Nuggets of Wisdom

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Maddow Chastises Stewart For Mocking Her

As if the scathing Air America article wasn’t enough, left-wing pundit Rachel Maddow chastised satirist Jon Stewart about the comment he made about her politicizing the Haiti earthquake.

Jon Stewart on The Daily Show last night dinged me for doing a segment on USAID and the State Department being named the lead agency for our response in Haiti, and for me putting that in the context of what a big deal this administration has made about bringing the State Department back, having them take a lead role in government again since the Bush administration somewhat downgraded the State Department.

I’m sorry, Mrs. Strawman, but Jon Stewart did not ding you for putting the story into context; he dinged you for using a tragedy to bash Bush and Cheney (“Oh, well, this is much better than what those other two guys did with the State Department”).

I know that's politics, but listen: I love me some Jon Stewart and The Daily Show. I'm a big fan, but no apologies for reporting on which agency is the lead to respond to our national efforts to respond to Haiti, whether or not that agency is well-resourced, whether it had been subject to partisan attacks, how much the current administration values and prioritizes and indeed brags on that agency. We all as Americans are counting on our government to do a good job in responding to this catastrophe. This is what it looks like to report on our government's capacity to do just that.

Sigh. Like I said before: Jon Stewart can lampoon conservatives all he wants; but the minute he mocks a liberal, he’s a turncoat to his party. Such is liberal hypocrisy.