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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pony Couples: Fluttershy/Big Macintosh

Since this is February—the month of Valentine’s Day—I’d thought I do something special by sharing my favorite My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic shippings. For those of you who aren’t internet-savvy, a “shipping” is a fan coupling of two characters within a medium—in this case, My Little Pony.

Unfortunately, when it comes to ponies, most of the shippings tend to be “yaoi” (or lesbian)—which isn’t all too unexpected in a show with mostly female characters. Nothing against homosexuals here, I just don’t see any of the ponies as lesbians (not even Rainbow Dash). So yeah: most of my favorite shippings will be heterosexual (what few actually exist in the fandom).

And I’m starting with my all-time favorite: Fluttershy/Big Macintosh (FlutterMac). These two were meant for each other. One’s a shy girl; the other, a man of few words. And both are kind, gentle souls. They complement each other so well, which is why they’re probably one of the most popular pony ships out there (not to mention the cutest). Besides, Fluttershy deserves a big, strong colt like Big Macintosh: strong enough to protect her, gentle enough to care for her.

Here’s some of my favorite FlutterMac fan art:

BigMac and Fluttershy by ~KaeAskavi on deviantART

Doesn’t this picture just warm your heart? Make you want to give a little “dawwwww!” Simple, yet lovely.

FlutterMac by *flourislioness on deviantART

Just the two acting cute together. Love how Fluttershy has flowers and butterflies woven into her hair—and somehow, Big Mac has some in his hair too. It really suits her—and Mac, too (both are into nature, after all).

Love Under The Apple Tree by *thephoebster on deviantART

The two running into each other as filies, presumably during the flashback in “Call of the Cutie.” It would be nice if these two were smitten with each other as kiddies. Nothing like young love. Cute kids. Cute romance.

Perdy Flowers for a Perdy Lady by *EllisPONY on deviantART

Big Macintosh offering Fluttershy a flower from the tree. What else can you say to this but "dawwwww!"

FlutterMac in color by *sagawolf on deviantART

The two getting really close. Don't worry folks, I'm suring they're just cuddling and kissing. (Or are they?)

enchanted Fluttershy by *ryedeer-photo on deviantART

Remember in “Zero Lesson” when Twilight Sparkle went crazy and cast an attraction spell on her Smarty Pants doll? In this comic, Fluttershy asks Twilight to cast it on her in order to attract Big Mac. Though, if the comic were to remain true to the episode, Fluttershy should have the entire town chasing after her. But I like the outcome in this comic nevertheless. (Though she didn’t really need a love spell for Big Mac, in my opinion. She’s attractive just the way she is!)

the winner takes it all by *ryedeer-photo on deviantART

And here's the outcome of the last comic. Don't worry, I think they're just sleeping together. (Or were they?)

Big Mac and Li'l Windy by ~WarrenHutch on deviantART

This little comic is based off a fanfic by WarrenHutch called “Windfall,” where Fluttershy gives birth to her and Big Mac’s baby Windfall. This scene follows the aftermath, as the two parents cuddle together with their newborn. I think this selection from the fic sums up this scene nicely:
"The little bundle was the color and texture of a rosy peach, with a pair of impossibly delicate, downy wings folded against the curve of her back. These stretched out and refolded themselves as the foal squirmed in her father's lap and rolled over with a yawn followed by a tiny whisper of a sigh, revealing a sweetly sleeping face with even rosier cheeks and a wisp of silky pink mane falling across the filly's untroubled forehead.

At this feather light stirring, Big Macintosh's lower lip and chin started to tremble, a look of such profound love etched upon his normally impassive features that it was clear for all to see that not even the Princess's who moved Equestria's very sun and moon could ever hope to dislodge his tiny daughter from her seat on the throne of the giant earth pony's heart."

The Happiest Man In The World by ~KankurouNoKugutsu on deviantART

There are plenty of human pics of FlutterMac, but this has to be my favorite thus far. I don’t know. In other pics, Fluttershy looks great, but I often don’t care about how Big Mac looks. This one has a great human Fluttershy and Big Mac. Reminds me of the first image above.

Here’s an image from the famous johnjoseco and his tumblr account Love Tommorow Love. Human Fluttershy and Big Mac are on a double date with Rarity and Spike (Another couple I adore).

Another picture from johnjoseco of human Fluttershy and Big Mac cuddling together in bed. Nothing explicit, but it is suggestive (“I’m the world champ, you know!”), so I’m labeling it as NSFW. Click above at your own discretion.

Yet another picture I'm labeling NSFW. Again, nothing explicit, but it is suggestive. Let’s just say it involves Fluttershy in her undies being hid by Big Mac as Apple Jack enters the barn. What were they doing? You decide!

Monday, January 30, 2012

This Week In Review (01/30/2012)

300 protesters were arrested at Occupy Oakland. The arrests came after protesters broke into City Hall where they burned flags, destroyed artwork, and damaged an electrical box. As protesters threw rocks and other objects, the police retaliated with tear gas. And yet the Occupy morons insist it was a peaceful protest, or as the group described it in an e-mail, “an act of constitutionally protected civil disobedience.” Bullpucky! Breaking and entering a federal building is not peaceful protest. I oppose the numerous acts of police brutality against the Occupy movement, but this is not one of them. These protesters were breaking the law and acting violent. The police action against them was fully warranted. And this isn’t the first incident involving Occupy Oakland. Last November, the group violently protested the Port of Oakland by smashing windows, spraying graffiti, and tossing Molotov cocktails—leading to dozens of arrests. There is no excuse against police brutality, but there’s also no excuse for violent protest.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett want higher taxes on the rich. During an ABC interview, Warren Buffet pushed the same old song and dance routine about how his secretary pays more in taxes than he does, claiming that his side “has had the nuclear bomb” with the tax debate. Bill Gates told Fox News that “the rich should bear a larger increase than the rest.” While it is admirable that both billionaires want to help the country, the fact remains that “the rich” already pay a higher tax rate than the rest of us. But if both these men want to pay higher taxes, they’re free to write a check to Washington D.C. Funny how neither of them want to do that, eh?

An Arkansas Campaign Manager’s cat was murdered with ‘Liberal’ written on its body. Jake Burris, campaign manager for Democratic candidate Ken Alden of the Third Congressional District of Arkansas, returned home with his family to discover their pet cat dead with the word "LIBERAL" scrawled on its body. As a cat lover, I’m especially appalled by this, and to the asshat who did this: YOU’RE NOT HELPING! If you did this to get back at Alden, all you did was ensure his victory by inspiring hate for his opponent whom will most likely get the blame for this. And all you’re doing is aiding into the degradation of our political discourse. Mediaite’s Jon Bershad said it best: “We can all see exactly how this is going to go now, right? All of our nation’s media figures will be frothing at the mouth accusing the other side of using inflammatory language. They and our politicians will all self-righteously claim to clean up their act for the greater good. Then, in a few weeks, everyone will go right back to accusing each other of being socialist racists who want to commit class warfare. And that will go on until the next living thing is murdered. And, so, the Great Cycle of Hate that keeps our political world moving will spin forever onward."

Penn State coach Joe Paterno died at 85. And I couldn’t care less! I don’t care how good of a coach he was. He turned a blind eye to child rape. That makes all the praises he’s received post-mortem unwarranted.

Dumbasses of the Week

3rd Place: President Barack Obama: On Thursday, Obama claimed that his desire to raise taxes the rich were not based on what Mitt Romney called “politics of envy.” “This has nothing to do with envy,” Obama said. “It has everything to do with math.” Math, eh? I guess that’s why the richest one percent pays roughly 40 percent of the country’s total income tax1 and nearly 28 percent of the total tax burden, while the top 10 percent pay 60 percent of the total income tax and roughly 57 percent of the total tax burden. Meanwhile, the bottom 2 percent pays less than 3 percent in total income tax and less than a fraction of a percent of the total tax burden. I’m guessing Obama failed math in school.

