Nuggets of Wisdom

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Demotivational Poster: Oxymoron


“Our compromised media is nothing new….Newspapers served the political and corporate interests of those who owned them and everybody knew it. New outlets still operate this way; the only difference is that Republican news services like Fox and Democratic shills like MSNBC pretend they aren’t biased.” – Jack Hunter (aka: The Southern Avenger)

People tend to complain how modern-day journalism isn’t objective—how it’s obscenely biased and partisan. But this raises a question: has journalism ever been objective?
Answer: it hasn’t.

Never in the history of mankind has journalism been objective. It has always been prone to bias and political spin (yellow journalism, anyone?), and perhaps it always will be. We can demand that news outlets give us nothing but the facts, but who is to decide which facts are important enough to give? As long as news is given by journalists with political, religious, and ideological biases (which ever human being has), the “facts” will always be selected (and distorted) according to those biases.

Journalism will never be objective. The best we can do as a general public is receive our news from various sources and interpret the facts as we see them.