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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nothing Until November

I have plans for the rest of the week, so no new posts until next month.

On the plus side, my first post will be my Q&A special. If you haven’t asked me a question, feel free to do so here.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Lee Doren: This is How Bad Our Tax Code Is

Good news everyone: my computer is back and good as new. And what better way to celebrate than sharing a recent video by Lee Doren (aka: HowTheWorldWorks) which exemplifies everything wrong with our overtly-complicated tax code?

Monday, October 17, 2011


Bad news everyone: my laptop recently came down with a virus and is now in the shop getting fixed. Add the fact that I’m going to be swamped with work this week, and you have someone who isn’t going to be posting on his blog for a while.

But on a sidenote, I recently realized that I have been on DeviantART for two years. So to commemorate this milestone, I’m going to hold a Q&A session. I want all my followers on DeviantART to each ask me two to three questions about anything about myself—provided it’s not too personal (i.e.: Where do you live? What’s your real name?)

So, my faithful minions, ask away! Leave your questions in the comment section below. You all have until the end of the month to submit your questions. And I’m only going to do this if I have more than five submissions (I have over 60 watchers, so no excuses).

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pony Saturday: DJ PON3

Welcome back to yet another Pony Saturday. Finally, a new episode was released today. I was somewhat surprised by the relatively new intro—and by relatively new, I mean they added a train in the background. Also interesting to see Twilight Sparkle endure a mental breakdown, as the rest of the Mane 6 has gone through one last season. And was anyone else reminded of Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask in this episode? Because I was.

The new series may have dynamic, well-rounded characters for its main cast of six, but if anything, the series is equally infamous for its background characters. No surprise there, since others series by Lauren Faust like The PowerPuff Girls and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends are equally infamous for their background characters.

One such character is DJ-PON3, otherwise known as Vinyl Scratch, a hip blue-haired white unicorn with a musical note cutie mark who was featured in the episode Suited For Success as the disk jockey for Rarity’s fashion show. As with other background characters, she has a large fan following.

The following fan videos by MysteryBen27 feature the Mane 6 as DJs:

Apparently, Twilight fails at being a DJ:

Even Derpy Hooves does a better job:

Looks like Twilight needs some lessons from DJ PON3:

On an unrelated note:

So out of the 6 ponies, which would you have as a disk jockey for your party? Leave a comment below.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Faith Restored: Chris Savvinidis--A Smart OWS Protester!

As I have mentioned many times before, my faith in humanity has taken a serious nosedive over the past few years. With every passing day, it seems as though America, along with the rest of the world, seems to be losing its mind. But now and then there appears a small silver lining in the cloud that restores what little faith I have. Today, I’ll be highlighting a few of those silver linings.

While they may have their hearts in the right place by protesting the powers that be and screaming ‘we’re not going to take it anymore’, the Occupy Wall Street protesters are mostly clueless, misguided hipsters who haven’t the slightest idea what they’re protesting, let alone whom exactly to protest (hint: take 1-90 south until you reach Washington).

They seem to think that capitalism has failed (even though crony capitalism is to blame), that we need more taxes and regulations (even though the rich already pay their fair share and regulation has already been increasing), and that the government should guarantee $20 minimum wages, forgive all student loans, and offer free healthcare, Internet access, and cell phone service for all while the rich foot the bill (even though that would bankrupt the country more than it already is now).

But among the insane asylum, there has proven to be a few rational individuals who base their beliefs and convictions on logic, reason, and evidence rather than blind socialist ideology.

One such protester is Chris Savvinidis who offered the following motivational speech against the Federal Reserve, fractional banking system, and fiat currency (in other words, the real culprits, not Wall Street).

A whole continent wide cannot control a federal government with a banking system that prints money like its paper. You can’t even call it money anymore. Gold is money. Silver is money. Green dollars are not money. They’re using inflation as a hidden tax to fuck the people. Prices go up. Do your wages go up? No. My wages didn’t go up. But prices went up, gas goes up, milk goes up, trades go up. How am I supposed to live? And this is all because our government prints too much money, starts too much wars, so they can sell their tanks, their guns, their missiles. That’s all America exports is guns, missiles, and tanks. That’s it. We need to bring production back to America. End the Federal Reserve.
His YouTube video has made such an impact, receiving over 95 thousand hits. He's even garnered the attention of media figures like Judge Andrew Napolitano, whom interviewed him in the following appearance on Freedom Watch.

Of course, he's also garnered some negative attention as well. Glenn Beck twisted his words in order to make it seem as though he was attacking capitalism rather than crony capitalism. Here is his reply:

If you’re asking me if I want to end the current system, I do, because that’s crony capitalism. It’s not real capitalism. Government’s hiding behind the name capitalism. What we have in this country are corporations who lobby in millions and millions of dollars to politicians and buy their votes for the highest bids…and Washington no longer speaks for us, they speak for all the big corporations and whoever has the most money.

And when I made the comment about guns, missiles, and tanks, I obviously didn’t mean those were all of the exports. I meant that, in this country, we have a military-industrial complex. We have over 700 bases in 150 countries. So, and this all stems back to having an elastic currency. Congress has this idea that they can keep spending trillions of dollars on these wars because they can keep printing money to fund it. But what they’re really doing is debasing our currency and driving prices up and the power of the people is going down, and that’s what really everyone should be upset about.
Amen, Chris. If we had more protesters like him, we could really fight against the real problems in this country.

