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Monday, September 14, 2009

Joe Wilson Apologized; Get Over It, Dems!

Joe Wilson already apologized for his “You Lie!” outburst; yet because one apology doesn’t seem to be enough for the Democrats, Joe has to set the Dems straight:

Rep. Joe Wilson said Sunday he will not apologize again for yelling out that President Obama lied during the president's speech to Congress last week.

"I am not going to apologize again," the South Carolina Republican said on "FOX News Sunday" when asked about pending disciplinary steps against him by the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives.

Wilson said he already apologized to Obama and that the president accepted it. However, he insisted that Obama "was misstating the facts," and that Democratic leaders in the House were "playing politics" by continuing to focus on the issue.

House Democrats plan to censure Wilson if he refuses to apologize on the House floor this week.

While I admire Joe for calling out Obama for being the liar he is, I understand that the House floor was the wrong time and place to do so. Joe admitted his mistake and apologized for it. That should be enough, but apparently not for the Democrats.

Joe already apologized. One apology is enough. You either accept it or you don’t. You do not need another apology from this man.

Seriously, what Kayne West did last night during the MTV Video Music Awards was worse that what Joe did. Blurting out “You Lie!” during a speech is one thing; Storming on stage, grabbing the speaker’s microphone, and stealing the spotlight is quite another.

And just to show how Joe Wilson could have been worse, here’s a video (albeit a poorly made one) I found on YouTube: