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Friday, November 6, 2009

Carrie Prejean: Role Model Hypocrite


Dethroned former Miss California CARRIE PREJEAN is at the centre of a new scandal following reports she's the star of a new sex tape.

The blonde beauty was stripped of her crown earlier this year (Jun09) after candid shots of her posing on a beach hit the Internet - a strict breach of the pageant's rules. Officials also took offence to her decisions to miss official engagements - an allegation she denied.

And now it appears Prejean, who hit the headlines when she questioned gay marriage at the Miss USA pageant, is caught up in another controversy.

A source who has seen the alleged sex tape tells Prejean appears to be "doing very graphic things to her body," adding no one else features on the tape.

The insider says Prejean claims she was 17 when the video was shot.

The beauty queen is currently suing pageant bosses for her dismissal.

When I first learned about Carrie Prejean, I admired how she voiced her personal beliefs even though they were not popular, even though they possibly cost her the title of Miss America, and even though they caused her to be scorned by Perez Hilton. That much I admire about her.

But I do not admire how she claims to be a Christian yet paraded scantily-clad in a beauty pageant, yet posed topless in a photo shoot, yet openly violated her contract, yet received breast implants, and yet was involved in a sex tape.

I do not admire Carrie Prejean because she personifies everything wrong with Christians today—how they pick and choose what parts of the Bible to believe and follow. Christians today view the Christian faith as nothing more than being against abortion and gay marriage. They could care less about following the example of Christ. Carrie Prejean is no different.

Call Prejean a role model for free expression; but please do not call her a Christian role model, let alone a role model for traditional family values. As for me, I’m calling Prejean what she really is: a role model for hypocrisy!