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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Olbermann Outraged Over Profiling Muslims at Airports

It’s official: Keith Olbermann is my punching bag for the week.

On Tuesday, Olbermann accused Lieutenant Tom McInerney, Congressman Peter King, and radio host Mike Gallagher of racism after each suggested that airport security should pay closer attention to Muslim passengers. Before that, Olbermann made a snide remark about “racism” in the Republican party.

There is nothing that racists in this country like better than an excuse to tell themselves that they are not being racist—just a coincidence that it’s a black president who’s “destroying” this country, when in fact he has done very little that a white Republican president would not also have done.

I’m not going to comment on this, as I have already established in previous posts that MSNBC likes to race-bait when it comes to criticism of Obama, especially right-wing criticism of Obama (Boo-hoo! They only hate Obama because he’s black!).

The next comment, however, I will not let fly.

Just a coincidence that the Christmas Day terror attempt in Detroit has led to repeated right-wing calls for a special profiling of all people who are like Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. People from Nigeria? Students from Yemen? Big fans of British soccer?

Gee, Keith, could it simply be a coincidence that the guy nearly responsible for a terrorist attack was—oh, I don’t know—a young Muslim Arab man? Could it simply be a coincidence that most people who typically pull off terrorists attacks (especially in airplanes) are—oh, I don’t know—young Muslim Arab men?

This isn’t racism. This is common sense!

I agree that many of the suggestions made were a bit over-the-top (strip searching Muslims, creating a special line for people with Arab names, etc.), but they’re grounded in common sense, not racism. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists from the Taliban or Al-Qaeda are Muslim—more specifically young Muslim Arab men! Why should airport security bother old ladies with nail clippers or young children with toothpaste bottles when common sense dictates that those people wouldn’t be affiliated with Al-Qaeda?

I’m not suggesting that we randomly pull over black men for drunk driving, or randomly target Mexicans for drug possession. I’m not even suggesting that we follow the advice of either McInerney or Gallagher. What I am saying is that airport security should pay closer attention to young Muslim Arab men—people who are known for being terrorists.

For the sake of national security, Olbermann and like-minded liberals should pull their PC heads out of their PC asses!