2nd Place: Sen. Stacey Campfield (R): In response to criticism over his “Don’t Say Gay Bill,” which would have banned discussion of homosexuality in Tennessee public schools, Campfield made the following statement concerning the correlation between homosexuality and AIDS: “Most people realize that AIDS came from the homosexual community—it was one guy screwing a monkey, if I recall correctly, and then having sex with men. It was an airline pilot, if I recall.” Don’t bang your head against the wall just yet: it gets worse—much worse! He continues: “My understanding is that it is virtually—not completely, but virtually—impossible to contract AIDS through heterosexual sex...very rarely [transmitted].” Um, no. Just no. Heterosexuals can contract AIDS. Science says so. You’re wrong. Enough said.

1st Place: Sen. Ralph Shortey (R): In a story that seems like it was ripped straight out of The Onion (though sadly, it’s from real life), Sen. Ralph Shortey proposed a bill in his state that would have prohibited food companies from used aborted fetuses in their products. (So that’s why Wendy’s chili tastes so terrible: they’re using aborted fetuses!) Did he have any examples of companies using fetuses in their food? Oh hell no! Like every other “good” politician, he’s basing this bill on the hypothetical: “I don’t know if it is happening in Oklahoma.…It may be, it may not be. What I am saying is that if it does happen then we are not going to allow it to manufacture here.” Hey, while we’re at it, why not pass a bill prohibiting food companies from using actual human beings. We don’t want to live in a Soylent Green dystopia, now do we?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pony Sunday: The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

Art by mysticalpha

Welcome to yet another Pony Sunday. Here are my thoughts on this week's episode "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000":

• Super Kawaii: Fluttershy squees!
• Rainbow Dash: “You know, I might even buy some cider and hold onto it for awhile, drinking it drop by drop in front of her.”
• LOL! Rainbow Dash’s expression upon seeing the line to the cider stall.
• I wonder, was Pinkie Pie’s hair the way it wass because it was her morning hair, or because of all the static electricity from the balloons in her tent? (And it snaps into place with a drop of a pin!)
• Ponies in line: Pinkie Pie, Lyra, Mr. and Mrs. Cake, Daisy, Lickety Split, Carrot Top, Berry Punch, Bon Bon, Twilight Sparkle, Spike (Dragon), Rarity, Lily.
• LOL! Pinkie Pie’s expression after drinking cider! XD
• One of the ponies angry at Apple Jack for running out of cider is Caramel. Somehow, I don’t like his attitude towards her—mostly because I’m a fan of the Applejack/Caramel shipping! “You always run out!...You always say that!” (Now now, Caramel, that’s no way to address the future mother of your children! :D)
• Anyone else expecting Rainbow Dash to decapitate Pinkie Pie? (Ponality!)
• Somehow the The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 reminds me of a combination of the Wonka Mobile and the Time Train from Back To The Future 3.
• I know the Flim Flam brothers are supposed to be a parody of the protagonist from The Music Man, but they reminded me more of those Vaudeville guys from Family Guy.
• This is by far the second best song in the second season. Really shows how much effort they put in their music, unlike other children’s shows. The song really seemed like something out of a Broadway musical (especially when the other ponies start singing)—again, not something you would expect for a children’s show.
• “Cider, Cider, Cider, Cider” (Monorail, Monorail, Monorail, Monorail)
• Seriously? The Brothers would have received the 75% of the profit? Are they serious? Of course no one would agree to that deal—no one! But then again, they had to be greedy like that, otherwise, there would have been no conflict, and thus no plot.
• Is it just me, or do stories like this somehow (if unintentionally) demonize productivity, technology, and entrepreneurship. After all, the villains here are greedy salesmen with better technology.
• Rainbow Dash: “Oh for pete’s sake!” XD
• And Granny Smith had just finished fixing that fence, too!
• LOL! Rainbow Dash eats dirt.
• Since the Apple Family (the extended Apple Family) own most of the apple orchards in Equestria, doesn’t that mean the Brothers would eventually end up using Apple Family apples anyway?
• Meme Alert: Rainbow Dash’s cheeks being squished by Flim.
• LOL! Granny Smith’s reaction to being called chicken.
• Granny Smith is reluctant to partner with the Brothers (albeit for highway robbery), but she’s willing to stake her family’s farm over a bet?
• Dr Whooves operates the hourglass! :D
• Go figure: technology beats horsepower.
• And the Brothers don’t care that Applejack’s friends help out. Talk about confidence!
• And they decided to cut corners and add the bad apples with the good. Predictable outcome is predictable. Those brothers seem to be great inventors but bad businessmen.
• What Macintosh is probably thinking on the treadmill: “Jane: Get me off this crazy thing!”
• Twilight: “Integrity like that will always be rewarded!” Mayor: “Flim and Flam win!”
• Even the town people feel bad about the deal—even before they taste the tainted cider.
• Bon Bon: “Mine’s got rocks in it!”
• Yup, them leaving town definitely reminds me of the Vaudeville guys from Family Guy. (Quick, play me off!)
• The pink-maned unicorn that appears as the machine leaves seems like a smaller, less sleaker version of Fleur from “Sweet and Elite.”
• Apple Jack: “Dear Princess Celestia, I wanted to share my thought with you. I DIDN’T LEARN ANYTHING! I was right all along!” Best. Letter. EVER! (Also loved Applejack prancing with cider on head. Kawaii!)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Schools of Education are the 'Academic Slums'

Before I share the following insightful column by Walter E. Williams, let me state that I view the problem with our educational system being the fault of the system itself, not with teachers (though it really doesn’t help when teacher unions lobby against reform to the system). As the son of two public school teachers, I realize that there are many good teachers who do work hard and often for very little pay (though most teachers are hardly poor).

But let’s be honest: not all teachers are the inspirational heroes portrayed in movies where one teacher single-handedly turns around a failing inner-city school. Many are incompetent dunces who shouldn’t be given any authority over our children’s education. Again, I don’t blame the teachers, I blame the system—and the system needs serious reform, especially if it’s churning out education majors the way this column describes:
Larry Sand's article "No Wonder Johnny (Still) Can't Read" -- written for The John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy, based in Raleigh, N.C. -- blames schools of education for the decline in America's education. Education professors drum into students that they should not "drill and kill" or be the "sage on the stage" but instead be the "guide on the side" who "facilitates student discovery." This kind of harebrained thinking, coupled with multicultural nonsense, explains today's education. During his teacher education, Sand says, "teachers-to-be were forced to learn about this ethnic group, that impoverished group, this sexually anomalous group, that under-represented group, etc. -- all under the rubric of 'Culturally Responsive Education.'"

Education majors are woefully lacking in academic skills. Here are some sample test questions for you to answer. Question 1: Which of the following is equal to a quarter-million? a) 40,000, b) 250,000, c) 2,500,000, d) 1/4,000,000 or e) 4/1,000,000. Question 2: Martin Luther King Jr. (insert the correct choice) for the poor of all races. a) spoke out passionately, b) spoke out passionate, c) did spoke out passionately, d) has spoke out passionately or e) had spoken out passionate. Question 3: What would you do if your student sprained an ankle? a) Put a Band-Aid on it, b) Ice it or c) Rinse it with water.

Guess whether these questions were on a sixth-grade, ninth-grade or 12th-grade test. I bet the average reader would guess that it's a sixth-grade test. Wrong. How about ninth-grade? Wrong again. You say, "OK, Williams, so they're 12th-grade test questions!" Still wrong. According to a Heartland Institute-published School Reform News (September 2001) article titled "Who Tells Teachers They Can Teach?", those test questions came from prospective teacher tests. The first two questions are samples from the Praxis I test for teachers, and the third is from the 1999 teacher certification test in Illinois. According to the Chicago Sun-Times (9/6/01), 5,243 Illinois teachers failed their teacher certification tests. The Chicago Sun-Times also reported, "One teacher failed 24 of 25 teacher tests -- including 11 of 12 Basic Skills tests and all 12 tests on teaching learning-disabled children." Yet that teacher was assigned to teach learning-disabled children in Chicago. Departments of education have solved the problem of teacher test failure. According to a New York Post story (11/14/11) titled "City teacher tests turn into E-ZPass," more than 99 percent of teachers pass.

