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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Demotivational Poster: Cropping


MSNBC: ObamaCare Protesters ‘Racist,’ Including Black Gun-Owner

About a year ago, a man appeared at a healthcare rally with both a rifle and pistol. The reporters at MSNBC spun the story as an example of “racial overtones” and “anger about a black person being president.” (In other words, people only hate Obama and his policies because he’s black). It was later revealed that the man was an African-American (surprise!), and that MSNBC had cropped the video footage, thus concealing his race.

Reasonable minds can question whether or not the footage was intentionally cropped to hide the man’s race; but one thing is clear: the juxtaposition of the cropped footage and the accusation of “white people showing up with guns” does reveal MSNBC’s underlying bias and race-baiting nature towards opponents of Obama.

For a hilarious take on this story, please watch my video: MSNBC FAILS 01 - Reporters Edit Gun-Toting Protestor