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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Demotivational Poster: False Analogy

False Analogy

I was recently engaged in an interesting conversation with MalkavianFalconess when she left the following comment to my demotivational Difference:

If you have ANY European heritage (meaning white) You came her illegally. Ask ANY Native American. If you are anything OTHER than Native American, you are illegal. Plain and simple.

So, apparently, not only are we all descended from immigrants (an argument repeatedly recycled by the Left to defend illegal immigration), but illegal immigrants. According to MalkavianFalconess' logic, what the illegal immigrants are doing to us is no different than what our ancestors did to the Native Americans (which would actually be worse).

First of all, even if I agreed that people sneaking over the border in the dead of night was the same thing as European settlers stealing land from Native Americans, I would hardly call that an excuse for illegal immigration. Yes, what our ancestors did to the Native Americans was unjust. That doesn’t mean we should just sit back and allow people to pour into this country illegally and remain here undocumented. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Second, the European settlers can’t be considered illegal immigrants because there was no country for them to illegally immigrate to. The Native Americans (basically a bunch of scattered, unrelated tribes who had no concept of ownership) didn’t have a sovereign nation like the United States we have today. There were no immigration laws or borders regulating who could or could not enter. You can’t be considered illegal if there is not law to deem you as such.

So in the end, the analogy is nothing more than comparing apples to oranges.