Nuggets of Wisdom

Monday, January 2, 2012

Amazing Atheist Defends Ron Paul

You know Ron Paul has a good chance of winning when The Amazing Atheist (who's made video after video after video attacking him) starts defending him:

I’m no fan of Ron Paul, I’ve done several videos against him, I disagree with him on 60-70 percent of the things that he said, and yet I’m compelled to defend him from the mainstream media because they’re doing everything in their power to marginalize him and it’s obvious to everyone. All of the mainstream media and the Republican establishment and the Democratic establishment, the two party establishment, the corporatist establishment, all they’ve accomplished by trying to marginalize Ron Paul is turn someone like me, who hates the guy, into someone who’s giving him a second look because, hey, if the establishment hates him this bad, maybe he should have my vote.

I mean, if it comes down to Ron Paul or Barack Obama, how can I in good conscience vote for Barack Obama, a man who doesn’t believe in anything that he f***ing says? Ron Paul at least believes in something. He at least has a real agenda that reflects a real philosophical value system, a real economic policy, a real foreign policy. And it’s not an economic policy I agree with. I probably at the end of the day agree more with Barack Obama’s stated policies than I do with Ron Paul’s, but the difference is I don’t know what Obama really wants. I think that what he wants is the furtherance of his own power, the continuation of the status quo. At least Ron Paul, for all his faults, for all his foibles, and they are many, at least he genuinely believes the shit that he says.

Personally, I’m still holding out for a third party candidate that I could vote for in good conscience, but failing that, I can see myself voting for Ron Paul if he gets the nomination. He probably won’t. It’s probably still going to be Romney. Romney’s still ahead in most of the Iowa polls and he’s way ahead in a lot of other primary states, but hey, it could be Paul! Paul has a legitimate path to the nomination which is something I will freely admit that I never thought would happen.