Nuggets of Wisdom

Thursday, September 3, 2009

John McCain on Tonight Show

Favorite Quotes

“[Town hall meetings are] the essence of democracy, we should hear from each other. We agree or disagree, we should have respectful town hall meetings. I understand the anger and the passion; but what’s the point if we yell at each other?…We shouldn’t yell at each other. We should work together.”

Favorite Quotes

“It’s not the quality of healthcare in America that is the problem, it’s the cost of healthcare.”

“I think Americans are smarter than we ever give them credit for, and they’re very concerned about the debt and the deficit…I think they worry about their kids and their grandkids. I think this plays into the whole concern about healthcare reform because the Congressional Budget Office has said it costs another trillion dollars or so.”

“I’d like to remind you that [Afghanistan] was the place where Al-Qaeda trained for the attacks on 9/11. So we don’t want Afghanistan to go back to a country from which an attack would be launched on the United States and our allies.”