Feel free to visit his website What About Liberty?, his Twitter account, and Facebook page.

Restored Faith: The 53%

As I have mentioned many times before, my faith in humanity has taken a serious nosedive over the past few years. With every passing day, it seems as though America, along with the rest of the world, seems to be losing its mind. But now and then there appears a small silver lining in the cloud that restores what little faith I have. Today, I’ll be highlighting a few of those silver linings.

Occupy Wall Street claims to represent the 99% of Americans, and boasts of diversity among its ranks—even though the lions share of protesters are anti-capitalist libtarded moonbats making wild demands like $20 minimum wages, the forgiveness of all student loans, and free healthcare, cell phone and internet service for all while the greedy 1% (which already pays 40% in total income tax) foot the bill.

But a new website proves that not every American has lost their minds. The website, created by filmmaker Michael Wilson, highlights the 53% of Americans who pay federal income tax, as opposed to the 47% who don’t. These Americans do not blame the banks or capitalism for our problems, and they do not hypocritically ask for handouts while decrying the bank bailouts; instead, they take personal responsibility for their own actions.

Personal responsibility: an American value that has been sorely discarded in this age of entitlement where Americans sue McDonalds for making them fat, or call 911 when they can’t get the right order, or in the case of the banks, ask for bailouts when their businesses go sour due to their own poor decision making. Let’s hope that more Americans reclaim this value—and soon: our nation can no longer survive with its citizens hands' outstretched.

Here are some of the inspiring photos from the site:

Restored Faith: End The Fed Rallies

As I have mentioned many times before, my faith in humanity has taken a serious nosedive over the past few years. With every passing day, it seems as though America, along with the rest of the world, seems to be losing its mind. But now and then there appears a small silver lining in the cloud that restores what little faith I have. Today, I’ll be highlighting a few of those silver linings.

First, as I have mentioned many times before, my main problem with Occupy Wall Street, other than its lack of focus, is that it’s targeting the wrong problem. The problem isn’t so much capitalism as it is crony capitalism, and it stems from the government, not the corporations. I have suggested that the protesters should pack their bags and take 1-90 south until they reached Washington D.C.—more specifically, the Federal Reserve.

Well, it seems that a new group of protesters, Occupy The Fed, have been doing just that. Granted, this is being led by the king of tinfoil hat wearers himself Alex Jones, but hey: even a broken clock tells the correct time twice a day! Hopefully, this will attract more people to protest the real problem.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crowder Slams Wall Street Hippies

Steven Crowder just released a video about Occupy Wall Street. He wanted to interview some protesters at his local Occupy Dallas, but could only find a single End the Fed libertarian conspiracy nut who thought the government was poisoning our food, water, and vaccines (even I can’t stand these types of libertarians).

He then proceeded to succinctly eviscerate the talking points and demands of the OWS protesters. (I especially loved how he used Ben And Jerry as an example of how capping the salaries of top employees, like other moonbat ideas, does more harm than good.)

Listen, I hate crony capitalism more than anybody, especially the Wall Street and bank bailouts, but if we want to talk about politicians being corrupted, why aren't we talking unions?...So why aren't these Occupiers protesting things like the UAW, the teacher's unions, or even places like Solyndra? Oh, of course! Maybe because they're supporting this movement through money and manpower. But that couldn't be because they want to throw Americans off the scent of the real string pullers, could it?
Amen, Crowder.

I love how libtarded moonbats decry the Tea Party as astroturf because groups like FreedomWorks and Americans For Prosperity support the movement, yet Occupy Wall Street is still considered a grassroot movement even when unions start supporting it. But what else can you expect from libtards but hypocrisy?

Molyneux: Do Not Be Distracted By The Corporations!

Stefan Molyneux reads and dissects the General Assembly Declaration of Occupy Wall Street, but not without first reminding the protesters that, although their protests are noble, they are futile if they do not aim at the right target, which in his case is the state, not the corporations.

If you’re frightened of a shark, there’s no point trying to bat away the little pilot fish, you know, that swim under its mouth and pick up the scraps of whatever it tears into. The truth of the matter is that the corporations are like the pilot fish. They swim around the jaws of the shark of the state, and they pick up the bloody scraps of whatever it maws down upon.

And do not be distracted by the corporations. To continue my fishy metaphors, they are like the anglerfish that has that bright light that the fish go and swim up to and…it eats them. Do not be distracted by the corporations. They are the beneficiaries, not the source of the destruction running rampant through the world.

Nostalgia Critic's Mental Breakdown

The Nostalgia Critic recently released his review of The Haunting, the 1999 remake of the classic 1963 psychological thriller. He explicates that, despite its enhanced visuals, the remake is far inferior to the original—and by inferior, he means “it’s one of the worst remakes of all time, if not the worst!” As is per usual in his reviews, he elaborates with zany over-the-top humor. By the end of the review, he goes into a raging childlike temper tantrum, imitating the director by claiming how the remake, with its emphasis on special effects over basic story elements, is clearly for grown-ups, unlike the original.

I have to say that this performance is by far his best, even topping that of the Bat Credit Card!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Survey Shows OWS Protesters Are Batshit Insane!

Let me be perfectly clear: I do not hate the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

I understand their frustration over the problems we're facing, and their urge to protest the powers that be over it. Yet I find them to be rather clueless about what they are protesting, misguided about whom they are protesting, and naive about the demands and solutions they are peddling.

