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Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Influence Map

My Influence Map by ~BlameThe1st on deviantART

A compilation of my political and religious influences. Starting from the top left:

John Stossel – The voice of reason in an age of hype and hysteria. His “Give Me A Break” segments on ABC’s 20/20 challenged conventional wisdom with common sense, questioning assertions behind issues like global warming, healthcare reform, and public education. He continues to offer his skepticism in his books and weekly program on Fox Business.

Newsbusters – A must-bookmark site for anyone curious about liberal bias in the news media. For five years, this online extension of the Media Research Council has highlighted liberal bias, exposing mouthpieces like Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Ed Shultz, and Mike Malloy.

Bernard Goldberg – Having worked at CBS News for nearly 30 years, this former journalist (and liberal) knows what he’s talking about when he claims the news media is infested with liberal bias. His two books Bias and Arrogance uncover the liberal workings of the media, while his other books, including 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America, ridicule everything wrong with the American Left.

Jack Hunter (aka: The Southern Avenger) – Born and bred in South Carolina, this paleoconservative libertarian defends limited government, states’ rights, and free market principles with a Southern vigor. A Barry Goldwater conservative, he is openly critical of conservatives—especially phony neocons like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Sarah Palin—as he is of progressive liberals.

Ann Coulter – A conservative vixen with a sharp wit and sharper tongue. Her columns and books never fail to make liberal heads spin (and eventually explode). As she said in her book How To Talk To A Liberal (If You Must), “if the liberal you’re arguing with doesn’t become speechless with sputtering, impotent rage, you’re not doing it right.”

Francis Collins – A modern day Isaac Newton, learned in both science and theology. As the leader of the Human Genome Project and a Christian apologist, he shows that science and religion need not be in conflict, but can exist in perfect harmony.

C.S. Lewis– A shining example of someone who “once was lost, but now am found.” Having once turned from the Christian faith, he returned, and remained as one of the most beloved Christian apologist of the 20th Century. His many books, including Mere Christianity, defend Christian principles with simple language and common sense.

Pen Jillette and Teller – This magical duo use their experience in creating illusions to dispel modern day illusions. From alternative medicine and global warming, to magic crystals and crash dieting, these two unveil the bullshit of pseudoscience and propaganda.