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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Demotivational Poster: Atheist Holiday Billboard

Atheist Holiday Billboard

Well, it’s the holiday season, and once again the War on Christmas has begun!

As can be expected, an atheist organization (more specifically, the American Atheists) has erected a holiday billboard. And of course, the billboard has created controversy in the media and among the Christian community. And of course, many atheists are offended that their billboard is receiving so much hate! “Why is it,” they complain to themselves, “that Christians are free to put up their holiday displays and religious billboards without creating controversy, but atheists can’t put up one billboard without being hassled? This is proof that we're a poor, oppressed minority!”

Allow me to place this in perspective, atheists:

Imagine the response from the African-American community if, during Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a white supremacist group put up a billboard saying “King is a dead n*****! This year, celebrate white power!”

Or the response from the Jewish Community if, during Chanukah (or any holiday), a Neo-Nazi group put up a billboard saying “The Jews deserved the Holocaust! This year, celebrate the fight against Zionism!”

So should atheists really be surprised about the response from Christians when, during their most cherished holiday marking the birth of their Lord and Savior, an atheist organization puts up a billboard that pretty much translates to “You believe in a fairy tale, and you know it! So this season, give up your stupid religion!”?

Am I saying the atheists have no right to put up their billboard, or any other atheist “holiday” display that spits in the face of religious people and their religion? Of course not! Freedom of speech applies to all speech, even the most hateful and disgusting. I may not agree with this billboard, but I support the right to have it. What I am saying is that atheists shouldn’t be surprised when they receive less than positive feedback about their un-holiday display.