To prove my point, I present the following survey conducted by Addicting MisInfo—er, I mean Addicting Info, which highlights the beliefs and demands of these protesters. And don’t get me wrong, I believe that these protesters have nothing but good intentions, but if good intentions pave the road to hell, than these good intentions will send us to hell in a henbasket!
•80% of those polled said that the rich should pay higher taxes and that it’s fair that approximately the top 10% of tax payers pay more than 70% of the taxes in the US and about 40% of employed people pay no income tax.
Oh great. More “Tax the Rich” nonsense. I’ve already covered why this is nonsense in Top 10 Economic Myths—Busted!, so I’m not repeating myself here.
•93% say that student loan debt should be forgiven
So let me get this straight: most of these protesters attended college, knowing that it would cost them money, so they take student loans in order to pay for it; and when they have to pay these loans back, they want the government to bail them out because they can’t pay it all back. I’m sorry, isn’t it hypocritical to protest bailouts while demanding bailouts at the same time.

Look, I understand where they’re coming from: they graduated during a recession and there are no jobs, and thus no way to pay back their loans. This is understandable. But even if these loans are forgiven, how do you expect them to be paid back? Let me guess: just have the rich foot the bill with higher taxes. Of course!
•98% believe that health care should be free
Let’s get one thing straight here: there is no such thing a free! Ultimately, someone has to pay for it, be it yourself or someone else. If you don’t pay for your own healthcare, then someone else does; and with socialized medicine (which is really what they’re talking about), it’s the taxpayer, which means higher taxes for everyone, and that benefits no one, especially during a recession when most Americans are barely making enough to get by as it is.

But of course, we can always raise taxes on the rich and have them foot the bill. The top 1% obviously don’t pay enough when they pay 40% of the nation’s total income and 26% of the total tax burden.
•98% believe that Insurance companies make too much money and some of their profits should be taken to pay for more healthcare for others
Wait. 98% want free healthcare, yet they also want insurance companies to pay more for people’s healthcare? Well, which is it? Do they want “free” public healthcare or “free” private healthcare? Can’t have it both ways.
•95% believe that drug prices should be controlled
Of course! Because price controls worked out perfectly for the banks. After all, it was because the Dodd-Frank Law through the Durbin Amendment required price controls on debit card transactions that banks were required to compensate by levying debit card fees onto the consumers. What did I say about good intentions?
•32.5% think the government will do a bad job managing healthcare
Holy shit! Do my eyes deceive me? Are there people with common sense at these protests? You mean some protesters think the government running healthcare will actually be just as good as the government running the post office? I need to look out my window. I think I heard a pig fly by!
•44% believe that instead of spending money on ObamaCare, we should spend it on jobs today, while 30% believe that we should do both, and 27% say ObamaCare was fine use of money
Well at least some protesters don’t like Obamacare, even though they think the money will be better spent creating jobs—something the government cannot do, other than create government jobs, which mean higher taxes to pay for them. But hey, we only have the foot the bill to the greedy rich, right?
•88% agree with the statement that “The government should put some controls on CEO pay – like limited to 20x or 30x the lowest paid employee.”
And I thought the $20 minimum wage was crazy enough.
•93% believe that communications like cell phone and internet access be a right and not just reserved for the rich and we should have free internet and cell phone service as a national goal.
Cell phone and internet access a right? Free speech is a right. Religious freedom is a right. Privacy is a right. Trial by jury is a right. Voting is a right. Cell phone and internet access is a good. They’re items other people create with their own labor and provide for others. Judge Andrew Napolitano explained this concept best.

And how are cell phones and internet reserved for the rich? Last time I checked, even those living in poverty can afford a cell phone with some internet access. In fact, most of the luxuries we all enjoy today, from air conditioning to color television to cars to computers, we all once only affordable for the rich, but because living standards rose, so did prices, allowing even the poor among us to afford them. The rich are getting richer, but so are the poor, and at a faster rate no less!

And once again, if we have “free” internet and cell phone service for all, who’s going to foot the bill? Oh yes, the evil good-for-nothing-rich! Why did I bother asking?
•54% do not believe that the Obama stimulus program was a good idea.
Horray! More than half of the protesters have common sense!
•84% said they think that if a bank decides to implement a $5 debit card fee, the government should not allow it, while 16% said let them do what they want – customers can move.
I already explained why banks were forced to implement these debit card fees in the first place. Please refer to my earlier remark on price controls.

And those are their demands: they want free education, healthcare, and cell phone and internet service, and they want to foot the bill to the rich while the poor and middle class don’t work. Sure. Okay. I’ll give such a society a good week until it implodes upon itself from an economic collapse.

This is why I can’t take these protesters seriously. It’s not that I don’t want to live in their fantasy world of free healthcare and education and sunshine and lollipops and unicorns and fairies, it’s that, unlike them, I actually realize that such a world is just that—a fantasy with no basis in reality. And during this economic crisis, what we need are real solutions, not just pipe dreams about a socialist utopian la-la land.

Top 10 Economic Myths--BUSTED! Pamphlet

Top 10 Economic Myths BUSTED by ~BlameThe1st on deviantART

The pamphlet version of my Top 10 Economic Myths—Busted! essay.

Click here to download the PDF file. Requires an inkjet printer to print. For printing instruction, check your printer’s instruction manual.

