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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pot "Olbermann" Calling Kettle "Robertson" Black

Last night, left-wing pundit Keith Olbermann attacked televangelist Pat Robertson and right-wing pundit Rush Limbaugh for the controversial comments they made concerning the Haiti earthquake.

Mr. Robertson (It is laughable now to try to call him Reverend) explained today that this earthquake was a result of a “deal with the devil” that he claimed the nation made in the 19th century to gain its freedom from France. True story, Robertson says.

Sir, because of your tone deafness and your delight in human misery and your dripping, self-satisfied, holier-than-thou, senile crap, I'm now likely to believe that you are the Devil.

…your lives are not worth those of the lowest, meanest, poorest of those victims still lying under that rubble in Haiti tonight. You serve no good; you serve no God. You only inspire stupidity and hatred. And I would wish you to Hell, but knowing how empty your souls must be to be able to say such things in a time of such pain, I suspect the vacant, purposeless you both live now are Hell enough already.

Nice to know Oblermann tries to be the better man.

I won’t defend Limbaugh, as he is a far-right nutjob that nobody (not even the Right) should take seriously. His comment is typical of his nature, and so I wouldn’t expect anything different from him.

Robertson, on the other hand, though I disagree with how he mixes Christian doctrine with right-wing ideologies, I have some respect for (keyword: some). His comment was merely that of a Christian trying to make sense of the chaotic world around him and how it relates to his faith.

Also, according to a press statement released by CBN, Robertson did not blame the earthquake as a punishment from God. Moreover, his ministry has served Haiti in the past, and will begin a relief campaign for the victims of the earthquake.

Shortly after attacking Limbaugh and Robertson for politicizing the earthquake, Olbermann preformed a 360 and juxtaposed the disaster with the need for healthcare reform.

I don't want to turn this into something about domestic politics, but I think it's a good frame of reference in terms of the health care issue that we always talk about. We could easily have a natural disaster, if not quite on this scale, at least in the same broad ballpark. A slightly heavier earthquake in California could do extraordinary devastation to San Francisco or Los Angeles. I was thinking about this -- and maybe it's inappropriate and tell me if I'm inappropriate in asking it -- but how would survivors of something like this here fare in terms of getting on their own feet economically afterwards, with the health care system we have in place right now?

I just “love” how Olbermann opened his statement: I don't want to turn this into something about domestic politics (but I’m going to do so anyway!).

The man attacks Limbaugh and Robertson for politicizing the earthquake, then politicizes the earthquake. Classic example of the pot calling the kettle (or, this case, kettles) black!