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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dear Republicans: Please Lay Off Weiner!

Dear Republicans,

Ever since I was old enough to vote, I’ve been a registered Republican. But as time progressed, and I matured, I’ve been starting to question your intentions. You’ve all preached against the vice of “big government” and the virtue of “fiscal responsibility,” yet your actions over the last eight years under Bush have proven it all to be mere rhetoric.

After all, is it not “big government” to wiretap phones without warrants or torture detainees for information? And how can you criticize Obama for the bank bailouts when Bush started the bailout trend with the mortgage companies? It seems to me that you all prefer big government when it suits you, and only care about the fiscal responsibility of your opponents.

We managed to vote you all into the majority of the House of Representatives, hoping you would curb spending. And what do you do with your time? You make anemic cuts to things like Planned Parenthood and NPR—items that, when combined, make a fraction of a percent of the overall budget. Here’s an idea: how about making cuts to our overbloated military? Surely, with all that we spend on the military, we could makes generous cuts and still be capable of defending ourselves from a foreign attack.

Then you guys use the rest of your time tackling social issues such as abortion. Look, like the rest of you, I believe that life begins at conception, and would fully support an amendment giving the unborn child personhood, with all the rights and protections of a grown human being; but now is not the time to do so, not when our country is on the verge of economic collapse with two (no, make that three!) military conflicts overseas. We need to focus our time and energy on economic and foreign policy, not menial social issues.

And then there’s the way you shun those who don’t follow lock-and-step with your current ideology. Why do you ignore candidates like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson—both whom are the closest to being true Barry Goldwater conservatives—and instead highlight people like Donald Trump and Sarah Palin—both whom have failed to take their run for presidency seriously?

And now, we come to the latest hubbub over Anthony Weiner. So the guy tweeted a picture of his junk to one of his fangirls. And he managed to step forward earlier this week, despite denying it beforehand, and confessed. Whoop-de-freaking-do! The only good that came out of this was being able to watch liberal pundits, who defended the man through the entire “scandal” (if we could even call it a scandal), wipe egg off their face after his confession.

Other than that, I couldn’t give a crap. I could care less about the personal life of a politician. If Ron Paul wanted to go Hugh Hefner on us and date a playboy bunny every day of the week, I’d still support his noninterventionist foreign policy and opposition to the Patriot Act (you know, all the reasons you hate the guy). Because even though character is important, nothing is more important than politics.

And I will be clear: I vehemently disagree with Weiner’s politics. The man has supported extending Medicare, passing Obamacare, legalizing partial-birth abortions, and censoring free speech. But though I hate his politics, I would never attack his character or personal life, and I most certainly wouldn’t force him to resign as you are all suggesting now.

Seriously, you want to force him to resign over something he posted on Twitter? How is this any different than attacking Sarah Palin for her daughter getting pregnant or attacking Christine O’Donnell for dating a witch in high school? I’d expect such behavior from Democrats. Only they care about unleashing personal attacks against their opponents rather than addressing their politics.

So please, stop blowing this situation out of proportion and cut the man some slack. He’s just another guy looking for some poontang—something every man in office, from King Henry VIII to Thomas Jefferson to Bill Clinton, has sought. He’s a man, after all. I don’t like him either. But at least try addressing something relevant, like his politics.



P.S.: Here’s a video by Jack Hunter (a.k.a.: the Southern Avenger) elucidating my point:

P.S.S.: Please make Ron Paul the nominee for 2012!