Feel free to print a few copies and share them with others. Offer them to family, friends, and colleagues—especially those with socialist or Keynesian tendencies. Leave them in public places such as restrooms, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, or wherever. If you’re able, pass them out to protesters at your local Occupy Wall Street protest. Remember, the more people we can inform and the more minds we can change, the sooner we can fix the economy with real solutions, and a better place the world will be

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

David Duke, Sarah Palin, and Occupy Wall Street

You have to wonder how the libtarded moonbats at the Daily Kos have the mental cognition to write their screeds, let alone turn on their own computers to do so. Heck, I wonder how they manage to survive on a day-to-day basis. You’d think they would eventually mistake a glass of arsenic for milk, considering how mentally deficient they are.

Think that’s too harsh? Consider the following blog post comparing former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin to Klansman-turned-politician David Duke:
Sarah Palin made it official this week, choosing the life of a grifter over one of public service. Sorry, fans, but there will be no mama grizzly moving into the White House in 2013 (much to the relief of the janitorial staff). Palin says she says she turned to the Lord to help guide her decision, but bowed out when the machine kept picking up. (And on the 8th day, God installed Caller ID.) But fear not! For those of you still pinin' for the ultimate in batshittyness in the 2012 campaign, there may still be hope. I remembered today that one person who said he was thinking about running is David Duke. In fairness, though, the two have some slight differences. For instance, Palin likes to "go rogue," while Duke prefers to "go robe."
“Slight Differences”? Good grief! Where do I begin?

While it is true that Palin has been considered the mother of the Tea Party, while Duke has voiced his support for the movement, any real analysis of the two will clearly reveal that they’re different as black and white.

For example, Duke opposes Israel; Palin supports it. Duke believes the Jews control the media; Palin does not. Duke denies the holocaust; Palin does not. Duke believes that the white race is being exterminated through “white genocide”; Palin does not.

In fact, if one really thinks about it, David Duke has more in common with the Occupy Wall Street protesters than he does with Palin and the Tea Party.

Think about it!

Though the protests are an amorphous entity with no real clear motive, they have, in due time, voiced their various grievances: they oppose the wars being waged overseas, the trillion dollar bank bailouts, the outsourcing of jobs through free trade, the influence of money over politics, and the corporate control of the media.

Well, guess who else opposes all of that? That’s right: David Duke.

Last year, Duke released his video presidential platform, in which he promised that, as president, he would immediately withdraw American troops overseas and stop America’s foreign policy from being dictated by Israel (wonder how many of the protesters support statehood for Palestine?); he would end corporate welfare for the international "robber banks," which he claims controls our fiscal policy, and which have stolen trillions of dollars from the American taxpayer; he would protect American companies and jobs by ending free trade and outsourcing; he would institute publically-financed elections through campaign finance reform, thereby preventing corporate special interests from bribing politicians; and he would break-up the media conglomerates that control the media by creating a new “Free Network” that allows everyone to have their voices heard.

Now don’t get me wrong: I’m not seriously arguing that the OWS protesters are exactly like David Duke. That would be just a ludicrous as comparing Sarah Palin to him. Clearly, anyone can take a few fuzzy similarities between two people and conclude that they’re both exactly the same. But that doesn’t mean they are. Too bad the Daily Kossacks can’t figure that out.

Libtarded Protests Hurt Liberals, Says Liberal

Remember in my last post where I mentioned how Lee Doren loved the Occupy Wall Street protesters because they revealed how batshit insane libtarded moonbats are? Well, apparently some sensible liberals (yes, apparently, they do exist) realize this, and they don’t want the class warriors protesting Wall Street to represent them.

The following article from Addicting MisInfo (excuse me, Addicting Info) explains why the protests will do more harm than good for the Left (which, in my opinion, and that of Doren, is a good thing):
I find it troublesome. It’s a liberal’s nightmare, in my opinion – to fall on the side of the protesters means supporting the movement as a whole, including those who are in fact making this protest a referendum on President Obama, those who are touting the unrealistic concept of full socialism, those who are touting an agenda with utopic demands that has no real likelihood of changing anything, those who dress up like zombies. One can like the message and still find the messenger unappealing, at best. But to fail to support the movement is (in progessives’ eyes, anyway) a step too far out of the tent. My friend said that the protests are largely a bunch of socialists thinking this is their Revolution – perhaps it’s closer to that than anything else. I’m admittedly clueless.

Whatever the case, I’m disappointed to learn the left-wing tent, in some ways, is turning out to be as small as the right-wing tent. My failure to jump on the Occupy Wall Street bandwagon – or any offshoot of it that rolls by – is a referendum on my commitment to liberal and/or progressive causes. Shame.

I’ve been lectured too many times in recent days about the way protests evolve – they start out messy, begin to focus, find some leadership, find a message, and boom, it’s a movement. But what if the OWS protests remain in the messy stage, and show no signs of ever moving on to Stage II? In my mind, for a movement such as this one to have any chance of success, some key elements have to land on the table: A clear, specific mission and a common goal; a plan, and an ending point; a strategy to back up the plan; tangible action to put the strategy into play; and some form of leadership. Rudderless protests are nothing more than a congregation of semi-like-minded thinkers muddling about and diluting any real message.


I’m not even sure we’ve identified a clear enemy here, except the looming invocation of “Wall Street” and “Big Banks” . . . with a little “Stop the War,” “Aid the 99′ers,” and “Student Loan Forgiveness” thrown in. The protest seems ephemeral, non-durable. I don’t find myself moved by it or interested in it, and I find myself fearing it and, consequently, having an aversion to it – because this could be the wedge the right has been waiting for to direct the independents, the fence-riding voters, to a camp that looks more organized, more systematic, more pragmatic and less splintered.

