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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Right-Wing Violence?

Right-Wing Violence?

Liberal Dissenter Punches Tea Party Protester

SEIU Thug Assaults Town Hall Protester Supporter Bites Finger Off Conservative Dissenter

"One Nation" Rally Attendee Assaults News Reporter

This is a response to Mysterieux936 and his deviation Tea Party Rule. Using a recent incident where a Rand Paul supporter curb stomps a woman from, Mysteriux936 concludes that the entire Tea Party is violent and thus similar to the Nazi Party. The worst part is that most of the people leaving him comments seem to agree.

I would leave a comment myself correcting this erroneous paranoia, but the coward has me blocked. Fortunately, a user named LordTHawkeye left a comment explaining that the left-wing can be just as violent as the right. Mysterieux936 replied by giving a cute facepalm and arguing that the left isn’t like that.

Oh really?

As you can see from my deviation above, contrary to what Mysterieux936 would have you believe, the Tea Party protesters (and other conservative protesters) have mostly been the recipients, rather than the perpetrators, of violence. Add the "One Nation" rally attendee who assaulted a news reporter, and you have four examples of left-wing violence against one example of right-wing violence.

Of course, there are myriad of other examples of left-wing violence, which are detailed in this article: The Media's Myth of Right Wing Violence.

P.S.: Concerning the woman who was curb stomped, on that exact same night, a Rand Paul supporter wearing a surgical boot had her foot stomped upon, opening her wound. Weird how Mysterieux936—or the media for that matter—failed to mention that.