Nuggets of Wisdom

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Maher and Moore: The People Are Stupid!

Since my folks replaced our satellite with digital cable, we have free HBO for the next three months. I’ve taken this opportunity to watch “Real Time with Bill Maher,” and after watching the show for three weeks, I believe my blood pressure has gone up.

But my blood was really brought to a boil last Friday when Michael Moore guest-starred on the show via satellite. (Great, just what I need: two left-wing moonbats spewing guano!)

Maher asked Moore if he would continue to be the “Champion of the People,” even if the people were too stupid to know what was good for them. Moore then claimed he was against the public-option because it wasn’t the universal healthcare he was hoping for. (You know, the same universal healthcare he fawned over in his propaganda film documentary Sicko!)

Here’s the full transcript:

Maher: You were here six months ago when the movie (Capitalism: A Love Story) came out. We were talking about how the majority of the people believed in the public option, uh, for healthcare; now, less than half do. Uh, I know that you’re always the “Champion of the People” what do you do when the people don’t want what’s good for them?

Moore: No, I think you’re reading the polls wrong. The reason why support has gone down is because—well, you know what, I’ll tell yah—if a pollster called me, I would have said “No, I’m not in support of this,” because it’s not real healthcare reform, it’s certainly not universal healthcare to make sure every American is going to be covered. So, I think those numbers have gone down because the people are disillusioned, they’ve given up, the Democrats haven’t done their job, they’ve been a bunch of spineless weasels, I’m telling you I’m so upset—

Maher: But, but, Michael, I have to contest that premise. That may not be true. What if Americans are saying, “Look: We know this is a cutthroat system, we know capitalism is a cutthroat system, but that’s okay! We know we might be the big losers, but we’re willing to take that chance because we want to be big winners.”

So, basically, Americans are stupid for rejecting universal healthcare and socialism, they don’t know what’s good for them, so they need the Democrats to stop cooperating and negotiating with the Republicans and start pushing their agenda on them without their consent.

And to think I only have two more months of this liberal lunacy.