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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Republicans Are Greedy, Selfish—Blah, Blah, Blah!

Ho-hum! Yet another libtarded moonbat moaning about how the greedy, selfish Republicans don’t care about the poor and needy:
All year, Republicans have demanded an end to programs the middle class created to aid the majority, the 99 percent. The GOP wants to reverse the new banking regulations that were passed in an attempt to prevent another economic collapse caused by risky Wall Street practices. The GOP tried to to rescind the healthcare reform law that prevents insurance companies from terminating coverage when beneficiaries get sick and prohibits the practice of refusing coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.

Influential Republicans this year have called for repealing laws forbidding child labor, laws guaranteeing minimum wage and laws protecting the environment. They’ve demanded elimination of federal funding for organizations like the Public Broadcasting System that educates preschoolers, Head Start, which provides opportunity to poor children, and Planned Parenthood, which uses 97 percent of its funds to provide general, obstetrical and gynecological medical care to women, many of whom are rural and poor.

Republicans have decided to be the party of Henry Potter [from It's A Wonderful Life], the “meanest man in the county,” a man about whom George Bailey’s father said: “he's a sick man, frustrated. Sick in his mind, sick in his soul, if he has one.”

Like Potter, Republicans deride compassion and community as character defects.

In the Republican world, where greed is good, it was appropriate for Henry Potter to keep the $8,000 in Bailey Building & Loan money that George Bailey’s uncle, Billy Bailey, accidentally handed him.

Republicans are attempting to impose that selfish belief system on the selfless American people, people like the citizens of Bedford Falls who rush to the rescue of neighbors.

It won’t work, just like it didn’t in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Republicans will fail in their attempt to make America Pottersville because the 99 percent believe avarice is a sin, not a value. The GOP will fail because greed is not the American way.
Clearly, as the tile to the screed suggests, those mean ol' Republicans are trying to Transform America into a Selfish, Soulless Place. I guess that's why America ranks as the most charitable country in the world, and why people in red states give more to charity than those in blue states. (But I thought conservatives hated the poor?)

And I find it amusing that the screed claims Ayn Rand as “their self-centered mentor.” Ayn Rand was openly critical of conservatives, especially the Republican Party. In fact, she hated Ronald Reagan and urged her followers not to vote for him: “Mr. Reagan is not a champion of capitalism, but a conservative in the worst sense of that word—i.e., an advocate of a mixed economy with government controls slanted in favor of business rather than labor.” (Sounds a lot like the Republican Party today!)

Plus, I highly doubt that Rand, being an anti-religious atheist, would support a theocrat like Rick Perry (especially after his “Strong” political ad fiasco!).