Textbooks used in schools of education advocate sheer nonsense. A passage in Enid Lee et al.'s "Beyond Heroes and Holidays" reads: "We cannot afford to become so bogged down in grammar and spelling that we forget the whole story. ... The onslaught of antihuman practices that this nation and other nations are facing today: racism, and sexism, and the greed for money and human labor that disguises itself as 'globalization.'" Marilyn Burns' text "About Teaching Mathematics" reads, "There is no place for requiring students to practice tedious calculations that are more efficiently and accurately done by using calculators." "New Designs for Teaching and Learning," by Dennis Adams and Mary Hamm, says: "Content knowledge is not seen to be as important as possessing teaching skills and knowledge about the students being taught. ... Successful teachers understand the outside context of community, personal abilities, and feelings, while they establish an inside context or environment conducive to learning." That means it's no problem if a teacher can't figure out that a quarter-million is the same as 250,000. Harvey Daniels and Marilyn Bizar's text "Methods that Matter" reads, "Students can no longer be viewed as cognitive living rooms into which the furniture of knowledge is moved in and arranged by teachers, and teachers cannot invariably act as subject-matter experts." The authors add, "The main use of standardized tests in America is to justify the distribution of certain goodies to certain people."

Schools of education represent the academic slums of most any college. American education can benefit from slum removal.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Random Friday: Wendy’s "Hot Drinks" Music Video

Welcome to a new installment I would like to call Random Fridays—where I take a break from politics as usual and share something, well, out of the ordinary.

Today I’m sharing a music video in a series of training videos created by Wendy’s in the early 90s. Yes, instead of instructing new employees how to serve their food, Wendy’s decided to train them a’la Schoolhouse Rock-style music videos. I must say, the concept is rather ingenious, and the music very catchy.

The music videos included songs such as “Cold Drinks,” “Chili Can Be Served With Cheese,” “Grill Skills,” and the one I’m featuring, “Hot Drinks.” I learned about these videos from SpoonyOne’s riff on them, and both he and I agree: of all the videos, “Hot Drinks” is the best. It really makes me crave a hot drink, even though I rarely drink anything hot. Heck, most of these videos make me crave Wendy’s. (Fortunately, there’s one down the road from me!)

Anywho, here’s the video, along with the lyrics. Enjoy!

Coffee, decaf, hot tea, and hot chocolate,
Those are the hot drinks that you serve so get it,
Hot cups come in two sizes,
Small and large are filled as the need arises.
Coffee’s holding time is 30 minutes, that’s how long,
It can stay there before it starts to taste too strong.
HOT HOT. Careful when you pour it.
Hold it steady upon the counter let it set.
Pour it in until the coffee reaches the line.
Pop a top on it.
get’s a lid, every time. Wendy’s coffee tastes so fine.

Hot Drinks, really get you goin’.
Warms you up, when you feel you’re slowin’
Wendy’s we always serve it right away.
Add a smile and have a nice day.

Next is decaf you brew it just like coffee.
Use the orange pot it makes it easier to see.
But if you’re using the packets in your store.
Put it in the small cup and furthermore.
Add hot water up to the line and stir it in.
Put a lid on and serve it on the tray again.
Get a small cup when you’re ready for hot tea.
Fill with hot water it’s easy as can be.
Put the lid on and serve the teabag on the top.
If they want lemon it’s very nice,
don’t think twice, give the guest a juicy slice.

Hot Drinks, really get you goin’.
Warms you up, when you feel you’re slowin’
Wendy’s we always serve it right away.
Add a smile and have a nice day.

Grab a small cup when you’re makin’ hot cocoa.
Pour the packet and then you add your H20.
Use a clean spoon and stir till it’s all mixed up.
Toss the spoon out and
put the lid, on the cup, things are really looking up.

Hot Drinks, really get you goin’.
Warms you up, when you feel you’re slowin’
Wendy’s we always serve it right away.
Add a smile and have a nice day

Atheist Temples?

It’s hard to claim that atheism isn’t a religion (and technically it’s not) when there are atheist holiday displays, atheist “de-baptism” ceremonies, atheist summer camps, atheist chaplains, and soon—atheist temples.

I kid you not: a British atheist plans on constructing an "Atheist Temple." (And no, this article is not from The Onion):
Philosopher and author Alain de Botton has called for a series of "temples for atheists" to be built around Britain, allowing the non-religious to have impressive buildings to call their own.

De Botton's most recent book, Religion for Atheists, calls for unbelievers to copy the major religions and build grand architectural masterpieces to inspire a sense of perspective in people. He argues that a temple doesn't need to be dedicated to a religion: "You can build a temple to anything that's positive and good. That could mean: a temple to love, friendship, calm or perspective".

He added: "Why should religious people have the most beautiful buildings in the land? It's time atheists had their own versions of the great churches and cathedrals. A beautiful building is an indispensable part of getting your message across. Books alone won't do it."

Putting his money where his mouth is, De Botton has begun work on just such a temple. The first has been designed by Tom Greenall Architects, and is a concept for a 46-metre-tall black tower, sat in the City of London. The height is symbolic of the 4.6 billion-year age of the Earth, and right at the bottom will be a millimetre-thick band of gold that represents humanity's brief existence within that life.

"Even the most convinced atheists tend to speak nicely about religious buildings," said De Botton. "They may even feel sad that nothing like them gets built nowadays. But there's no need to feel nostalgic. Why not just learn from religions and build similarly beautiful and interesting things right now?"
If atheism isn’t a religion, why does it need its own building? Atheists already complain that churches and other houses of worship are wastes of space and resources, so wouldn’t an atheist house of worship be an even bigger waste? After all, those places cold have been used to build schools or hospitals or anything else more beneficial to society. Instead, it’s being used as a monument for non-belief—in other words, nothing!

Which raises an interesting question: just what would an atheistic “worship” service look like? Probably like the Church of Atheism from Metalocalypse: “Oh God, whom we do not believe in, let us all not pray for you who does not exist.” (And then the agnostics start picketing!):

Happy 25th Birthday To Me!

Yesterday I turned 25—a quarter of a century! Happy birthday to me!

Yes, I know this announcement is late, but hey, yesterday I was too busy celebrating my birthday, so can you really blame me?

Thanks to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday yesterday. As a gift to myself—and everyone else—here’s a Eurobeat remix of Pinkie Pie’s Singing Telegram (Ooh, this is my jam!):

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Failtastic Atheist Billboards

This article probably won’t bode well with my atheist followers—all three of you!

A Minnesota atheist group released the following pair of poorly-designed and face-palmingly stupid billboards:

Ah yes, the “all babies are atheists” argument: justifying disbelief by claiming that minds incapable of comprehending complex thought share said disbelief. (In that case, all houseflies are atheists too!) The argument goes that, since babies are born without belief in God, and that they need to be taught belief in God, that belief in God is, by default, false.

Let’s ignore the fact that the existence of God is so blatantly obvious within nature that mankind is without excuse (Rom 1:18-20). To show how much this argument fails, allow me to articulate it in full:
“You only believe in God because you were taught to believe in God. If you weren’t taught to believe in God, or you were born in a society that didn’t believe in God, then you wouldn’t believe in God. Therefore, belief in God is false.”
Now replace the word “God” with anything else (gravity, germ theory, evolution) and you’ll quickly see why this is a stupid argument. Even most atheists agree that “all babies are atheists” is a poor defense of atheism.

