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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

WTF? Boy Suspended For Jesus Drawing; School Children Sing To Allah!

I want to say it’s hard to believe that a boy would be suspended for drawing a picture of Jesus on the cross; but considering the growth of secularism in public schools, it’s not hard to believe at all.

A Taunton father is outraged after his 8-year-old son was sent home from school and required to undergo a psychological evaluation after drawing a stick-figure picture of Jesus Christ on the cross.

The father said he got a call earlier this month from Maxham Elementary School informing him that his son, a second-grade student, had created a violent drawing. The image in question depicted a crucified Jesus with Xs covering his eyes to signify that he had died on the cross. The boy wrote his name above the cross.


The student drew the picture shortly after taking a family trip to see the Christmas display at the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette, a Christian retreat site in Attleboro. He made the drawing in class after his teacher asked the children to sketch something that reminded them of Christmas, the father said.

“I think what happened is that because he put Xs in the eyes of Jesus, the teacher was alarmed and they told the parents they thought it was violent,” said Toni Saunders, an educational consultant with the Associated Advocacy Center.

crucifix drawing.JPG

Considering the boy was required to have a psychological evaluation, you’d think he had drawn a realistic depiction of Jesus’ crucifixion with blood, flesh wounds, and full-blown nudity—something that would rival the Passion of the Christ.

But no. The boy had drawn a stick-figure Jesus with Xs for eyes.

That’s supposed to be violent?

The boy was asked to draw something that reminded him of Christmas. Considering that Christmas is celebrated as the birth of Jesus Christ, whom Christians believe was born to die for the sins of mankind, the boy wasn’t exactly drawing something off-topic. And a stick figure with Xs in its eyes hardly qualifies as violent.

In other news (and Ironic enough) school children in Indiana are singing songs to Allah. I also want to say this is hard to believe; but considering the double-standards concerning secularism in public schools, this is also not hard to believe.

A battle over religion is brewing in central Indiana after a public school wanted second graders to sing a song declaring, “Allah is God.” The phrase was removed just before the performance after a national conservative group launched a protest.

The principal of Lantern Road Elementary School in Fishers, IN, said they were trying to teach inclusiveness through their holiday production. It included references to Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Las Posadas and Kwanzaa. However, no other deity, other than Allah, was referenced in the show.

Here are the lyrics that school children were required to sing:

“Allah is God, we recall at dawn,
Praying ‘til night during Ramadan
At this joyful time we pray happiness for you,
Allah be with you all your life through.”

School children can’t sing Christmas carols in school, but they can sing praises to Allah? A school boy can be suspended from school and recommended psychological evaluation for drawing a picture of Jesus on the cross?

Just what are our public schools coming to?