Nuggets of Wisdom

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hate To Be Cenk Ugyur Right Now!

When it comes to news stories, I place the Weinergate "scandal" under “Who Gives A Rat’s Behind?!” Personally, I could care less about a politician’s personal life. Ron Paul could go Hugh Hefner on us and date a Playboy bunny every day of the week, and I’d still support his noninterventionist foreign policy and opposition to the Patriot Act.

But I just had to mention Rep. Anthony Weiner confessing to having posted a picture of his junk on Twitter, especially since moonbats like Cenk Ugyur of the Yong Turks are now wiping egg off their face for defending him.

Here’s the Young Turks video on Weiner’s confession:

And here are the rest of the prior videos defending him:

How many want to wager that moonbats are going to come up with a conspiracy theory claiming Weiner was bribed by the corporations to confess in order to make the Republicans look good?

Wouldn't phase me!