As for not wanting children to be indoctrinated, it’s hard to believe that atheists want children to think for themselves when they send them to atheist summer camps, write atheist children’s books, and write articles on raising atheist children.

Also, if you don’t want your child indoctrinated, don’t send them to public school. If Christian schools teach children to follow Christianity, and Jewish schools teach children to follow Judaism, and Islamic schools teach children to follow Islam, what do state schools teach children to follow? This may explain why most atheists merely replace their faith in God with faith in the government.

My Thoughts On Obama’s State Of The Union Address

I have none!

I didn’t bother watching it last night. I had better things to do than listen to an incompetent defend his four years of failure and beg for re-election. “I know I haven’t been the hope and change I promised I was going to be, but if you give me another chance, I promise to be the promise I promised. Promise!”

From what little I heard about the address, the only thing that caught my interest was that he promised to sign a bill to ban insider trading by Congressmen: “Send me a bill that bans insider trading by members of Congress, I will sign it tomorrow.” Sounds good. Would such a bill ever stand a chance getting passed in Congress? Does a skinny dipper stand a chance in piranha-infested waters?

Here’s what An HONEST State of the Union Address would have been like:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ron Paul Redditors FTW!

I regularly peruse Reddit—in fact, it’s my main news source, especially r/politics. I usually just scan the headlines, though I will often skim through comment sections of certain intriguing posts, which make for equally intriguing discourse.

One notable example is a recent post—a self post by a libtarded moonbat no less if the title is any indicator: To Ron Paul supporters on reddit: could you please tell me why you support ron Paul when his libertarian views give enshrine free market capitalism and give corporations more power?

The post obviously argues that a free market would allow corporations to run wild, thus placing the economy at risk for another crisis. Of course, this argument is bullpucky, and fortunately, many redditors (Mostly Ron Paul fans) have pointed this out eloquently in the comment section. I suggest reading the comments alone just to pick up on a few good counterarguments.

I rarely leave comments, but I did in this post. Here’s my response:
So if we “deregulate” the economy into a free market, the corporations will have free reign and run wild? Problem with that logic: America is the 4th most overregulated country in the world (behind Japan, China, and India), and corporations already have free reign and run wild!

Limbaugh: Ron Paul "Like An Islamic Terrorist"

At this point, is anyone shocked by what neocon Rush "The Hutt" Limbaugh says anymore?
Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh reacted to news that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) might have been detained by the Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) by saying that it would have made more sense if they detained his father, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX).

“Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has been detained by the TSA at the Nashville airport,” Limbaugh announced on his show Monday. “Now if this had been Ron Paul, you couldn’t really blame the TSA.”

“You have to admit Ron Paul almost sounds like an Islamic terrorist sometimes,” he added with a chuckle.

Night Of The Voting Dead

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson informed the Justice Department that 953 ballots had been cast by voters listed as dead. This can mean one of two things: either there was massive voter fraud during the primary, or there was a nuclear fallout spawning a zombie apocalypse in South Carolina. I think the latter explanation perfectly explains how Newt Gingrich won first place. Only a brain dead zombie (or necon—but I repeat myself) would vote for Newt!

Monday, January 23, 2012

This Week In Review (01/23/2012)

SOPA shelved due to internet protest. On January 18, Google, Reddit, Wikipedia, and other websites protested anti-piracy bills SOPA and PIPA by redirecting visitors to information about the bills and what they could do to fight them. As a result, over 4.5 million people signed an anti-SOPA petition and over 8 million contacted their representatives, overwhelming Congress’ switchboards and servers. The protest proved successful, as over 13 Senators dropped their support of PIPA while SOPA was shelved altogether. This is a victory not only for internet freedom but also democracy, as this proves that people can have an influence on their government when they place enough pressure on politicians. But this fight is far from over. These bills have only been temporarily set aside, and could very well return, stronger and worse than before. As long as the internet provides citizens with the free exchange of ideas and information which threaten those in power, government will always attempt to control and censor it. Speaking of which…

Megaupload shut down due to piracy charges. The popular file-sharing website was shut down by the federal government under charges that it allowed for the illegal sharing of pirated material estimated to have cost copyright holders over $500 million in lost profits. Seven executives, including the site’s founder, have been indicted. How ironic that the day after the defeat of the bill which would have allowed the federal government to censor websites on charges of piracy, the federal government shuts down a website on charges of piracy. I believe The Amazing Atheist put it best: “The government had the power to do it all along! They never needed SOPA. They never needed PIPA. All that was was a justification for the stuff they were going to do anyway.” Of course, as internet wisdom dictates, if you mess with the internet, the internet messes with you. After Megaupload was shut down, internet hacker group Anonymous helped flood traffic to the website of the Department of Justice and other federal agencies, thus shutting them down.

Occupy Congress kicked off January 16. And boy was it a real bust! Despite the liberal media praising it, the protest only managed to garner a few hundred protesters instead of the over ten thousand it claimed it was going to have. Add the fact that donations have been dwindling and protests across the country have been getting evicted, and the Occupy movement could very well be going through its death throes.

Newt Gingrich wins South Carolina primary. I can forgive the fact that voters supported Gingrich and Romney over Paul. What really disturbs me is that 42 percent of Evangelical Christians supported Gingrich (an adulterer who divorced his cancer-stricken wife, claiming she wasn’t pretty or young enough to be the wife of the president) while only 13 percent supported Paul (a man who’s remained faithful to the same woman for over 53 years). Then again, to Evangelical hypocrites, whose divorce rate is higher than that of other faith groups, divorce is less of a threat to the “sanctity of marriage” than is gay marriage (or, in the case of South Carolina, interracial marriage).

Ron Paul booed for endorsing the Golden Rule at SC Debate. “If another country does to us what we do others, we’re not going to like it very much,” Paul said of our foreign policy and War on Terror. “So I would say that maybe we ought to consider a golden rule in foreign policy: don’t do to other nations what we don’t want them to do to us. We endlessly bomb these countries and wonder why they get upset with us?” And as can be expected, Ron Paul was booed—no less by an audience of conservative Christians whose very religion was founded upon the teachings of Christ—one of which was “do unto others what you would have others do unto you.” But then again, when have conservative Christians actually cared about their own religion, other than forcing the parts they support onto others?

Ron Paul proposes bill to repeal indefinite detention provision. The bill would repeal Section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, which allows for the indefinite detention of terrorist suspects, citizen or otherwise, without warrant, without trial, and without a lawyer—in other words, it allows the president to wipe his ass with due process and other Constitutional rights protected by the Fourth amendment, all for the sake of fighting the War on terrorism. Will this bill pass? One can only hope. It probably won’t.

Rick Perry drops out of the presidential race and endorses Newt Gingrich. So now the Republican candidates are narrowed down to an adulterer, a flip-flopper, a theocrat, and a true Barry Goldwater conservative who probably won’t be nominated. Somehow, if Obama wins a second term, I won’t be surprised—disappointed, but not surprised.

Dumbass of the Week

Chris Dodd, CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America: Following the successful protest of SOPA, Dodd criticized it as a "dangerous gimmick" and an "abuse of power" on behalf of Google and other websites involved with the protest. “It’s a dangerous and troubling development when the platforms that serve as gateways to information intentionally skew the facts to incite their users in order to further their corporate interests." Abuse of power, huh? Corporate interests, huh? You mean it's not an abuse of power when the entire entertainment industry lobbies for a bill to have the government censor websites that may curtail its corporate interests, but apparently it is when websites fight against said bill which would undoubtedly hurt them the most? Pot, meet kettle!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pony Sunday: The Last Roundup

Welcome back to Pony Sunday. Well, only three more episodes in this season! Time really flies, doesn't it. Anywho, here are my thoughts on this week's episode The Last Roundup:

• Derpy Hooves talks!
• What exactly was Derpy doing hopping on that thundercloud?
• Considering how easy the town hall could collapse simply by bumping into it or sitting on the floor, was it really Derpy’s fault that it was ruined, or was it getting old and needed to be condemned?
• Background ponies in crowd: Bon Bon, Lyra, Caramel, Berry Punch, Carrot Top, Lily, Rose Luck, Dinky Doo.
• A politician obsessed with money? Huh. Go figure!
• Yeah, get used to Pinkie Pie talking a mile a minute. She does that a lot in this episode. To the point that you want to shoot the TV (or computer) just to make her stop!
• Carrot Top and Dinky Doo are riding the train.
• Pinkie mentions Sarsaparilla (which she also mentioned in her daydream about the Grand Galloping Gala in Ticket Master).
• One of these days, Pinkie Pie is going to give some pony (specifically Fluttershy) a heart attack.
• Meme Alert: Pinkie Pie limbering her lips.
• It’s the pony mailman’s birthday! (Side note: This week will be my birthday!)
• Gee…I wonder why Apple Jack didn’t come back? (Obvious answer is obvious!)
• Big Macintosh crying = Daaaawwwwww!
• Error: Carrot Top and Caramel are working at the rodeo, and apparently don’t know who Apple Jack is. (Berry Punch is also at the Rodeo).
• Question: Why doesn’t the train have a bathroom for Pinkie Pie to use? Most all trains have one!
• Does Dodge Junction look like Appaloosa to anyone else?
• Berry Punch steps off the train.
• New Background Pony: Cherry Jubilee!
• Anyone else thought that they were going to make a beans fart joke? (Then again, it probably was best that they didn’t. Wouldn’t have been appropriate).
• Obvious I Love Lucy reference is obvious!
• Wild Bill Hickcock and Calamity Mane!
• Meme Alert: Rainbow Dash nodding and smiling.
• Anyone else expect Cherry Jubilee to fire them all after the incident?
• Meme Alert: Dramatic closeup of Pinkie Pike slurping up cherry mess.
• Cherry Changas are real. But they’re not mashed up cherries in a tortilla that’s deep-fried. They’re a cocktail made from cherry vodka, cherry juice, club soda, and gummy bears. (A kids show referencing alcoholic beverages?!)
• Yeah, this is the part that made me want to shoot the TV. Annoying Pinkie Pie is annoying.
• Pinkie Pie said Kumquat. You know someone is going to edit this scene and make her say something naughty! :D
• Return of the Pinkie Promise!
• HOLY **** ON A **** SANDWICH! Pinkie Pie is pissed!
• HOLY **** ON A **** SANDWICH WITH **** ON TOP…WITH A SIDE HELPING OF ****! It’s official: this angry version of Pinkie Pie is creepier than Pinkamena Diana Pie!
• Apple Jack:“I’ve got to get the heck out of Dodge!” XD
• Dinky Doo is in Dodge City!
• Fluttershy stops for the bunny.
• How very lawyer like for Apple Jack to defend breaking her promise. Does anyone else feel it’s out of her element of Honesty for Apple Jack to be lying through this episode?
• Um, what was Apple Jack thinking? Even if the others didn’t manage to jump over the train, they could have easily waited until the train passed by and then continue chasing after her. In fact, I was expecting the joke to be that the train finally passed and the others just walk over to her.
• Why did the others leave Pinkie and Rarity behind? I mean, it’s not like they were that far behind! They could have easily met on the way back to town and then take the train back home.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bill Maher Supports SOPA

As anyone who follows my blog can tell, I vehemently disagree with Bill Maher on pretty much everything. However, I do consider him to be a broken clock in that, even though he’s mostly wrong, he occasionally gets a few things right, like how 9/11 Truthers are batshit insane, or how Islam is not equal to Western culture.

Unfortunately, last night was not one of those occasions where he was right, and one of the many where he was wrong—dead wrong!

On his show Real Time last night, Maher came in defense of SOPA, complaining about how internet piracy stole profit away from his crappy anti-religious propaganda film documentary Religulous and how people only hate the bill because they’re freeloaders who want free shit.

But perhaps the most ironic part was how his guest panelist Buddy Roemer, a Republican presidential candidate, corrected him on his bullshit (mostly due to him not having read the bill). A right-winger the voice of reason on a far-left show? Maher’s pothead moonbat audience must have had their brains explode on that one (what little brains they had)!
In perhaps what was the biggest surprise of his show tonight, Bill Maher defended the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act, even as the bill has been temporarily shelved, arguing that “there is a moral dimension” to online piracy and dismissed concerns that the bill would harm internet freedom as a “red herring.” He jokingly called online piracy “caucasian looting” and insisted that even if pirates are ‘just because you’re sitting at your computer in your pajama bottoms doesn’t mean you’re not stealing.”

Maher admitted that he has not read the proposed legislation, which could penalize websites that merely link to infringing material, but he explained that his more hawkish views in the piracy debate came from his reaction to online users downloading illegal copies of Maher’s comedy-documentary Religulous. Maher claimed so many people downloading the film ate into its profits.

However, Republican presidential candidate Buddy Roemer came out strongly against it, arguing the whole point of the bill was to give the government more power to manage the internet. Matt Lewis, contributor for The Daily Caller, brought up the controversial provision of SOPA, that if a link to any pirated material is found on a website and someone (like a copyright holder) makes a complaint, the government could take the website down in response. And with Jennifer Granholm getting applause for her praise of internet advocacy, Maher was alone in voicing any support for the bill, quipping that the protestors’ main goal was “We want more shit!”

Watch the video below, courtesy of HBO:

Another irony is that Maher has been in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which is supposed to be for the 99% and against the 1%; but by supporting SOPA, he is supporting the 1% over the 99%, as this bill, supported largely by the entertainment industry (the 1%), would destroy jobs (for the 99%).

Friday, January 20, 2012

Why Occupy Wall Street Sucks

After months of protesting the wrong people, the Occupy Wall Street movement finally got a clue and went to Washington D.C. on January 16 to stage Occupy Congress.

And boy was it a real bust!

Despite the liberal media praising it, the protest only managed to garner a few hundred protesters instead of the over ten thousand it claimed it was going to have. Add the fact that donations have been dwindling and protests across the country have been getting evicted, and the Occupy movement could very well be going through its death throes.

People keep asking me why I don’t support the Occupy movement. After all, my hero Dr. Ron Paul supports it, many protesters are libertarians like myself, and the protests are against things I oppose like the bank bailouts, drug war, and Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Sadly, those are the only issues I agree with them on. Everything else (when they can manage to articulate them) is nothing more than Marxist utopian wet dreams which sound good on paper, but would do more harm than good if implemented in real life.

The following list of demands was posted on Occupy Wall Street’s website a few months ago. The website claims that the list was an unofficial one posted by a single user and thus did not represent the views of the entire movement. That may be so, but I think it still perfectly articulates why I think the movement is so wrongheaded.

So without further ado, here is the list of demands, followed by my common-sense rebuttals:

Repeal the Taft-Hartley Act. Unionize ALL workers immediately.

But what if I don’t want to join a union? What if I don’t want my job performance limited by needless union restrictions? If employees want to voluntarily band together to negotiate with their employers for better wages and working conditions, they should be free to do so, but only if others are free not to join if they don’t want to. That’s called freedom of association.

“But unions represent the will of the working middle class,” I hear you say.

Then why do big labor unions support SOPA and PIPA? They claim the bills would help save jobs lost through online piracy—which is obviously false, as both bills would wind up costing jobs.

And what about teacher unions? Do they help the middle class when they lobby against offering students life-saving medicine, or transforming failing public schools into more efficient charter schools, or implementing education reform in general? Since when did job security take precedence over our children’s education?

Can we please end this false dichotomy of “Unions good/Corporations evil”?

Raise the minimum wage immediately to $18/hr. Create a maximum wage of $90/hr to eliminate inequality.

