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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I first learned of—which would be better named—after reading the article Scare Words From The Right-Wing (And What They Really Mean). Despite having robbed me of a few brain cells, the article inspired me to write a parody and response: Scare Words From The Left-Wing (And What They Really Mean). After posting it on my blog, I shared the article with the original article’s author, Matthew Desmond, who, without my permission, reposted it on the website—specifically in the Political Humor section. Desmond wrote in the preface that my article was “a perfect example of how distorted the right-wing’s viewpoint is.”

Three words: Pot. Kettle. Black.

I would say that the far-left viewpoint of was more distorted than a  funhouse mirror melting in a nuclear furnace, but that would be an insult—to the funhouse mirror!

So what is

If you read the About Us section, you’d think the website was King Leonidas among his fellow 299 Spartan warriors bravely standing, outnumbered, against the invading Persian army (funded by the devil-spawned Koch Brothers, of course). In reality, it’s another run-of-the-mill moonbat whinefest similar to the Huffington Post—only written by dumber contributors for a dumber audience.

Just check out some of its articles:

  • Is The Republican Party Becoming Fascist? – Little more than a fluffed-up version of the chain-letter e-mail 14 Points Of Fascism, supposedly based on a study written by a fictional law professor. Also calls for violent revolution against Republican leaders (Ironic, considering how the right-wing is routinely accused of instigating violence).

  • What Can You Really Pass To Your Children? – Ironically posted on April Fools Day, this screed claims conservatives depend on the indoctrination of children whereas liberals allow children to think for themselves. (Because moonbats like Ann Pelo, Annie Leonard, and B. Bernice Elementary School clearly want children to think for themselves!)

  • Fox News North Starts Next Month. R.I.P. Canada 1867-2011 – Moonbats must really lack confidence in their own ideology if one right-wing news network poses such a deadly challenge, especially if it could potentially transform left-wing socialist Canada into “a hyper partisan cesspool of Right Wing paranoia and hate.  Just like the United States!”

  • Tax Day Is The New Fourth Of July – I guess moonbats forgot how condescending it was to have their patriotism questioned for criticizing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Because apparently they have no problem questioning the patriotism of those who criticize our tax system. Support our troops? Pay your taxes? Ah, what’s in a command? Blind patriotism, by any other command, is just as incriminating.

  • Ayn Rand And The Sociopathic Society or How I Learned To Stop Loving My Neighbor And Despise Them Instead – Yet another smear piece against Ayn Rand (who hated conservatives, and would have hated the neoconservatives like Glenn Beck who have hijacked her ideology), claiming that her philosophy of objectivism promotes selfishness while ignoring “social conscience.” Remember kids: you can’t care for your own fellow man without the government putting a gun to your head. Wanting to live your own life according to your own standards is selfish, but forcing other to live according to your standards is not.

If you’re looking for a good laugh, if not a reason to cry and lose faith in humanity, I highly suggest visiting this site. Also feel free to leaves comments. I’m sure they’ll be welcome. After all, liberals are open-minded, unlike close-minded conservatives.