Although the Occupy Wall Street protesters show all signs of being in for the long haul, time is not infinite: Everyone grows weary of the same old, same old, and this protest won’t be any different. If they can’t unify around a common, concrete, realistic goal quickly – and come up with a plan to accomplish it – Occupy Wall Street runs the risk of being another bit of liberal posturing. We’ve wasted a boatload of energy on something that gets us nowhere before. We can’t afford that now.

Zaunstar Doesn’t Get It!

Wouldn’t you know it: the day after I publish my Top 10 Economic Myths—Busted! blog post, someone on YouTube releases a video espousing one of those economic myths.

If you recall, I featured Zaunstar in a previous blog post. Even though I disagree with him theologically and politically, I do find him to be very intelligent, and his soft-spoken yet smarmy demeanor allows me to respect our differences in opinion.

That said, I was gravely disappointed when, in his most recent video, he spouted the following strawman argument:

Today’s Republicans have stretched liberty to mean that the wealthy shouldn’t have to pay higher taxes at all!
*sigh* No, Zaunstar, that is NOT what Republicans—or conservatives or libertarians or capitalists or anyone who has seriously studied the data behind taxes, especially studies from the Congressional Budget Office or Tax Policy Center—mean when they argue against higher taxes on the rich. It’s not that we don’t want the rich to pay higher taxes, it’s that—and I know this will come as a shock to you—THEY ALREADY PAY MORE THAN THEIR FAIR SHARE IN TAXES!

This is why I wrote Top 10 Economic Myths—Busted!: because talking points like “the rich don’t pay their fair share” and “deregulation destroyed the economy” and “the rich are getting rich, and the poor are getting poorer” keep spreading like wildfire despite all the evidence to the contrary. But then again, you know what Goebbels said: If you tell a falsehood long enough, it eventually becomes the truth.

And that’s what at stake here: the truth. This isn’t about the rich versus the poor—heck, it’s not even about liberty versus tyranny, this is about knowledge versus ignorance; and unfortunately, ignorance is winning.

I know hatred for the rich sounds comforting, that those with money are easy to blame—especially during harsh economic times, that suggesting that we can fix all our economic problems just by demanding more taxes from the wealthy sounds like a good idea; but the stark reality is that it just doesn’t fly with reality.

I’m going to send Zaunstar a link to my blog post. Hopefully, being the intelligent guy that he is, he would be susceptible to some logic, reason, and evidence—and maybe that will change his mind. Because that’s what we need right now: changed minds!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Top 10 Economic Myths—BUSTED!

“Tax the rich! They don’t pay their fair share!”

“The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer!”

“Bush killed the economy with massive deregulation! We need more regulation!”

“Beware! The Koch Brothers are transforming this country into neo-feudalism! We’re all going to become wage slaves to our corporate feudal lords!”

Everywhere I go on the internet, I keep running into the same trite economic talking points. Not that these talking points are hard to debunk (on the contrary, they’re easily debunked), but that they keep popping up time and again, and I get sick and tired of debunking them each and every time. So, to do myself and everyone else a service, I have compiled a list of the top ten economic myths, followed by the truth:

Myth #1: The rich don’t pay their fair share in taxes

According to popular misconception, the rich (especially the richest one percent) pay little to nothing in taxes while the middle class and poor carry the brunt of the tax burden. This is hardly the case! The richest one percent pays roughly 40 percent of the country’s total income tax1 and nearly 28 percent of the total tax burden,2 while the top 10 percent pay 60 percent of the total income tax and roughly 57 percent of the total tax burden. In contrast, the bottom 2 percent pays less than 3 percent in total income tax and less than a fraction of a percent of the total tax burden. If the rich don’t pay their fair share in taxes, it’s because they clearly pay more, not less.

Myth #2: Taxing the rich will solve all our problems

Let’s set aside the fact that the rich do pay their fair share in taxes and insist they pay more. Let’s go one step further and suggest confiscating all of their wealth. (After all, filmmaker Michael Moore claims America isn’t really broke: the rich have plenty of money and they’re hoarding it all to themselves!3) If we took all the wealth from the four hundred billionaires in America, we would have $1.3 trillion; subtract that from the $1.6 trillion national deficit, and we would still be short $300 billion—in other words, we would have barely enough to dent our $14 trillion national debt!4 Taxing the rich would solve nothing!

Myth #3: The rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer

One of the main criticisms against capitalism is that it allows the rich to get richer while the poor get poorer. While wealth disparity has increased between the rich and poor, as the top income earners have a larger share of national income than they had in the past, while the bottom have a smaller share, income mobility still allows both the rich and poor to get richer overtime—in fact, the poor has been getting richer at a faster rate than the rich! The average salary for those in the bottom 20% in 1975 had increased by over $27 thousand by 1991, while the salary for those in the top 20% only increased by over $4 thousand.5 The rich are getting richer, but so are the poor, and at a faster rate than the rich!