Ah yes, the $20/hr. minimum wage fantasy. Tempting idea, but how will companies compensate for it? A multinational corporation making record profits could easily pay their errand boys $20/hr. (perhaps even more), but what about a local mom-and-pop restaurant forced to obtain a second mortgage on their home just to start their own business? Would they be able to pay their busboy $20/hr. to bus tables and wash dishes? I highly doubt it.

And that’s the problem with minimum wage: it kills entry-level jobs, thus hurting small businesses and poor people—in other words, the 99%!

And then there’s “maximum” wage. Hey, here’s an idea: if you really care about inequality, why not just have an equal set wage across the board? That way, everyone gets paid exactly the same? That’s the Marxist mantra: “All work is equal!” Because the work of a janitor mopping the bathroom floors is equivalent to that of a CEO who manages the very existence of the company, right? Right?!

As with minimum wage, maximum wage sound good—on paper—until market forces hit companies with a heavy dose of reality. Case in point, both Ben & Jerry’s and Herman Miller had significant caps on their top employee’s salaries, but when faced with economic hardships, forcing them to seek new management, they were forced to drop these caps.

Maximum wage makes it difficult to hire for top-level positions just as minimum wage makes it difficult to hire for entry-level positions. Businesses get hurt. Workers get hurt. The 99% get hurt.

Institute a 6 hour workday, and 6 weeks of paid vacation.

Let’s see here: 6 hours a day x 6 days a week x 50 weeks in a year – 6 weeks of paid vacation = WHO THE HELL IS DOING ALL THE WORK IN THIS COUNTRY?! In other words, you want workers to be paid more for working fewer hours? And you expect businesses to compensate for this how?

Institute a moratorium on all foreclosures and layoffs immediately.

No real opinion on this, other than economic martial law probably isn’t the best term of action. Martial law period rarely is.

Repeal racist and xenophobic English-only laws.

So expecting people to learn English in an English-speaking country is racist and xenophobic? I always thought it was common sense. Go figure!

Open the borders to all immigrants, legal or illegal. Offer immediate, unconditional amnesty, to all undocumented residents of the US.

So anyone should be allowed to wander into this country and set up residence? Even if they’re convicted criminals? Even if they have a contagious disease that may spread and cause a pandemic? (Swine Flu, anyone?)

Look, I get it: America is the “Great Melting Pot” built upon immigration. And I do want people to come into this country and make a better life for themselves. But is it too hard (or xenophobic) to ask that immigrants come into this country legally and with proper documentation, that they apply for citizenship, pay taxes, and learn our language and customs so they can better integrate into our society? Or is that racist of me?

And concerning amnesty for illegal immigrants: how well has that worked out in the past? Nixon granted amnesty. Carter granted it. Reagan granted it. Clinton granted it. Both Bushes granted it. Anyone else seeing a pattern here? Immigrants illegally enter country. We grant them amnesty. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. I’m sorry, but what’s the point of amnesty again? Because it’s obviously not curbing illegal immigration.

Create a single-payer, universal health care system.

“You don’t want universal healthcare?!” I hear you cry. “Do you want people to die without healthcare, you immoral social Darwinist?!”

As a matter of fact, no, I don’t want people to die without healthcare. And no, I don’t want universal healthcare.

You know what else I don’t want? Hospitals that turn over bed sheets in order to save on laundry bills. Cancer patients being denied life-prolonging medicine because they cost too much. Pregnant women being forced to give birth in a hospital hallway because other hospitals are too full. Hospitals where patients are more likely to starve than prisoners. Clinics where hip operations are 20 percent more likely to go wrong. Tens of thousands of hospitals being shut down due to budget cuts. (Need I continue?)

So yeah, color me unimpressed when socialists brag about Britain’s universal healthcare system, because gleaning through British newspaper headlines gives me a different perspective. Even the British Health Secretary says the system is royally screwed beyond reason. You may want a healthcare system where hospital wards have worse conditions than most third world countries. I don’t!

Yes, our healthcare system has problems. No, universal healthcare is not the solution. There are plenty of smaller, less radical solutions we can implement to improve the system we already have—and we don’t even have to spend a dime!

Pass stricter campaign finance reform laws. Ban all private donations. All campaigns will receive equal funding, provided by the taxpayers.

I don’t like special interests hijacking our elections either, but I highly doubt repealing corporate personhood is the solution, and if you feel that corporations should be sued and taxed, then neither should you, as corporate personhood makes that possible. Even the ACLU supported Citizens United. Hard to argue with them.

Institute a negative income tax, and tax the very rich at rates up to 90%.

Progressive liberals keep insisting that everyone pay their fair share in taxes, yet insist that the rich pay more in taxes (even though statistics show, time and again, that the rich already carry the lion’s share of the national tax burden). Wouldn’t it make more sense to institute a flat tax across the board, allowing everyone to pay at the same rate? The rich would still pay more than the poor, but at least it would be at an even rate.

But no: taxing everyone equally is unfair and taxing some more than others is fair. Up is down. Left is right. Slavery is freedom. War is peace. Ignorance is strength. That’s liberal logic!

Pass far stricter environmental protection and animal rights laws.

As with overall regulation, environmental regulations have been exponentially increasing, not decreasing. The EPA alone has increased their federal regulations from over 7 thousand rules in 1976 to over 169 thousand in 2009. Hard to argue for far stricter regulations when we tax cow farts and regulate farm dust.

“But we need stricter regulation to prevent another BP oil spill,” I hear you rebut.

You mean the same BP oil spill that occurred on federal property, was caused by an industry regulated by an inept federal bureaucracy, and whose economic liability was capped by the federal government (allowing for such risky behavior in the first place)?

And screw animal rights. Animals are not human beings. They don’t have the mental cognition to recognize the concept of rights. This isn’t to say that we should abuse them, just that we shouldn’t give them the same legal standing as humans.

Allow workers to elect their supervisors.

No real opinion on this.

Lower the retirement age to 55. Increase Social Security benefits.

Social Security comprises 20 percent of our federal budget and is quickly going bankrupt. And you want to put more people onto the system?

“It’s not going bankrupt!” I hear you say. “It’s solvent until 2036!” (Which is just a positive way of saying that it’s going broke by 2036.)

Progressive liberals keep telling us that public policy needs to change with the times. And since life expectancy has been increasing since Social Security was first passed (back when most seniors probably weren’t expected to live past 65, and thus be on the dole for that long), shouldn’t the collection age for Social Security be raised? Or is that akin to shoving Grandma off a cliff? (You know, as opposed to allowing Social Security to dry out completely!)

Create a 5% annual wealth tax for the very rich.

Please refer to my response to “Institute a negative income tax, and tax the very rich at rates up to 90.”

Ban the private ownership of land.

“Oh you right-wing conservatives and your obsession with property rights! Those are the only rights you care about, aren’t they?”

Actually, no. I do care about other rights. But I also care about property rights (something most progressive liberals don’t care about). You want to know why? I need but give one example: Kelo v. City of New London.

This controversial Supreme Court decision involved Susette Kelo whose house (the very first she had ever owned), along with those of other home owners in New London, Connecticut, was threatened to be seized through eminent domain and sold to a local corporation. The Court ruled 5-4 against her and the other homeowners, claiming that such economic development fell under the definition of “public use” under the Fifth Amendment. Their land was seized, and was supposed to go to an economic redevelopment plan that promised over three thousand jobs and over 1 million in tax revenue. Instead, this “public land” remains today a barren lot, the site of a city dump.

Don’t believe in private property rights? Believe the government should hold all property in common? Then you support this court decision! You may not agree with it personally, but you support the decision behind it. You support the government seizing another person’s land and doing with it as they please, even if it means reducing it to a useless city dump.

I, on the other hand, believe everyone has the right to the fruit of their labor, and that includes property. If man is not entitled to his own property, then how can he be entitled to his own body?

Make homeschooling illegal. Religious fanatics use it to feed their children propaganda.

