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Friday, January 21, 2011

Malloy Excuses His “Violent Rhetoric”

Ever since the Tucson shooting, people like Keith Olbermann have been begging both parties to tone down their “violent rhetoric.” By both parties, of course, they mean the right-wing—more specifically, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. The left-wing is perfectly justified when they use “violent rhetoric” because they are enlightened gods while those on the right-wing are mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals who wish to drag civilization back to the Stone Age. In other words, the right-wing deserves it; the left-wing does not!

Such is the logic behind far-left radio host Mike Malloy, who bashed Olbermann for including him in his Special Comment Monday.

Malloy begins by labeling the Tuscon shooting a “bloodbath caused by right-wing talk radio and television.” Never mind that the shooter Jared Lee Loughner didn’t listen to talk radio (left or right) or watch the news.

He then conveys his astonishment over being included in Olbermann’s Special Comment:

During, uh, Olbermann’s program tonight on MSNBC right towards the end, he had a Special Comment, and, um, he, uh—he made some very good points about how nobody has taken responsibility—for—the public discourse, and the fact that it’s been shredded and made violent…And Olbermann—um—listed eight or ten people, I don’t know why he had me in that list, but, uh, who had not repudiated violence.
Why did he add you, Malloy? Oh, I don’t know! Could it be because you wanted someone to hang Matt Drudge with Republican entrails? Could it be because you hoped Glenn Beck would commit suicide? Could it be because you wished that Rush Limbaugh would “choke to death on his own throat fat”? Could it be because you wanted Beck to “blow his brains out,” Limbaugh to overdose on Viagra, and O’Reilly to drink poison? Could it be because you said Dick Cheney needed “a stake through the heart”?

But rather than take responsibility for his “violent rhetoric,” Malloy decides to make excuses for it:

And I’m—I’m not sure how to respond to that. Um, not that anyone cares what my response is, but—um, the only thing I can say the rhetoric that comes from me is rhe—the rhetoric of rage. And—um—have there been violent images? Of course. Uh, Rush Limbaugh choking on his throat fat. Uh, that, you know, to me, that is not a treat. I wish I could, but I can’t reach into his throat, and jiggle up his throat fat so that he suffocates. I can’t do it.
You heard right, folks: it’s a-okay to wish death on people you don’t like, provided you wish they die from natural causes! So Ann Coulter wanting to put rat poison in a Supreme Court Justice’s coffee? Bad! Malloy wanting Rush Limbaugh to choke on his throat fat? Good!

But let’s not forget that (in the examples I listed above) Malloy did want someone to hang Drudge, or someone to drive a stake into Cheney’s heart, or Beck to shoot himself. If those aren’t death threats, I don’t know what is?

But it’s okay for Malloy to say those things. The people he directs them towards clearly deserve it, in his opinion:

I don’t pick obscure government officials and try to demonize them because they’re working for social justice, or trying to, uh, well to use a quaint term: help people out (chuckle). You know, that’s, uh, that’s not why I do. So I respectfully disagree with, uh, Keith Olbermann. I don’t think I deserve a place on his list at all.

Um, the rhetoric that comes from me is rhetoric that is inspired by—the rage that generates in me because organizations like Keith Olbermann’s employer—not Olbermann, but his employer, NBC, or ABC, or CBS, I mean, they’re all guilty—refuse, refuse to do anything except try to find false equivalency. And his employer NBC would rather, I don’t know, drink a vat of, uh, baby vomit than actually publicize the anti-war movement—the peace movement—in this country.

And when some freak like Brietbart and the rest of these swine produce a video—with some white guy cari—uh, doing a caricature of a black pimp from some 70s blaxploitation movie, and the result of that is an attack on ACORN, and Keith Olbermann’s employer and boss NBC doesn’t treat that with the contempt it deserves, then I react, and I scream, and I bitch and I yell, and I use outrageous language, and I cuss, and I say things that make people say “well, I’m never going to listen to him again!”
Liberal double standards at their best, folks (or rather, worse)!