Nuggets of Wisdom

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Who Needs Choice?

Imagine living in a world where you never made your own decisions, where you only had one choice of everything (food, clothing, shelter, transportation, employment, healthcare, etc.) and that choice was made by someone else, preferably an all-powerful state.

Wouldn’t that be such a wonderful world to live in? You wouldn’t feel overwhelmed by the choices you had to make, and therefore, not feel stressed-out about making your own decisions. And you wouldn’t have to worry about what other people thought, because everyone is exactly the same as you.

I’m sure most—if not all—of you would find such a world bland at best, Orwellian at worst.

Not moonbat professor Renata Salecl. To her, making choices causes anxiety and peer pressure and hinders social change—like giving women the choice to work outside the home, or giving blacks the choice to drink from the same fountain as whites, or giving gay couples the choice to marry.

Here’s her lecture as illustrated by YouTube user RSA Animate:

And here’s Lee Doren (aka: HowTheWorldWorks) debunking her diatribe: