Nuggets of Wisdom

Friday, February 18, 2011

Falling Out Of Love With Ann Coulter: “There Should Be More Jailed Journalists!”

I’ve been a long-time fan of Ann Coulter. I may not agree with her on everything, but I admire the amount of research she puts into her books (every page is filled with dozen of footnotes), as well as her courage to speak her mind, regardless of how many moonbats get offended.

But overtime, as I became more libertarian and less conservative in my politics, I began to disagree with her on more and more issues—from the Patriot Act to waterboarding, from Wikileaks to DADT. And I never really appreciated the vitriol she often spewed, whether she suggested that someone put rat poison in a Supreme Court Justice’s coffee, or that Timothy McVeigh bomb the New York Times building.

But her recent appearance at this year’s CPAC made me lose a great deal of respect for her. When asked what she thought was more important—being allies with Israel or knowing there are jailed journalists—she replied that there should be more jailed journalists. (More frightening: her answer received thunderous applause!)

As you can probably tell by my username, I am a strong proponent of free speech—our most important Constitutional right. If the government has the power to silence people who criticize it, it has the power to get away with anything. After all, who’s going to tell them to stop?

So you can only imagine how much it pained me to hear an inspiration of mine suggest that more dissident journalists should be jailed. It was bad enough when actor Sean Penn suggested a year ago that journalists be jailed for calling Hugo Chavez a dictator (you know, the obvious!). But this is just worse, especially coming from a woman who built her career on free speech.

Annie darling, I love your work, but you’ve officially lost half of my respect!