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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Olbermann Still Not Convinced About “Black Faces” in Tea Parties

Last night, the left-wing pundit labeled Editor David Freddoso as “Worse Person in the World” for stating black Tea Party protestors do exist.

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The bronze to David Freddoso, the online editor of the Washington Examiner. And this is embarrassing. He writes today, “Where are the black Tea Partiers? They’re here, hated and trashed by liberals. Keith Olbermann has famously asked where the Black tea-partiers are. The Associated Press writes that they are indeed out there. They are brave to participate, too, given the hateful, racist rhetoric they report from liberals who want them to shut up and go away.”

Mr. Freddoso then links to a long Associated Press story about black Tea party members, which identifies five of them. Five! And one of them is a former Fox News commentator. Mr Freddoso, five? I’m embarrassed on your behalf now.

I don’t know what Olbermann was expecting. The news story would have been much longer if it tried to identify more than five black Tea Party protestors. Then again, the story could have identified 500 protestors, and Keith Olbermann still wouldn’t believe it.

Ever since he asked “Where are the black faces?” at the Tea Party protests, Olbermann has opposed anyone who has tried to show him said “black faces” and other minorities.

The Dallas Tea Party refuted his claim with a video highlighting minority members and inviting him to attend. Olbermann rejected the invitation and scoffed that the video only highlighted a few minority members.

Roger Aronoff of Accuracy in Media wrote an article criticizing Olbermann and claiming that a fellow correspondent of his did see black protestors. Olbermann laughed, asking “Why not just say it: Some of my best Tea Party friends are black?”

You can throw all the black Tea Party protestors at Olbermann, and he’ll keep asking you where the black people are. Pundits like him are immune to the truth.

As for Fredosso, he managed to turn Olbermann’s ridicule against him:

Wow, I am embarrassed, Keith...embarrassed that I should thus become the beneficiary of an obviously slow news day and an even slower research team. Is that really the best you can do? I always wanted to be the Worst, but I also wanted to deserve the victory. That has to be the weakest, lamest public shaming I have ever received. My conservative friends are already accusing me of cheating, telling me that I barely deserve the title of "Worse."

Thanks, Keith. You've made me into the Floyd Landis of "Worst Person in the World."