Myth #4: New Deal spending ended the Great Depression

Left-wing politicians and economists suggest increasing government spending in order to end the economic crisis, and they point to the New Deal to support their argument, claiming that it helped end the Great Depression. But history tells a different story. Even though government spending increased under the New Deal, unemployment remained above 15 percent during the 1930s.6 As FDR's own U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, Jr. said, “We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work...after eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started.” Moreover, in order to pay for this spending, federal taxes were tripled from $1.6 billion in 1933 to $5.3 billion in 1940, hurting both consumers and businesses.7 New Deal spending did nothing to end the Depression and everything to prolong it

Myth #5: Bush deregulated the economy

Another popular misconception is that massive deregulation, especially under George W. Bush, caused the economic crisis. In reality, regulation has been increasing over the past several decades.8 Investor’s Business Daily claims that over three thousand new regulations are enacted every year, and that “a new federal rule hits the books roughly every 2 hours.”9 The EPA alone has increased their federal regulations from over 7 thousand rules in 1976 to over 169 thousand in 2009.10 As for Bush, who’s admitted to have “abandoned the free market,”11 his administration increased the number of new pages in the Federal Register from over 64 thousand in 2001 to over 78 thousand in 2007.12 This record achievement makes him the biggest regulator since Richard Nixon!

Myth #6: Deregulation created the economic crisis

Since regulation has been increasing, it is impossible for deregulation to have caused our current economic crisis; in fact, it was one piece of regulation that helped create it. The Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 required banks to lend loans to individuals from low-income areas. In other words, banks were required to give loans to poor people to buy houses they couldn’t afford, thus aiding in the housing bubble, along with its inevitable burst when these people couldn’t pay back their loans. While the CRA may not have been the main cause of the economic crisis, it did play an underlying role in its inception.

Myth #7: Big business lobbies against regulation

Since big business is obviously at odds with government, one would think that food companies would oppose stricter food safety laws, oil companies would oppose clean air regulation, and tobacco companies would oppose regulation on tobacco and tobacco advertising; yet Kraft Foods,13 General Motors, and Phillip Morris14 have all spent millions lobbying for the exact opposite! So why would businesses lobby for more regulation? Think about it! If you were a large multinational corporation, which would you prefer: an even-playing field where everyone (including your competition) has an equal chance to succeed or fail, or one where you can bribe the state to tilt the field in your favor while crushing your competition and preventing new contenders from getting started? The answer seems quite simple.

Myth #8: The market cannot regulate itself

We are expected to believe that, without government regulatory agencies such as the FDA or EPA, businesses would be left unchecked and release unsafe products. This is not the case, as there are several regulatory agencies not run by the government. One example is Underwriters Laboratories, a non-profit organization which, for over a century, has been testing the safety of products including hair dryers, televisions, Christmas lights, fire extinguishers, air conditioners, ATMs, etc. Any product that doesn’t have its seal of approval is not carried by any of the major realtors. This is all done without the slightest of government intervention. According to the Mises Institute, "Many government regulations, especially at the state level, merely mimic…[those] of the Lab."15

Myth #9: The Koch Brothers are taking over America!

David and Charles Koch, both whom have spoken out against big business,16 have been accused of buying politicians in order to transform America into a plutocracy. In reality, their company Koch Industries has only donated over $9 million in political contributions over the past 30 years, ranking them as 85th of the top political donors in America.17 Of the top ten political donors, six are labor unions including the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees (over $45 million), the Service Employees International Union (over $37 million), the National Education Association (over $36 million), the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (over $33 million), the Laborers Union (over $31 million), and the American Federation of Teachers (over $31 million). If we have to worry about anyone buying politicians, it’s clearly not the Kochs!

Myth #10: Free Market Capitalism has failed

A free market, as its name implies, is one which is free of state intervention and control. Under a free market, there are no bailouts to companies considered “too big to fail.” There are no subsidies to oil companies and large farms. There are no corporations lobbying for regulations to tilt the playing field in their favor and crush their competition. There are no politicians bribed to pass legislation in favor of special interest groups. In short, America does not have free market capitalism, but rather “crony” capitalism, or corporatism.


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Sesame Street: Growing Hope Against Hunger

Sesame Street aired a primetime special on PBS last night called “Growing Hope Against Hunger” which addressed the problem of hunger in the United States, especially among children. The hour-long special introduced a new Muppet character, Lily, whose family struggles during these tough economic times with hunger. The special, featuring the talents of Brad and Kimberly Williams Paisley, helped share ways that children and family could help such as donating to food banks and helping grow community gardens. It also featured stories of real-life families having to overcome the obstacles of poverty and hunger.

I found the special both entertaining and inspiring. (Yes, I actually watched it!) It’s hard to imagine that, even in a developed country such as ours, there are Americans who still suffer through starvation. Though I’d like to think that most of this is due to the economic crisis, and that it will improve once the economy does, the fact still remains that there are still Americans out there who can’t enough, if anything, to eat.

This special really motivates one to do something. Of course, when I say do something, I don’t mean support entitlement programs. We’re not going to solve our problems by sitting on our rumps and just handing our taxpayer money over to Uncle Sam in hopes that he will do something for us. I mean getting off our rumps and actually doing something! In the words of JFK: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your county.”

Fortunately, Sesame Workshop’s webpage Food For Thought offers resources on how Americans can help. One of the sites featured is Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization. Use the site’s Food Bank locator to find a local food bank near you.

Lee Doren: I Want Occupy Wall Street "To Be Face Of The Left"

Anyone who follows my blog will tell that I don’t care for the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Not that I have anything against protesting the powers that be, just with misguided, clueless Marxists who protest the wrong people for the wrong reason, let alone those who don’t know what they’re protesting to being with.

Lee Doren (aka: HowTheWorldWorks), on the other hand, seems to like the protests.

