Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Cleveland Show (a.k.a. the Black Family Guy)

“What the Hell? He's getting his own show?” – Stewie Griffin

What words best describe The Cleveland Show?

Perhaps it’s the words of Cleveland’s stepdaughter Roberta, who tells Cleveland that he annoys her “like when white people make a show they think black people will watch.” Could she have been referring to this show?

Seriously, Did Fox need another animated series by Seth McFarlane? Wasn’t Family Guy and American Dad enough. Maybe Fox should just cancel The Simpsons and replace it with reruns of Family Guy. Then they can rename their Sunday night block “Seth McFarlane’s Domination.”

The Cleveland Show is supposed to be a spin-off of Family Guy, but it’s more of a clone. The show may have different characters set in a different location, but it still uses the same cutaway gags, same pop culture references, and same character types as Family Guy uses. Heck, let’s just call it Black Family Guy, because that’s exactly what it is.

At least American Dad was somewhat original.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this show lasts only one season. I’d be surprised if it lasted half a season. Seth McFarlane just isn’t funny anymore, and this series proves he’s in serious denial.