Nuggets of Wisdom

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Behar and Maher Bash Beck as Bimbo

Last night, I tuned into The Joy Behar Show on CNN Headline News to watch Behar talk with Ann Coulter (a woman I hate to love). I had no idea that her first guest would be Bill Maher (a man I love to hate), who engaged in his usual douchebaggery:

What do you make of all this sort of hate speech going on? I don't want to mention names but Glenn Beck is watching my show right now and it's possible that he's trying to think of new ways to yell at Obama and cause people to be raging and angry. What do you make of all of that?

Hate speech? Of course! Conservatives like Glenn Beck don’t hate Obama because of his policies: they hate him because of his skin color. That has to be it!

Then Maher answered with his usual “Conservatives are stupid” shtick.

And then you have the Republicans which are just a bunch of religious lunatics, Flat Earthers, Civil War re-enactors and bimbos.

Can Maher go anywhere without making fun of religion? I guess not.

And what’s with the “civil war re-enactors” comment?

The Republican party in the last 20-30 years has gone toward this anti-intellectual type of person…They just don't know anything. They're bimbos. [Beck]'s a bimbo and he's a crazy one. I'm telling you: it is not that long before we're going to find Glenn Beck dressed as a woman or playing with his feces or something.

I said it before in an earlier post, and I’ll say it again in this one: liberals do not wish to engage in intelligent discourse. They simply want to demonize and ridicule the opposing party. Liberals are smart; Conservatives are dumb. It’s typical liberal arrogance.

As for his “Beck will dress as a woman and throw feces” comment, well, at least it’s more humane than Bette Midler’s “Beck will cause civil war and genocide” comment.