In other words, ban the only form of schooling that’s actually educating our children. Ignore the hundreds of studies that show that home-schooled children outperform their public-schooled peers on standardized tests. Ban homeschooling and private schools. Make education a government monopoly. Because monopolies make everything better, right? It worked for the phone company!

To show just how draconian and backwards this would be, only a handful of countries have banned homeschooling. One of them is Brazil—which isn’t exactly known for its excellent educational system!

Reduce the age of majority to 16.

I don’t even trust 16-year-olds with driving, let alone voting. Some of them may be intelligent, but most of them are complete idiots. But if they want to vote, they should also be expected to pay taxes and join the military. You can’t have the privileges without the responsibility.

Abolish the death penalty and life in prison. We call for the immediate release of all death row inmates from death row and transferred to regular prisons.

So you’re all for building more prisons? Where else are we going to put all these inmates?

I don’t support capital punishment anymore (as it doesn’t deter violent crime), but I still support life imprisonment, at least for the most violent of offenders. Not everyone can be rehabilitated!

Release all political prisoners immediately.

Only item I agree with.

Immediate withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Make that two items I agree with.

Abolish the debt limit.

So America should be allowed to infinitely pile up debt? Anyone else see a serious problem with this?

Here’s a saner solution: why not pay off the debt we already have? Instead of worrying about how much we can max out on our national credit card, let’s do something to eliminate the debt we already incurred. And yes, that means cutting spending. There are no other options. We spend too much. We need to cut back. And we should start with the three items we spend the most on: military and entitlement programs. Combined, that’s 60% of our federal budget. There’s no excuse for that. Slash military spending. End all wars. Withdraw overseas military bases. Reform entitlement programs. It won’t be much, but it would be a good start.

Ban private gun ownership.

Ignoring the fact that gun control does nothing to deter gun violence, as cities with the strictest gun laws also have the highest violent crime rates. Under gun control, only three people own guns: the police, the military, and criminals. But forget criminals! At this point, with the militarization of our police—something that OWS protesters know all too well—the police pose a larger threat than criminals! And you seriously want to give them more power over law-abiding citizens? More power to the police state then!

Strengthen the separation of church and state.

There’s no official state religion, and there’s no state church. Separation of church and state seems to being doing a good enough job.

Let’s not forget that separation goes both ways: not only is it separation of church from state, but also state from church. If the church can’t interfere with the state, then the state can’t interfere with the church. Sounds fair, right? So why do progressive liberals support taxing churches and dictating employment standards for religious organizations?

What we really need is a more lenient interpretation of church/state separation. Does it really make sense to cut the microphone of a valedictorian for mentioning Jesus in their speech, or to prohibit a school-age student from hanging his “Happy Birthday Jesus” ornament on a state capitol Christmas tree, or to suspend a student from drawing a cross during a school assignment, or prevent Mother Teresa from being commemorated on a postage stamp, or prevent a pair of crossbeams from being featured in a 9/11 memorial museum? I respect separation of church and state, but good grief do some people take it way too far!

Immediate debt forgiveness for all.

Isn’t it ironic to protest bailing out big banks but to demand the forgiveness of all debt?

“That’s totally different!” I hear you cry in protest. “Those bailouts went to corporate fatcats! The bailouts we want will go to struggling Americans, especially students burdened by student loan debt.”

Fine. College students shouldn’t have to graduate with a crushing amount of debt—most of which was caused by the student loan bubble created by the federal government subsidizing student loans! But how, pray tell, do you suggest relieving them of this debt? With taxpayer money? So you want to raise taxes during an economic crisis when most are scrapping the bottom of the barrel as it is? How will that help the 99%?

Oh, I see: you just want to raise taxes on the rich. They clearly don’t pay their “fair share” in taxes. The top one percent only pays 40 percent of the nation’s income tax and 27 percent of the nation’s tax burden. Lazy freeloaders! They should pay 400 percent! That will solve everything (even though merely confiscating all wealth from every billionaire in the country would barely make a dent in our deficit).

End the 'War on Drugs'.

That makes three things I agree with.

Unfortunately, that’s all I can agree with. Everything else, as I clearly demonstrated, is dangerously na├»ve! Don’t get me wrong: I would love to live in a world where I had a $20 minimum wage and six weeks of paid vacation, where all student loan debt was forgiven, and where the government gave everything from healthcare to education for free (and by “free,” I mean at the expense of Bill Gates and other rich people). I would also love to live in a world with lollipop trees and Mountain Dew oceans. That’s not happening anytime soon, and neither are any of those utopian demands.

And this is why I fear Occupy Wall Street. If these moronic protesters actually managed to get any of these insane demands fulfilled, the result would not be a progressive socialist Keynesian utopia. It would be a dystopian wasteland brought about by an eventual economic collapse. And I wouldn’t want to live in said world, not without a good shotgun. (Oh wait, I forgot, firearms would be banned! Ah crap!)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA Vs. My Little Pony

What fate may befall Ponyville if the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is passed:

Art by Niban-Destikim


Don't let bad bills hurt good ponies. Join the fight against SOPA!

Educate yourself and others.

Contact your representative.

Sign this petition.

The fate of the internet (and Ponyville) rests in your hands!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SOPA/PIPA Protest Tommorow

Tomorrow begins the day-long internet protest of SOPA and PIPA—two bills which threaten to censor the internet in the name of fighting piracy. Websites like Google will post links to anti-SOPA information on their front page, while other sites like Reddit and Wikipedia will blackout altogether. Hopefully, this protest will help raise awareness of these two bills and the danger they pose towards internet freedom—and considering that the mainstream media (most of which is owned by the corporations supporting the bills) has remained silent, it will probably be one of the only ways most Americans will be made aware.

So far, the fight against these bills has proven strong and successful. Over the weekend, Obama has voiced opposition towards them, forcing Congress to shelve SOPA—at least until they reach a “consensus.” Also, the provision which would have allowed the federal government to block access to overseas sites accused of piracy has been lifted.

But the fight is far from over, and now is not the time to relax. If anything, we need to keep up the resistance, which is why this protest will still continue as planned, even with the recent shelving of SOPA. The future of the internet is at stake here.

For me personally, if either of these two bills passes, it will mean the death of my two favorite websites. First, That Guy With The Glasses, whose reviewers feature copyrighted material in order to review movies, music, video games, and other forms of entertainment. For Doug Walker and other reviewers, SOPA will literally cost them their livelihood, which is why they went so far as to travel to Washington in order to address this bill before Congress.

And then there’s Equestria Daily, the unofficial My Little Pony blog that streams the newest episodes once they come out. Now considering that Hasbro and the show’s production team endorses the site, even sending them official material, it could very well be safe from the clutches of SOPA. But you never know. SOPA could very well kill it. (And then where will I watch the new episodes?)

So for everyone who values internet freedom, do your part and fight these bills. Inform others about them, because obviously the media won’t. And contact your representatives. Tell them you do not approve of these bills and will not re-elect them if they vote for either. And if they do vote for either, come election time, vote them out!

Monday, January 16, 2012

This Week In Review (01/16/2012)

SOPA has been shelved. Congress decided to drop support of the controversial bill (which would have amounted to internet censorship) after President Barack Obama stated that he would oppose it. So finally Obama decided to grow a pair and actual oppose bad legislation that would have royally screwed the American people. Too bad he didn’t do that with the NDAA. (Internet censorship = Bad! Indefinite detention = Good!) But I’m not giving Obama the credit for this. The real credit goes to everyone on the internet who has been fighting this bill tooth and nail, including sites like Reddit and Wikipedia who have threatened blackouts. Good job guys! Keep up the good work!

