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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Trolling PZ Meyers and Ashley Miller

Earlier this week, libtarded moonbat Ashley Miller wrote a ridiculous blog post bashing Ron Paul, for which she received a lot of flack. State atheist PZ Meyers decided to white knight her by posting about how mean and nasty the commentators were.

Now, granted, many of the comments Miller received were uncivil to say the least, and no one deserves that much hate. However, that does not mean her opinion deserves automatic respect. Respect is something you earn, and when you make blog posts about how we need to place the collective over individual liberty, you deserve none.

I knew I could easily write a well-written, well-reasoned response to either Miller or Meyers, but unfortunately, their acolytes are immune to things like logic, reason, and evidence. So I did the next best thing: troll!

Here’s a comment I left on both Meyers’ and Miller’s blog. Enjoy:
Found you from a post by PZ Meyers. Thank you for creating this post bashing Ron Pul and those batshit insane looneytarians. Us enlightened progressive liberal atheists need to fight back against Ron “KKK” Paul and his legion of rich white privileged male followers. These regressive Randian free-market fundamentalist fucktards pose a dangerous threat, what with them placing individual liberty over the collective. We must all submit to the collective because individuality is the enemy of free-thought.

This is a very well-written, well-reasoned article. Clearly you has your priorities straight attacking Paul for not believing in evolution and for publishing newsletters with questionable content over 20 years ago. Those are clearly more pertinent and relevant issues than his foreign and economic policies.

Libertarians like Ron Paul are irrational for believing that people should be free to live their lives freely without harming anyone else, and that the federal government should mind its own business. Fools! Don’t they know that the government’s business is to get involved with our own? Of course not! Otherwise they would be free-thinking progressive atheists like ourselves! Otherwise they would allow the government to perform warrantless wiretaps and wage perpetual war and bailout “too big to fail” banks and redistribute the wealth and tax the rich (who clearly don’t pay enough!).

And what is with their obsession with the Federal Reserve? What could possibly be wrong with a private bank being controlled by the government with less transparency than the CIA? With the way they bitch and moan about it, you’d think it funneled $7.7 trillion in secret funds or something. You'd think it helped create the recession by slashing interest rates after the dot-com bubble burst, making credit cheap.

And why do they want to deregulate everything? Everyone knows that deregulation caused the recession—especially the repeal of Glass-Stegall! Obviously we don’t have enough government oversight. Again, with their bitching and complaining, you’d think that a new regulation is being created every two hours. Do they honestly believe that the market can regulate itself? Please! There are no real-life examples of the market regulating itself. We obviously can’t have regulation without government. Who else will tax cow farts and regulate farm dust?

If these free market fundamentalist fucktards love their ideology so badly, they should move to Somalia (which is obviously doing worse than it was under its former tyrannical government). Screw them having a say in our democracy like every other citizen. They should love it or leave it, those unpatriotic bastards! We don’t want a free market in this country, lest it becomes a shithole like Hong Kong. Everyone knows that countries with the freest economies are shit.

So thank Ashley Miller and PZ Meyers for standing up against the fringe minority that are libertarians. We free-thinking progressive atheists need to attack blind faith in the market by supporting blind faith in the government. Freethought and skepticism only applies to religion, never to the government. We must never question the government. Government is sacred. Government is benevolent. It never does any wrong (unlike the market, which always does wrong). Government is great. Government is good. I cannot cease singing of its praises.