Nuggets of Wisdom

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Social, Health Care, & War Policy

Recently stumbled across this joke in a newsletter called "Chit Chat." Enjoy!

Here's a program that could save us billions! Instead of dropping bombs and putting our military in harms way, we do something a little different. Here's the Plan: The United States rounds up all illegal aliens, convicted street gang members, prostitutes, drug peddlers & addicts, all 3x offenders, perverts and ACLU attorneys; then we load them, on bombers, (with parachutes of course), and air drop them over Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan.

The ACLU will form a Taliban chapter called the TCLU - and as the aliens, thugs, street gang members, drug addicts, & prostitutes “Do Their Thing" in their new homeland it'll only be a matter of months before our enemies' economy will be destroyed from within. The Taliban will surrender and wonder: "What is this new evil the United States has unleashed"? Just think of the savings in prison costs, welfare, medical care, street maintenance and taxes.

Now that's a policy I would vote for!