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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Failtastic Atheist Billboards

This article probably won’t bode well with my atheist followers—all three of you!

A Minnesota atheist group released the following pair of poorly-designed and face-palmingly stupid billboards:

Ah yes, the “all babies are atheists” argument: justifying disbelief by claiming that minds incapable of comprehending complex thought share said disbelief. (In that case, all houseflies are atheists too!) The argument goes that, since babies are born without belief in God, and that they need to be taught belief in God, that belief in God is, by default, false.

Let’s ignore the fact that the existence of God is so blatantly obvious within nature that mankind is without excuse (Rom 1:18-20). To show how much this argument fails, allow me to articulate it in full:
“You only believe in God because you were taught to believe in God. If you weren’t taught to believe in God, or you were born in a society that didn’t believe in God, then you wouldn’t believe in God. Therefore, belief in God is false.”
Now replace the word “God” with anything else (gravity, germ theory, evolution) and you’ll quickly see why this is a stupid argument. Even most atheists agree that “all babies are atheists” is a poor defense of atheism.

As for not wanting children to be indoctrinated, it’s hard to believe that atheists want children to think for themselves when they send them to atheist summer camps, write atheist children’s books, and write articles on raising atheist children.

Also, if you don’t want your child indoctrinated, don’t send them to public school. If Christian schools teach children to follow Christianity, and Jewish schools teach children to follow Judaism, and Islamic schools teach children to follow Islam, what do state schools teach children to follow? This may explain why most atheists merely replace their faith in God with faith in the government.