No. Our favorite conservative YouTube intellectual hasn’t gone socialist on us. He likes the protests because they reveal the sheer batshit insanity of libtarded moonbats for all of America to see.

I want the Left to come out and tell everyone what they believe. I want them to openly say that they are against capitalism. I want them to say that they are against greedy people who take too much of the money. I want them out in the public like they are in some of the videos. This one video was really sickening: a guy attacking an older Jewish man basically saying “Give me your money!” I want all of these people all out in a row….I want these people to be the face of the Left, I want them to be the face of the Democratic party, I want them to be the face of Barack Obama. I want Barack Obama to say “This is my base,” because he’s not going to win that way.

Drinking With Bob: Occupy Wall Street is a JOKE...

Everyone’s favorite drunk Drinking With Bob rants about the clueless, misguided protesters at Occupy Wall Street.

I believe he describes the protests best: “[They’re] the equivalent of getting drunk by yourself on a Tuesday afternoon…It’s like me holding up this [blank] piece of paper and asking you ‘what do you think of my drawing?’ There’s nothing there!”

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pony Saturday: CR’s Retrospective

Hey everypony! It’s Saturday! And you know what that means: yet another Pony Saturday!

No new episode this week, but next week, there will be. And I hear Princess Luna will be making an appearance in an episode the week after. Luna fans rejoice!

Now onto the rest of this week’s Pony Saturday post.

Various questions have plagued mankind throughout the ages: what is the meaning of life? Is there life after death? Are we alone in the universe? And the most perplexing of all: why do grown men like Pony cartoons for little girls?

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is infamous for having attained a huge on-line fan base—including fans not in the show’s aimed demographic of young girls. These young male fans in their 20s are commonly referred to as Bronies. And as you all can tell from these posts, I happen to be a brony—and proud of it! (Suck it, Stalin-Fan!)

So why do young men like myself like Pony cartoons?

Chad Rocco from That Guy With The Glasses recently released the following retrospective of the My Little Pony franchise. The first part covers the franchise from the original 80s cartoon up to the most recent incarnations. The second part covers the newest series MLP:FIM, and explicates exactly why older men prefer the series. Enjoy!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Petition L.A. County Jail! Stop The Brutality!

There’s a fine line between “tough on crime” and cruel and unusual punishment. That line has been crossed by the sheriff’s deputies at the L.A. county jail, as LiberalViewer expounds in the following video.

You’d expect this type of brutality levied towards terrorists detained in Guantanamo Bay, not towards our own citizens jailed here on American soil. For goodness sakes, one of them was just a visitor and he was brutally beaten and disfigured!

The ACLU has started a petition addressing these and other abuses and calling for the resignation of Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca. I plan on signing it, and if you believe in protecting our constitutional rights—especially freedom from cruel and unusual punishment—you should sign it too!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Roseanne Barr: Off With Their Heads!

At least when Michael Moore suggested that there could be violence if the Occupy Wall Street protesters don’t get their way, he was only implying violence. Rosanne Barr, on the other hand, pretty much incited violence when she suggested bringing back the guillotine for the bankers.
'Part of my platform is, of course, the guilty must be punished and that we no longer let our children see their guilty leaders getting away with murder.

'Because it teaches children, you know, that they don't have to have any morals as long as they have guns and are bullies and I don't think that's a good message.

'I do say that I am in favour of the return of the guillotine and that is for the worst of the worst of the guilty.

'I first would allow the guilty bankers to pay, you know, the ability to pay back anything over $100 million [of] personal wealth because I believe in a maximum wage of $100 million.

'And if they are unable to live on that amount of that amount then they should, you know, go to the re-education camps and if that doesn't help, then being beheaded.'
So you have one liberal fatass who acts like the Godfather, suggesting that things may be getting rough (if you know what I mean, capeesh?) if the bankers don’t pay up. And now you have another liberal fatass screaming “off with their heads!” like the Queen of Hearts.

Can we stop pretending that libtarded moonbats stand for tolerance and civility?

Rude Pundit: Protesters Don’t Need No Damn Demands!

The main problem I have with the Occupy Wall Street protesters, as The New York Times and CNN also have, is that they don’t have a clue what they’re protesting. Even now they’re trying to decide what their demands are, let alone what their “one demand” is.

But apparently, that doesn’t faze them or their supporters, including blogger The Rude Pundit. He claims that the protesters don’t need to “articulate” their demands because, well, it’s obvious! Isn't it?
All but the most deluded believers in the bullshit chimera of voodoo economics (as we called it back in the day) know that taxes must go up. They know that the government must spend more on infrastructure and education here. They know that health insurance must be nationalized. They know that the wars must end. They know that criminals must be prosecuted. They know that Wall Street needs to be regulated. They know it and either won't do it because it'll cut into corporate profits or they can't do it because it's being blocked by the maniacs.
So that’s what the protesters want? The same trite solutions libtarded moonbats have always been peddling, all of which suck (excluding ending the wars): The rich already pay MORE than their fair share, increasing spending on education won’t do a damn thing without reform, regulation has been increasing over the last half century, and nationalized healthcare isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be—just ask the NHS Health Secretary Andrew Lansley!

This is why I cannot support these protesters. Their hearts are in the right place but their brains are absent from reality. And they keep repeating the same damn talking points, regardless of the glaring evidence to the contrary, and I get sick and tired of having to debunk them in each and every blog post.

