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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Demotivational Poster: Racism


Village Voice Writer, Fmr. Obama Organizer: 'White People Have Simply Gone Sheer F--king Insane'

Imagine if the cover of The Weekly Standard had Barrack Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright, and Van Jones all in straitjackets with the headline “Black America Has Lost Its Mind.” The cover story argues how all blacks are lazy, complacent welfare queens who blame the white man for everything, who only voted for Obama because he’s black and labels anyone who opposes him as racist white supremacists, and who are quick to point out “racism” in the white community (such as signs in the Tea Party movement) but are blind to the racism in their own (such as the racial-charged messages from the New Black Panther Party).

Before that edition could arrive at newsstands, a statement would have already been issued from the NAACP decrying the article as blatant hate-speech.

Now jump back to reality.

A recent edition of The Village Voice had the headline “White America Has Lost Its Mind” on its cover with white (and predominately right-wing) figures such as Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sarah Palin in straitjackets. The article by Steven Thrasher (an former Obama organizer, no less) argues that "White people have simply gone sheer f**king insane" ever since Obama became president (surprise, surprise), and how white Americans have become deranged now that they are no longer in power and are quickly becoming outnumbered by minorities.

Sufficed to say, no one is crying “racism” over this article.

We have become accustomed to thinking that racism only applies to white people hating on blacks. We cry foul whenever we see even the most remotely offensive remark hurled at blacks (like a sign at a Tea Party protest), yet barely bat an eye when a former Obama organizer publishes a polemic titled “White America Has Lost Its Mind” with white Americans in strait jackets on the cover. We fail to realize that racism swings both ways. Since racism involves hatred against race, it applies to whites as much as it does to blacks.

Unfortunately, we continue to live in a country where, when white people blame their troubles on blacks, we call it racism; but when blacks blame their troubles on white people, we call it fact. Maybe one day we can truly be color blind and call out racism on both sides of the spectrum.