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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Daily Show Lampoons Controversy Over Mother Teresa Stamp

Last night, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart ridiculed the Freedom From Religion Foundation—an atheist organization infamous for filing lawsuits against public religious displays that offend them church-state infringements—and their latest attack against Mother Teresa postage stamps.

“This is futile,” president Dan Barker admitted during the interview, “but we’re asking the post office not to honor her because our U.S. Government is not supposed to favor religion,” to which fake reporter Jason Jones replied by holding up an enlarged copy of the Mother Teresa stamp and asking, “So just to be clear: this is the fight you are picking?”

“They’re mixing government with religion,” Barker replied.

The segment revealed that religious figures, like Martin Luther King, have appeared on postage stamps in the past.

Jones continued the interview with Barker, which lead to a discussion of conspiracy and paranoia:

Jones: What’s really going on here, man?

Barker: (sigh) Well, I don’t want to say this publically, but the main fact is that it’s a cover-up. Why did they so quickly accept this Roman Catholic nun Mother Teresa to be on a stamp? Something’s got to be going on…The Roman Catholic Church has unofficial tentacles—there is no official entanglement with the Roman Catholic Church and U.S. Government.

Jones: Those are the worse kind of tentacles: you can’t trace them.

Barker: Exactly!

Jones: Just how dangerous are they?

Barker: I don’t know how big the Roman Catholic conspiracy is, but if they can pull off getting a U.S. postage stamp, they have some power

Following that interview, Jones partook in a Da Vinci Code-style quest as he searched for cryptic messages in postage stamps (“No Gay Homos”).

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I know this was satire, but it did such a good job revealing the paranoia of Barker and the rest of his militant atheist organization. Seriously, Mother Teresa on a postage stamp means more theocratic power to the Catholic Church? *facepalm*