Nuggets of Wisdom

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Voices Of Reason

There's a user on YouTube called thethinkingblue, who has a video series called "Voices of Reason." The series highlights such "reasonable" figures such as Keith Olbermann, Alan Grayson, and Janeane Garofalo. Seriously, if those people are "Voices of Reason," I shudder to think who qualifies as insane.

That video series inspired me to create my own Voices of Reason series, in which I highlight "real" individuals who exemplify rational thought. These individuals are committed to defending common sense principles such as individual rights, limited government, and free market economies. You can watch this series on my YouTube, Dailymotion, or channels.

John Stossel
The voice of reason in an age of hype and hysteria. His "Give Me A Break" segments on ABC's 20/20 challenged conventional wisdom with common sense, questioning assertions behind issues like global warming, healthcare reform, and public education. He continues to offer his skepticism in his books and weekly program on Fox Business.

Penn Jillette
The better half of the magical duo Penn and Teller. Along with his partner Teller, Penn uses his experience in creating illusions to dispel modern day illusions. From alternative medicine and global warming, to magic crystals and crash dieting, he helps unveil the bullshit of pseudoscience and propaganda.

Bernard Goldberg
Having worked at CBS News for nearly 30 years, this former journalist (and liberal) knows what he's talking about when he claims the news media is infested with liberal bias. His two books Bias and Arrogance uncover the liberal workings of the media, while his other books, including 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America, ridicule everything wrong with the American Left.

Judge Andrew Napolitano
Having served as both a Superior Court Judge and a law school adjunct professor, Judge Andrew Napolitano is well-versed in Constitutional Law, strongly advocating for limited government while denouncing all forms of big government—be it from the left (through universal healthcare and over-regulation) or from the right (through drug prohibition and warrantless wiretaps).

Congressman Ron Paul
While most Republicans pay lip service to "limited government," Ron Paul has always practiced what he preached. He has stood firmly for a constitutionally limited government, opposing unconstitutional measures such as the Patriot Act, waterboarding, gun control, socialized medicine, and the drug war. He supports non-interventionist foreign policy and laissez-faire free market capitalism.