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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meaning Of Life

Meaning Of Life

Before anyone starts flaming me, I am not saying that atheists view their lives as meaningless and without purpose. It is possible to give your own life meaning without adding God into the equation. What I am saying is that, according to their godless worldview, the universe and everything that exists within it ultimately has not purpose; for in order to have purpose, something must have been created with an intended purpose, thus implying a creator. If the universe has no creator (otherwise known as God), then the universe has no purpose, and the life that exists within it has no true meaning. It is still possible to give one’s own life meaning, but ultimately, from a cosmological perspective, life exists without meaning.

What I am addressing here are worldviews, not the people who hold those views. According to the theistic worldview (more specifically the Christian worldview), the universe and everything in it was created by God and exists for His own purpose. Human beings, created within the image of God, exist to fulfill God’s will, which is to serve both Him and other human beings. In contrast, according to the atheistic worldview, the universe was not created, but rather came into existence by chance, making it nothing more than matter in motion. The life that exists within the universe (including human beings) was formed naturally by accident, and exists merely to create more life until the universe dies out.

In one instance, the meaning of life is both obtainable and fulfilling; in the other instance, meaning is not only unobtainable, but futile.