Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, July 19, 2010

Deviantart: Just Say No To Anarchy!

Just Say No To Anarchy by ~BlameThe1st on deviantART

Your freedom to swing your fist ends where someone else’s face begins. - Oliver Wendell Holmes

Many people interpret freedom as being able to do whatever you want, to live without restraint.

This is no freedom; it is anarchy.

Freedom is not unlimited. One’s individual freedom ends when it violates or threatens to violate another’s individual freedom. Freedom must therefore come with proper and rational limitations.

Consider some of our basic constitutional freedoms:

Freedom of Religion: Does not entitle cults to perform human sacrifice.

Freedom of Speech/Expression: Does not entitle artists to create and distribute nude art of underage minors.

Freedom of the Press: Does not entitle newspapers to print intentionally fabricated and slanderous stories.

Freedom to Petition and Protest: Does not entitle protestors to agitate into a rioting, pillaging mob.

Freedom to Bear Arms: Does not entitle a gunman to enter a government building with an assault rifle with intent to assassinate a public official.

In order to protect freedom, law must be instilled; and it order to maintain law, government must be established. Therefore, true freedom is not anarchy, nor can it exist in anarchy.