Nuggets of Wisdom

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Examples Of Libertarianism

One of the main criticisms against libertarianism, as a Daily Kos article recently demonstrated, is that there are no real life examples of libertarian governments, and therefore, no evidence that libertarianism works. While it is true that there are no completely libertarian countries, there are countries with libertarian policies which have been highly successful. Here are five examples:

Hong Kong's Economic Policy (Laissez-Faire Capitalism)

Chile's Pension Program (Privatization)

Switzerland's Foreign Policy (Noninterventionism)

Sweden's Education System (School Choice)

Portugal's Drug Policy (Decriminalization)

I plan on writing an essay elaborating on this topic. As can be expected, much research will be going into it. If anyone would like to help contribute, feel free to send me links to articles on the five countries and their policies. I plan on having it finished sometime later this month.