Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, May 3, 2010

Bernie Nails It: Arizona Is Not Nazi Germany!

In his most recent column, political commentator Bernard Goldberg (aka: my favorite journalist of all time) decimated the comparison between Arizona and Nazi Germany. He especially criticized Congressman Jared Polis for arguing that, under Arizona’s new immigration law, Hispanics would be treated like the Jews in Nazi Germany.

Now, you would think that a Jewish congressman with a degree from Princeton would understand that when a cop in Tucson stops somebody for running a red light and asks for his driver’s license and (maybe) his green card, it’s not the same as when a stormtrooper in Berlin stopped a Jew and asked for his “papers.”  The worst that could happen to an illegal immigrant under the Arizona law is that he would be turned over to federal authorities and sent back to his homeland. The worst that happened to Jews in Nazi Germany is that they got a one-way ticket to Auschwitz.

Reasonable people may disagree on the wisdom of the new Arizona law.  But does it turn Arizona into a “police state” reminiscent of Germany under Hitler?  No serious person would answer yes.

Bernie is right: an Arizona cop asking for someone’s green card is not the same thing as a Nazi demanding someone to “show me your papers.” In fact, it’s no more different than a cop asking for someone’s driver’s license or registration. The only thing the Arizona immigration law does is enforce the federal immigration laws already in place.

Thanks, Bernie, for being a voice of reason in the media!