Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, May 30, 2011

Demotivational Poster: Medicare Reform

Recently, the accurately-named Agenda Project, which at least honestly admits—in their own name no less—having a far-left agenda, released a political ad praising Medicare and vilifying Republicans for wanting to “end it.”

Of course, by “end,” they really mean “reform”; but then again, to progressives, “reform” only counts if it leads to nationalization, not to privatization. (Remember folks: “progress” to “progressives” means having a bigger government, not a bigger marketplace. Having a larger variety of choices in the free market is regress!)

And to drill its message into the heads of its viewers (which obviously meant scaring them silly), the ad juxtaposed Republicans reforming—oops, I mean, ending—Medicare to shoving a wheelchair-bound grandma off a cliff.

Never mind, of course, that Paul Ryan’s budget proposal doesn’t touch the Medicare benefits of seniors 55 or over, and won’t touch Medicare period for another three years.

Obviously, Republicans wanting to reform Medicare into a voucher system (where seniors choose their own insurance company rather than rely on the government) is akin to them shoving granny over a cliff, as opposed to Democrats who support Medicare as it is, which denies more claims than any private insurer, which most doctors refuse to accept due to expenses, which—along with defense and Social Security—makes up a lion's share of the national budget, and which, if left unchecked, will go bankrupt in 2024 (with Social Security following suit in 2036).

What alternate dimension do Democrats inhabit again? I don’t think it’s this one!

Oh, and one more thing: the political ad was given a “False” rating by nonpartisan fact-checking website PolitiFact.

To see more myths about Medicare reform debunked, read the article Ten Myths of Ryan’s House Budget Plan from the Heritage Foundation.