Ron Paul wins second place in New Hampshire primary. First he wins third place in Iowa, now second place in New Hampshire. Could he possibly win first place in South Carolina? Does he have a chance as the Republican presidential nominee? Well, as much as it pains me to say it, and it REALLY pains me to do so, probably not. Look, like every other Ron Paul fanboy, I desperately want this man to be president. I really do. But if I had to be realistic, I have to admit that he doesn’t stand a chance. The man simply isn’t electable. Republicans don’t like him because he doesn’t want to invade other countries on a whim, and Democrats don’t like him because he doesn’t want to increase spending and taxes during an economic crisis. Of course, most Americans won’t vote for him simply because he wants to legalize pot and prostitution (because obviously prohibition has worked out for both of them). He’s simply too “radical” for the “status quo.”

U.S. Marines were caught on video urinating on Taliban corpses. Shortly after the video went viral, the marines were identified and are now pending disciplinary action. But seriously, is anyone shocked by this? Our troops aren’t exactly known for their good behavior, from torturing and humiliating prisoners in Abu Ghraib to killing innocent civilians for fun in Afghanistan. But then again, when our own military approves of torture practices (excuse me, “enhanced interrogation techniques”), can we expect our own troops to act any better? (Oh, and Rick Perry defended the Marines. Again, is anyone shocked by this?)

Secretary of Defense admits Iran is not developing nuclear weapons. “Are they trying to develop a nuclear weapon? No. But we know that they’re trying to develop a nuclear capability, and that’s what concerns us,” Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta stated during an appearance on CBS’s Face the Nation. So even the Secretary of Defense himself admits that Iran doesn’t pose a nuclear threat. Will this prevent potential war with Iran? Oh, hell no! The Republican Party has been drooling over the idea of another war ever since we pulled out of Iraq. In fact, Rick Perry suggested that he would send our troops back into Iraq. Sigh. Those warmongering neocons are just like the mob: Just when you thought we were out, they pull us back in!

Jon Huntsman drops out of presidential race. And not a single flip was given in the Republican Party. Aside from Ron Paul, Huntsman was one of the few (if not only) Republican candidates who could be considered sane, which is why he was largely ignored and marginalized by his own party. Then again, it’s hard to call him “sane” when he supports the TARP bailouts and NDAA, and endorsed Mitt Romney after quitting the race.

Stephen Colbert announces presidential run. Following a poll which showed that most South Carolina voters favor Colbert over Jon Huntsman, Colbert announced his presidential run on his show and ceded his Super PAC to fellow satirist Jon Stewart. His first political ad attacked Mitt Romney as “Mitt The Ripper,” arguing that “If Mitt Romney truly believes corporations are people, then Mitt Romney is a serial killer” for forcing corporations out of business as head of Bain Capital. Now obviously Colbert isn’t seriously running for president, but is his presidential run any less farcical than that of the other candidates? If Donald Trump could be considered a “serious candidate,” why not Colbert?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pony Sunday: Baby Cakes

Welcome back to Pony Saturday—or rather, Pony Sunday. Yes, my fellow bronies, I moved it to a new day. I simply can’t review the new episode on the same day.

Anywho, here are my thoughts on this week’s new episode “Baby Cakes.”

• Mr. and Mrs. Cake’s babies: Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake! Dawwwwww!
• It’s the return of Nurse Redheart.
• 1st Song: “Happy, Happy Birthday to you and you today…”
• LOL! Pinkie gets kicked out of the maternity ward. (But not for long!)
• One twin is a pegasus and the other is a unicorn. Pony genetics are confusing.
• 2nd Song: “You’re A Month Old Today!”
• Meme Alert: “Where’s Pinkie Pie? Here I am!” (Now let’s loop it for 10 min.!)
• I feel sorry for ponies. They have to change diapers with their mouths. Eww!
• Who else loves Pinkie Pie’s watch? I want one! :D
• Did anyone else expect the babies to throw up over Pinkie? They looked more like they were going to throw up rather than burp.
• Anyone else think Pound Cake is going to get a cutie mark in martial arts?
• Why didn’t the Cakes think of asking Pinkie Pie to babysit before traveling all over Ponyville asking the other ponies?
• Fluttershy: “You understand don’t you? You’re not mad at me, are you? Please don’t be mad at me!” (You’re—going—to LOVE ME!)
• Typical Twilight Sparkle: Writing a report summarizing her other reports to the Princess. XD
• Man, those caterpillars are hungry!
• “Gotta Dash”? Gotta Blast!
• Why doesn’t Rarity want to babysit? She doesn’t even give a reason why. She could have said she was working on a dress or something.
• Mr. Cake: “Pinkie Pie, how would you like to babysit for us?” Pinkie: “I don’t know. I’ll have to check my schedule.” LOL! XD
• Pinkie: “Responsibility is my middle name! Pinkie Responsibility Pie!” No, you’re middle name is Diana! XD
• And on cue, once the parents leave, the babies cry! “Uh Oh” indeed.
• Pinkie Pie: don’t quit your day job. Stand up is obviously not your thing.
• 3rd Song: “Oink!”
• “First you jiggle your tail (Oink! Oink! Oink!), then you wiggle your snout (Oink! Oink! Oink!), then you wriggle your rump (Oink! Oink! Oink!), and shout it out (Oink! Oink! Oink!)!”
• Love the babies’ reaction! Perfectly conveys “WTF is this $#!+!”
• Pinkie Pie Flour Count: 1 (Get used to Pinkie getting doused in flour: it’s a running gag!)
• "Nom Nom Nom!" :3
• Pinkie Pie Flour Count: 2
• Man those babies are fast!
• Did Pinkie filling the bath with all those toys remind anyone else of this Sesame Street skit?
• Pinkie Pie Flour Count: 3
• Pinkie’s wet mane doesn’t compare to Rarity’s! :D
• Did Pinkie Pie’s diaper predicament remind anyone else of this Fluttershy fan art?
• Pinkie Pie: “These babies won’t listen to reason. And don’t get me started on their taste in stand-up comedy.”
• Way to take things the wrong way, Pinkie Pie!
• The rubber chicken makes the same “Squee!” sound as Fluttershy! LOL! XD
• Pinkie Pie: “Pound Cake, this is a crib. It is only to be used for napping, sleeping, and on occasion with permission, as a pretend old-timey Western fort.”
• Those babies sleep on command!
• Man, the episode’s atmosphere quickly turns into that of a horror movie. (And this is why I love MLP:FIM!)
• OMG! It’s the spider walk from Exorcist!
• Okay, I call BS! Scootaloo can’t fly, but Pound Cake can—at 1 month!?
• Spider-Pinkie, Spider-Pinkie, does whatever a Spider-Pinkie does!
• "Nom Nom Nom!” :3
• Pound Cake can fly—at one month—and fast! Again, I call BS!
• “Mmm, Razzleberry!”
• Pumpkin Cake can levitate herself and other objects, pass through objects, and unlock locks and unbound chains. Damn, she’s more powerful than Twilight!
• Dawwwwww! Pinkie Pie cries. Just like she did in Part 2 of “Elements of Harmony.”
• And the babies douse themselves in flour!
• Pinkie: “Let me check my schedule. I should be free a week from—never!”
• And the babies can talk! “Pinkie.” “Pie.” Man, these babies are gifted!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Concerning My Blog

Sorry if it’s been awhile since my last post, and sorry if any of my more recent posts came off as less than substantial. Life has been keeping me relatively busy, especially this weekend.

Effective immediately: My weekly posts will be rescheduled.

“Pony Saturday” will now be “Pony Sunday.” Tomorrow, I will share my thoughts on today’s episode “Baby Cakes.” I will continue to post my thoughts on new episodes until the last one for this season, which is next month. Afterward, I will post my thoughts on the “Return of Harmony,” “Zero Tolerance,” and “Hearth Warming Eve.” And then it will all be random Pony-related posts until the third season this fall.

“This Week In Review” will be on Mondays rather than Sundays. I don’t know. I just don’t feel like posting anything after church on Sunday. And I usually have other things planned on that day anyway.

Hopefully once life is less hectic, I’ll feel like posting more substantive posts.