courage, and a generous donation from the GEO Group as well as viewers like you.
There once was a time when I considered myself a “tough-on-crime” conservative, but after learning about our country’s high incarceration rates, countless incidents of police brutality, and the overall failure that is the War on Drugs, I have since made a complete 180 from such a stance.

You cannot claim to be against big "tyrannical" government while simultaneously supporting a government big enough to incarcerate half the population. Anyone self-respecting conservative or libertarian who claims to support limited government should oppose mandatory minimum sentencing, drug prohibition, private prisons, and other bad policies that create such gross high incarceration rates. Otherwise, you don’t oppose tyranny. You support it!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Funnies (07/20/2014)

Need a good laugh? We all do. So here's your weekly compilation of political cartoons. This week saw yet another example of government incompetence when CDC labs nearly unleashed smallpox, anthrax, and bird flu onto the public. That would be much funnier if it weren’t so true. In other news, Gaza remains in conflict with Israel, Putin remains in conflict with Ukraine, and Obama and the Democrats remain in conflict with reality.













Jewish World Review



Daily Pony: The Night Watch

Comic Block: The Night Watch by dm29 on deviantART

I don't give a buck what other bronies claim: FlashLight is the cutest shipping. (Though not as cute as FlutterMac!) Oh, and this comic is hilarious.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Daily Pony: Flashlight Paradox

Flashlight Paradox by saturdaymorningproj on deviantART

Despite being a real FlashLight fan, this managed to get a giggle out of me. I take it that his secret identity is…Barry Stallion.

SATIRE: Pop Star's "I Love Rice Balls" Tweet Sparks Internet Outrage


Pop Star's "I Love Rice Balls" Tweet Sparks Internet Outrage
Racists want her to leave America. Anti-racists want her to stop appropriating Japanese culture.

Perez Schmilton
Daily Bungle

Teen pop star Kitty "Katharine" Lovestar faces internet backlash after expressing her love of Japanese culture on Twitter.

Earlier this week, Lovestar, 19, posted a picture of herself eating Japanese rice balls with chopsticks while dressed in a kimono and wearing her blonde hair in a bun. The wall in the background of her photograph displayed a Sailor Moon poster.

"Finished making these rice balls. They are sweet. Better than apple pie," her tweet read.

Lovestar is a self-proclaimed "Japanophile" who claims to have had a sweet spot for Japanese culture ever since she was young.

In her spare time, when she's not busy recording her next album or touring the country performing her pop song hits, she loves to listen to Japanese pop music, eat sushi and pocky sticks, and watch anime, with her current favorite shows being "Kill la Kill" and "Lucky Star."

However, as the week progressed, Lovestar quickly discovered that others did not share her love of Japan.

The very next day after her tweet was posted, Fox News published a scathing op-ed piece accusing her of promoting anti-American sentiments: "Rice Balls Better Than Apple Pie? Does Lovestar Hate America?"

"We teach our children since birth that there is nothing more American than apple pie," the article read. "So how can a celebrity like Lovestar claim to love America when she places a higher regard on Japan? By promoting her pro-Japan message to her young impressionable fans, she undermines their view of America by claiming there are countries better than it, thus teaching them to hate their own country."

When Lovestar was linked to the article on Twitter, she denounced it, insisting she was an all-American girl, having been born in a small town within the Heartland with a father in the military.

"@FoxNews not cool. I heart America. My daddy got his Purple Heart fighting for it," she tweeted.

The next few days brought a flood of tweets denouncing Lovestar's alleged lack of patriotism with the hashtag #KittyHatesAmerica.

"@KittyLovestar if you love Japan so much, why don't you move there? #KittyHatesAmerica," wrote Twitter user ProudRedneck4Jesus.

"No rice balls 4 gooks taste better than Apple Pie! Murcia f yeah! #KittyHatesAmerica," wrote user RedBlackNBluePatriot.

However, on social media, Lovestar's opposition did not only come in the form of right-wing xenophobic racism. From the opposite end of the political spectrum, she was also attacked by left-wing social justice warriors.

The very same day after her tweet was posted, Salon published an op-ed by Internet social justice activist Suey Park, most infamous for her failed #CancelColbert campaign, who accused Lovestar of "cultural appropriation."

"Kitty Lovestar thinks she's so 'kawaii' with her kimono and Japanese hairstyle and love for rice balls and anime and all things Japan," Park wrote. "Well she isn't! She's just another privileged white girl who thinks she can appropriate non-white cultures for her own sake. Her tweet reveals that she views and treats Asians and their culture as nothing more than fashion accessories, and for that, she might as well swap her kimono for a pointy white hood."

When Lovestar replied directly to Park on Twitter by asking her how it would be any different if an Asian like her decided to photograph themselves eating chili while dressed in Western garb and a cowboy hat with a Clint Eastwood poster in the background, Park angrily replied "@Lovestar OMFG! That's totes different u stupid white supremacist bitch! STFU!" before promptly blocking her.

Throughout social media, other social justice activists expressed their disgust with Lovestar's cultural appropriation.

Andrew Ti, of the "Yo! Is This Racist?" Tumblr blog, was asked if Lovestar's picture was racist.

"Yo, if some wack white trailer trash turned pop star posing as an Asian doesn't constitute white supremacy, then I don't know what the f**k does," Ti replied.

Other "social justice warriors" expressed less vulgar, if not still aggressive, sentiments on Twitter.

"@KittyLovestar We are not fashion accessories. We are human beings. #culturalappropriation #racism," tweeted user SocialJusticeSamurai.

"@KittyLoverstar liek OMFG u r oppressing me with ur cultural appropriation bull**** plz stop," another user, AsianPride4ever, wrote.

Lovestar has since deleted her offending tweet and has since apologized for it.


This time I tackle two of the most annoying people on social media: racists and social justice warriors. If anything could possibly unite these two opposing factions together, it would be an American pop star tweeting about her love for Japanese rice balls.

This satirical article was inspired by the internet backlash that Avril Lavigne received from her “Hello Kitty” music video, which many a SJW decried as “racist” and “cultural appropriation.”

Teen Titans Go! is BETRAYAL!

As with TheMysteriousMrEnter, I was willing to ignore Teen Titans Go! as the inferior non-canonical spin-off to the much more superior Teen Titans animated series, but the moment it started making a mockery of the official canon by taking a huge steaming pile of poo on it, then the animated atrocity went into full-blown BETRAYAL! BE-TRAYAL! BE-TRAYED ME! mode:

Seriously, how do you turn one of the best episodes of the original series and turn it into the worst? Perhaps more disturbing is how MrEnter claims that this is not the worst episode of that abomination. That scares me, a little. And makes my soul weep!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Fedoras: They're Just Freaking Hats!

As a fedora-wearer myself, I appreciate this comic strip setting the record straight on my ever-marginalized choice of hat:

Fedoras by kevinbolk on deviantART