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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Demotivational Poster: Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance

I recently stumbled across a blog called the Sanity Project, the motto of which is “we eat faith and crap reason.” The blog’s owner describes himself as a “resident of the Bible Belt and proud supporter of President Antichrist.” In other words, he’s a far-left anti-theist.

His blog contains the usual content one would expect from a Huffington Post moonbat and devout follower of Dawkins and Harris. One aspect that particularly struck me was his lists of sane and insane people. No surprise: his “sane” list contains lefties and atheist preachers, while his “insane” list contains Fox News pundits and televangelists.

But what surprised me about these lists was that Christopher Hitchens was featured in both! Obviously, because the blogger is a left-wing atheist, he would consider Hitchens’ anti-religious ramblings “sane” and his right-wing politics “insane.” But if he’s going to label Hitchens, he might as well choose one label or the other. Sane is sane. Insane is Insane. And ne’er the twins shall meet.

As for the remainder of the lists themselves, it’s hard to take them seriously when Peter Singer—a pseudo-intellectual animal rights activist who believes parents can kill their disabled newborns within 28 days—is considered “sane.”

Here’s my lists of sane and insane people:

Sane People

Ron Paul

John Stossel

Judge Andrew Napolitano

Bernard Goldberg

Michael Medved

Penn Jilette

Francis Collins

Kenneth Miller

Jack Hunter

Lee Doren

Insane People

Michael Moore

Keith Olbermann

Bill Maher

Ed Schultz

Senator Alan Grayson

Mike Malloy

Jesse Ventura

Al Franken

Janeane Garofalo

Davis Fleetwood