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Monday, October 26, 2009

Don’t Be Hating My Baggy Jeans, Bro!

Normally I roll my eyes when someone alleges racism or discrimination. Not that either one doesn’t exist; but most accusations seem to be nothing more than someone crying wolf.

But the students in the story below managed to provide tangible evidence of the alleged discrimination.

A Chicago nightclub barred entrance to six out-of-town black college students while admitting nearly 200 white classmates, the students allege.

In a complaint filed with the Chicago Human Rights Commission, the Illinois Attorney General, the U.S. Department of Justice and other organizations, six black Washington University students from St. Louis weren't allowed inside the Original Mother's bar on the grounds they violated its dress code by wearing baggy jeans, CNN reported Monday.

One of the students, senior class president Fernando Cutz, said in the complaint that a white and black student exchanged clothes in a test of the nightclub's policy, and the white student wearing baggy jeans was admitted, the U.S. broadcaster said.

A bar representative told The Chicago Tribune that the establishment was taking the issue "very seriously," and was carrying out an internal investigation with employee discipline possible.

Cruz told CNN the visit to the bar on Chicago's Gold Coast was part of a senior class trip, and had been arranged in advance by the student class board.

Seniors Regis Murayi (left) and Jordan Roberts (right)wear the same pair of jeans. Murayi was told he could not enter a Chicago bar because he violated its ban on baggy jeans. He then switched jeans with Roberts, and Roberts was admitted into the bar. Murayi says the bar discriminated against him because he is black. (Courtesy of Fernando Cutz)

Looks like discrimination to me.

We may have a black president in office, but racism still exists in this country.