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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Demotivational Posters - Fearmongering and Scare Tactic

fearmongering,scare tactics,healthcare,healthcare reform,healthcare bill,socialized medicine,universal healthcare,medicare,medicaid,nationalized healthcare

scare tactics,healthcare,healthcare reform,healthcare bill,nationalized healthcare,socialized medicine,medicare,medicaid,fearmongering

Republicans have been accused of obstructing healthcare reform with scare tactics and fearmongering, being maligned as wanting millions of Americans to die without health insurance.

This is ironic, since the whole premise of the healthcare reform bill is based upon a scare tactic: “Sign our bill (no matter how questionable or expensive it is) or else Americans will die.” Never mind the current healthcare bill will still leave millions uninsured, and will actually hurt healthcare by raising costs and premiums, along with slashing Medicare (Gee, so much for reform).

But no. The Democrats have made their threat: Support our bill, or else Americans will die.

Who’s the one fearmongering and spreading scare tactics?