Which is why I’m creating an essay to debunk some of the top economic myths peddled by these moonbats. Expect it sometime this weekend. If we are to escape this economic mess, we need to be guided by logic, reason, and evidence—not blind ideology!

Steve Jobs Is Dead

Steve Jobs is dead at 56.

I use Windows, not Apple. So I don't really care.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

CNN: "Hard To Say" What Occupy Wall Street Wants!

When asked what Occupy Wall Street's ultimate goal was, a CNN correspondent had this to say:

It's hard to say, but I think the best way to sum it up is that they want people to listen. Which people? The people in Washington. The people whom they hope can help make a difference. Also Wall Street. You know, they say they represent the 99% of the people in this country, and Wall Street represents 1% of the people who control the money. So they simply are saying, and you heard the phrase before, more or less, we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore. The question is how do they expect change to happen. They're not sure at this stage, and they're not bothered by that, because they believe they have time on their side to try to affect change.
Good grief! The Occupy Wall Street protesters don't even know what their "One Demand" is, but they sure as hell want you to listen to them.

By the way, if they truly want to protest the people who control the money, they need to start marching to the Federal Reserve.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Liberty For Security

"Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither" - Benjamin Franklin

I know who my audience is. You’re mostly conservatives and libertarians (and that’s the way I like it). So I’m going to convey this story in a way you all can understand.

But first, a brief history lesson.

In early 2009, a government document entitled “The Modern Militia Movement,” commonly known as the MIAC Report, was leaked to the public. The document detailed the rising trend in right-wing militias and was created to help local authorities identify militia members and domestic terrorists, suggesting that Ron Paul bumper stickers or Gadsden flags could be indicators of militia activity. Couple it with the Patriot Act, which allows for warrantless wiretaps and library record searches, and this report could have allowed the Obama Administration to hunt down political dissenters as domestic terrorists. Simply checking out a copy of Ron Paul’s “End The Fed” could run a library patron the risk of being targeted as the next Timothy McVeigh.

Now imagine the following scenario:

Bubba Billy Bob, born and raised south of the Mason-Dixon Line, is your typical middle-aged lifelong Republican. His pickup truck is draped with the Confederate Flag, covered with various anti-government bumper stickers, and constantly blares the Rush Limbaugh radio program when barreling down the highway. He religiously watches Fox News and visits World Net Daily, and even has his own blog where he rants about the New World Order and Obama’s birth certificate (or lack therof). When he’s not attending church on Sunday, he’s regularly attending the meetings of his local Tea Party.

Now suppose that the FBI have been tracking Billy Bob Bubba for quite some time, and through their infinite discretion, determine that he is a potential domestic terrorist. Perhaps they even suspect that he could attempt to assassinate Obama, even though Bubba has never suggested such a thing—though he has been known to call Obama the N-word on his blog and carry a poster with Obama in crosshairs at Tea Party protests. So they assign an agent to wait outside his house and snipe him as he’s watching The O’Reily Factor.

What do you think would be the reaction from conservatives?

Nothing less of complete outrage! Fox News would be running the story 24/7. Rush Limbaugh, high on Oxycotin, would be ranting about how this proves Obama has transformed America in a tyrannical dictatorship. Glenn Beck would be crying crocodile tears over how the government assassinated an American citizen who had committed no crime. O’Reilly would have labeled Obama a ‘Pinhead’ for having Bubba assassinated rather than arrested and given a fair trial.

Now consider this: how is the hypothetical assassination of Bubba any different that the real-life assassination of Anwar al-Awlaki?

Yes, Anwar was an Al-Qaeda member, but he was also an American citizen, having been born in New Mexico, and as such, was guaranteed the same Constitutional rights as any other American. And yes, by joining Al-Qaeda, he had become a traitor to his country, and deserved to be brought to justice; but he also deserved to be given a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury where he would be considered innocent until proven guilty. If a domestic terrorist like Timothy McVeigh or a war criminal like Saddam Hussein could be given fair trials, why not Anwar? The only difference between him and Bubba is that, well, he's a dirty Muslim.

The past decade has brought forth the slow erosion of our Constitutional rights with unconstitutional measures including the Patriot Act, waterboarding and other torture practices, full-body scanners and pat-downs at the airport, and now the assassination of an American citizen outside of a battlefield. The president no longer has to abide by habeas corpus or due process, and can easily issue the assassination of an American citizen simply by deeming him a terrorist.

If the terrorists truly hate us for our freedom, then they had succeeded in taking it away from us—or rather, our own federal government has done so in the name of protecting us from the terrorists. The War on Terror has done nothing to protect us from the terrorists and everything to put us at risk from our own government by slowly but surely transforming it into a police state. We as Americans have traded our liberty for security, and unless we do something to reverse this, we truly deserve neither.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pony Saturday: First Thoughts On Season Two

It’s the first post of October, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s also Pony Saturday!

However, this Pony Saturday begins with sad news: as most of you probably realized this morning, the newest episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic won’t air until October 15th. No big deal for me, since I don’t wake up in the morning, let alone have The Hub (forcing me to watch the episodes on YouTube).

But the first two episodes proved to be a fantastic start to the new season, and (dare I say it?) were even better than the first two episodes of the first season! Yup! Lauren Faust and the rest of the cast and crew really outdid themselves, especially by inviting John DeLancie of Star Trek fame to be the voice of the villain Discord.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out the review of the first two episodes by reviewer ckat13 (and subscribe to her channel, for her reviews are made of awesome!):