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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Patriot Act Weakened! Ron Paul For The Win!

Over the past few years, my political views have shifted from conservative to libertarian. One of the reasons for this change is that conservatives (or rather, Republicans) are no longer conservative. They claim to be for “limited government,” but only when it suits their political needs. They don’t want guns banned, but they want drugs to remain illegal. They’re against liberals imposing their “social engineering," but are for theocrats imposing their narrow-minded morality.

But perhaps the most obvious example of conservative hypocrisy is that they call healthcare reform unconstitutional (which it is!), but say nothing about the Patriot Act—which violates the Fourth Amendment by allowing for unwarranted search and seizures. Then again, they were the ones who created the darn thing!

But last night helped restore what little faith I had in Republicans (though only by a little), as 26 representatives (some Tea Party candidates) voted against extending three provisions in the Patriot Act. These provisions were especially invasive, allowing authorities to perform “roving wiretaps” without warrants, search through library records for “tangible” information, and spy on individuals not specifically affiliated with terrorists.

Granted, the majority of Republicans still voted for the extensions. And the Patriot Act is far from being repealed. But the more congressmen—both Republican and Democrat—who realize how blatantly unconstitutional the Patriot Act is, the closer we get to finally repealing it!

Here’s Ron Paul (one of the few—if not only—Republicans truly dedicated to limited government) lecturing last night’s Congress on the dangers of the Patriot Act: