Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, May 3, 2010

Demotivational Poster: Misnomer


Perhaps one of my few non-political demotivational posters.

I used to enjoy Cartoon Network growing up. It was the only channel where you could watch the old Hanna-Barbara and Looney Tunes cartoons. And it had a few decent original shows like Dexter’s Laboratory and Johnny Bravo. But as time went by, the channel began to go downhill. They stopped airing the classic cartoons, and the newer programs (like My Gym Partner’s A Monkey) became worse and worse.

But perhaps the last nail in the coffin was driven when the channel began airing live-action shows and movies. That’s right: a channel called Cartoon Network now airs live-action shows and cartoons!

Then again, I shouldn’t be surprised. More and more channels are airing shows that go against their normal programming. The History Channel airs a reality show on truck drivers, the Discovery channel airs a game show hosted in a taxi cab, and the Sci-Fi Channel airs wrestling matches.

Good grief! Is the world spinning backwards?