Nuggets of Wisdom

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm Sick And Tired!

Note: Feel free to listen to Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Going To Take It Anymore” while reading this screed, as it adds to the emotion.

In the immortal words of Howard Beale, I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore. I’m sick and tired of…

Democrats who defend Obama with the race card. News flash: this is 2010, not 1910! Race has become irrelevant—or at least it should be. Yes, racism still exists, and racists hate Obama because he’s black; but not everyone who hates Obama is a racist. Most Americans hate him, not because of his skin color, but because of his bad decisions, failed policies, and overall incompetence. Using his race to defend him not only trivializes your political position, but also Obama’s.

Democrats who believe healthcare is a right. It is not a right. It is a product, a good, a service. While healthcare is needed to preserve one’s right to life, it is no more a right than food, water, shelter, clothing, employment, or education. Treating healthcare as a right sets a dangerous precedent for the government to control and interfere with our lives under the guise of providing for our needs.

Democrats who believe capitalism only benefits the rich. They argue that, under capitalism, the rich get rich and the poor get—children. In reality, both the rich and poor get richer. Over a century ago, inventions such as the telephone, electric light, automobile, and even indoor plumbing were considered luxuries for the rich; now, a century later, even people living under the national poverty line are able to afford such “luxuries” along with air conditioning, cable television, DVD players, cell phones, and computers—inventions which were also available only to the wealthy. Why? Capitalism multiplies wealth, thus improving the standard of living for everyone.

Democrats who think we can fix the school system by pouring more money into it. We’ve been funneling money into our public schools for decades, and we’ve failed to see grades and test scores improve. Instead of spending more money on public schools, how about we give money to parents so they can send their children to the school of their choice—be it public, private, or home? How about we scrape the teacher unions that prevent bad teachers from being fired? How about we eliminate the U.S. Department of Education and allow state and local governments—rather than federal bureaucrats—to set their own educational standards?

Democrats who label people racist and xenophobic for opposing illegal immigration. For most Americans, the problem isn’t immigrants—let alone Hispanic immigrants—but immigrants coming to this country illegally and remaining here undocumented. Most Americans understand that America was built on immigration, and they want immigrants to seek a better life in this country—provided they come here legally, learn English, assimilate into our culture, pay taxes, and obey our laws.

Democrats who compare Arizona to Nazi Germany. If an Arizona state trooper asking a suspected illegal immigrant for his green card (which legal immigrants are already required to carry) is the same thing as a Nazi asking a Jew for his papers, then the same could be said of any officer asking for someone’s license and registration. The Arizona immigration bill merely enforces pre-existing immigration laws to a state level. Moreover, it prohibits Arizona law enforcement from questioning someone solely on race—thus prohibiting racial-profiling.

Democrats who pretend that they’re not left-wing. They argue that this country has no true left-wing party, that the Democratic party is in the center while the Republican Party is far-right-of-center and has been pushing politics to the far right ever since Reagan. They claim their party consists of mostly centrists and moderates while the Republican Party consists of far-right wingnuts. Worse, they argue that Obama isn’t a socialist, or even a liberal, but is actually a conservative! This is nothing but garbage—plain and simple!

But I’m not just sick and tired of the Democrats. I’m sick and tired of the Republicans too. I’m sick and tired of…

Republicans who believe Obama is a secret Muslim antichrist from Kenya. Seriously, if I have to explain everything wrong with that, then all sanity is lost in this country! It’s nutjobs who spread such conspiracies that make real conservatives look bad.

Republicans who pretend to be conservative. Republicans claim to be for limited government and less spending, yet have no problem increasing both government and spending. This was seen during the Bush Administration when Republicans spent our taxpayer money like crazy and increased the size of government with warrantless wiretaps, increased airport security, and waterboarding of detainees.

Republicans who place social issues before real problems. When our country is circling the drain with unemployment going up (along with gas prices and healthcare costs) and the economy going down while two wars overseas are going nowhere, abortion and gay marriage should be the least of our concerns.

Republicans who wrap themselves in the flag and carry a cross. Look, I’m all for candidates who love their country and God, but if those are the only qualities they have to offer—and their rhetoric relies heavily on “support out troops” and “God bless America”—then they’re nothing less than charlatans looking for votes. We need Republicans with substance, not just rhetoric.

Republicans who want America to police the world. George Washington once warned Americans to “beware of foreign entanglements.” Nearly 200 years later, America, having forgotten Washington’s warning, has adopted a foreign policy dedicated to “spreading democracy.” We’ve been told, time and again, that we need to fight the terrorists over there so we don’t have to fight them over here. But the sad truth is that the terrorists are fighting us over here because we’ve been fighting them over there. Over the past decade, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have made us and our allies more—not less—susceptible to terrorist attacks. They don’t hate us for our freedom: they hate us for occupying their countries!

Republicans who think waterboarding isn’t cruel and unusual punishment. If you honestly think waterboarding isn’t torture, do us all a favor: have someone strap you to a table, throw a towel over your face, and douse you with gallons of water. Then tell us whether or not it’s “torture,” and thus a violation of both the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution and the Geneva Convention.

Republicans who view gay marriage as a threat to the sanctity of marriage. Republicans, especially those in the “Religious Right,” claim they care for family values and the sanctity of marriage, yet more than 50% of marriages among Evangelical Christians end in divorce. How are same-sex couples who marry more of a threat to the sanctity of marriage than Evangelicals who marry and divorce? If Republicans were consistent about marriage, they would prevent Evangelicals—not homosexuals—from marrying!

And both parties really bring my blood to a boil. I’m sick and tired of…

Both parties wanting to compromise our rights for security. Republicans want to “protect” us from terrorist attacks by compromising our constitutional right to privacy, due process of law, fair trial, and habeas corpus. Democrats want to “protect” us from being uninsured by forcing us to buy healthcare insurance, thus controlling what insurance we buy and what doctors we see. Both parties promise security through increased government and decreased rights. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither liberty nor security.”

Both parties who think they know better than us. Whether it’s Republicans who want to legislate their morality, or Democrats who want to enforce social engineering, both parties think the average American is unable to make his own decisions, and thus requires a Nanny State to make decisions for him. Through stricter laws, taxes, and regulations, they want to tell us what to buy, what to eat, where to smoke, what to put in our bodies, and what we can do in our own bedrooms. Once again, they wish to compromise our rights for security.

Both parties trying to impose prohibition. The liquor prohibition of the 1920s proved that government is incapable of banning commodities and consensual acts, and when it tries to do so, it only creates a black market, thus increasing—rather than decreasing—criminal activity. Prohibition did not work with alcohol, nor did it work with pornography, nor does it work with drugs, prostitution, and consensual sex, and it will not work for guns.

Both parties who blame our problems on free speech. Contrary to popular belief—or rather misconception, video games do not cause school shootings, pornography does not cause rape, fast food does not cause obesity, religion does not cause bigotry, Harry Potter does not cause witchcraft, and talk radio does not cause domestic terrorism. We should not restrict free speech in fear that someone may be inspired or provoked to do something wrong. We need to hold individuals accountable for their own actions, rather than blame their actions on the movies, music, books, or other media that may—or may not—have influenced them. Doing otherwise sends us down the slippery-slope of censorship.

Both parties treating political dissent as treason and sedition. Be they anti-war protesters or Tea Party protesters, unless Americans agree completely with the current administration and its policies—no matter how fatal they may be—they risk being maligned as unpatriotic, un-American traitors. This should never be the case. We as Americans have the First Amendment right to “peaceably assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” Anyone who claims otherwise is the real traitor!