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Friday, January 15, 2010

Air America Blasts Stewart For Criticizing Maddow

Last night, satirist Jon Stewart mocked left-wing pundit Rachel Maddow (along with right-wing pundit Limbaugh and televangelist Robertson) for politicizing the Haiti earthquake.

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Stewart: These are terrible events. Can’t we put aside ideology for a second?

Maddow: Development and direct assistance is what USID does. And when responding to a disaster like the one in Haiti right now, we use the USID and the military alongside one another.

Stewart: You see, thank you, sober factual report on America’s aid work, working with the military together, no spin, thank you.

Maddow: It’s also important to understand what USAID is up to because the idea of more diplomacy and development, more USAID-style power, is a part of the Obama administration's agenda….Putting somebody as high-profiled, powerful, and capable as Hilary Clinton in charge of the state department, all of that central to what the Obama administration wants to do differently than what Bush and Cheney did.

Stewart: NOT THE RIGHT TIME! Congratulations MSNBC viewers: you’re part of this terrible, terrible tragedy.

Apparently, this joke rubbed Megan Carpentier, correspondent at far-left radio network Air America, the wrong way, as she published an article chastising Stewart, accusing him of turning to the Dark Side (Fox News!).

Wednesday night, Rachel Maddow used her hour-long politics show to provide political context to the use of USAID to lead America's military and civilian response to the disaster in Haiti. For this unspeakable crime, she was blasted last night by Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" as having been as insulting to Haitians as Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson.

I don’t think Maddow was so much “blasted” as she was chided. If anything, Limbaugh and Robertson received harsher treatment than did Maddow.

And while I agree that Maddow wasn’t as “insulting” as either Limbaugh or Robertson, she wasn’t as tasteful either. Politicizing is politicizing, and as Stewart said, it wasn’t the right time.

When did Jon Stewart sign a contract with Fox News? Did we miss it?

This is the second time in recent months that Stewart has gone after a liberal from his perch atop a liberal-leaning comedic--though influential--fake news broadcast: he went after ACORN last September, echoing all the right-wingers who were calling for its utter destruction. If he hadn't done that, one would be tempted to ask if his interview of noted torture enthusiast John Yoo on Monday was really a failure, as Stewart himself acknowledged Tuesday, or just an elaborate hoax by Yoo to brainwash Stewart.

So Stewart makes a few jokes about liberals and suddenly he’s a turncoat, a traitor to his party? I guess it’s okay for Stewart to lampoon conservatives and point out their bulls***, but the minute he targets a liberal, he’s sold his soul to Fox News!

Many in the comment section have been quick to point out this blatant hypocrisy:

  • Talk about overplaying a minor slap on the wrist by Jon Stewart. Looks to me as though you're looking for conspiracies under every rock.
  • You are making too big of a deal out of this, clearly, Jon was angry about how people use tragedies to their own advantage. We love Rachel, she is brilliant, but The Daily Show is still the one bright spot in that giant cesspool of what they call "news".
  • Jon Stewart = FOX News? Are you kidding me? Talk about overreaction!
  • To think that I believed the headline that Stewart blasted Maddow... He blasted Limbaugh & Robertson & tapped Maddow! You can't distinguish between an inch and a mile, Megan?!? (How very, very Fox-like...)

And my personal favorite:

  • F** !^&^!%^! as soon as I saw the title of this story being on AIr America I just KNEW that Megan Carpentier had to be the writer. A Foxified Jon Stewart? Jon Stewart merely pointed out that Rachael getting political was too soon since the tragedy just happened and we needed to concentrate on finding ways to help the people, many of whom likely still trapped under rubble. He said Rush literally had NO heart and told Pat to shut up. How does that compare? How do the editors keep letting your moronic inflammatory crap through Megan? What power do you hold over these normally sane people? If anyone is Foxified around here it's you Megan. After this so-called story and the Keith Oblbermann piece not too long ago I'm really starting to believe you're a paid troll from Fox News yourself. You're exactly the kind of "liberal" that makes people think we are blindly following our leaders and filling the media with leftist propaganda. If you really care about the liberal movement, do us all a favor and STOP WRITING ABOUT IT!