Nuggets of Wisdom

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Alan Grayson – Jackass of Democratic Party

I sometimes wondered why the Democrats have the jackass as their mascot. After watching Rep. Alan Grayson, I now know why.

This guy has been compared to Joe Wilson—a comparison I cannot see. Unlike Wilson, Grayson was given a chance to voice his opinion; Joe was not. Grayson had every right to say what he said and I don’t expect him to apologize for it.

I still think he’s a jackass.

It’s because of Democrats like Grayson that nobody takes the Left seriously. The Left does not wish to engage in honest debate. It simply wants to demonize the opposing side, as Grayson did in his remarks on healthcare reform. According to the Left, those who oppose healthcare reform are fear mongers who could care less if someone dies without health insurance, and those who protest healthcare reform are backwards hillbilly rednecks who have been fed misinformation by neoconservative blowhards.

And the same demonization of the Right can be seen in other debates. Those who oppose abortion are patriarchal chauvinists who wish to turn women into cattle. Those who oppose illegal immigration are xenophobic racists who wish to keep America racially pure. Those who oppose same-sex marriage are homophobic bigots who don’t really care about family values. Those who disagree with church-and-state issues are Bible-thumpers who wish to establish a theocracy. And the list can go on.

If Grayson wanted to engage in honest debate, he would have addressed real issues posed by the Right. Instead, he made a jackass out of himself by demonizing the Right. But then again, that’s what the Left usually does.