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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Demotivational Poster: Social Security

Social Security

“Social Security is a scheme started by politicians during the last Great Depression. There’s no merchandise involved. It’s just money. The idea was to buy the support of older voters by giving the money taken from the younger ones and telling the younger ones they get the same deal when they got old. Any idiot can see that’s unsustainable! Sure, back when there were five young workers for each retiree, a lot of money rolled in—there were even surpluses; but the government didn’t put those into some big savings account: they f***ing spent the money on some other s***. So here in 2010, we’re down to three workers for every retired person; and this year, Social Security will be giving out more money than it takes in. The whole Social Security pyramid is collapsing like something run by Bernie Madoff.” – Penn Jillette

And to think that Barrack Obama and other liberals fear that the Big Bad Republicans will privatize Social Security (as though it would do worse in the free market than it already does in Washington).