Nuggets of Wisdom

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pony Sunday: The Last Roundup

Welcome back to Pony Sunday. Well, only three more episodes in this season! Time really flies, doesn't it. Anywho, here are my thoughts on this week's episode The Last Roundup:

• Derpy Hooves talks!
• What exactly was Derpy doing hopping on that thundercloud?
• Considering how easy the town hall could collapse simply by bumping into it or sitting on the floor, was it really Derpy’s fault that it was ruined, or was it getting old and needed to be condemned?
• Background ponies in crowd: Bon Bon, Lyra, Caramel, Berry Punch, Carrot Top, Lily, Rose Luck, Dinky Doo.
• A politician obsessed with money? Huh. Go figure!
• Yeah, get used to Pinkie Pie talking a mile a minute. She does that a lot in this episode. To the point that you want to shoot the TV (or computer) just to make her stop!
• Carrot Top and Dinky Doo are riding the train.
• Pinkie mentions Sarsaparilla (which she also mentioned in her daydream about the Grand Galloping Gala in Ticket Master).
• One of these days, Pinkie Pie is going to give some pony (specifically Fluttershy) a heart attack.
• Meme Alert: Pinkie Pie limbering her lips.
• It’s the pony mailman’s birthday! (Side note: This week will be my birthday!)
• Gee…I wonder why Apple Jack didn’t come back? (Obvious answer is obvious!)
• Big Macintosh crying = Daaaawwwwww!
• Error: Carrot Top and Caramel are working at the rodeo, and apparently don’t know who Apple Jack is. (Berry Punch is also at the Rodeo).
• Question: Why doesn’t the train have a bathroom for Pinkie Pie to use? Most all trains have one!
• Does Dodge Junction look like Appaloosa to anyone else?
• Berry Punch steps off the train.
• New Background Pony: Cherry Jubilee!
• Anyone else thought that they were going to make a beans fart joke? (Then again, it probably was best that they didn’t. Wouldn’t have been appropriate).
• Obvious I Love Lucy reference is obvious!
• Wild Bill Hickcock and Calamity Mane!
• Meme Alert: Rainbow Dash nodding and smiling.
• Anyone else expect Cherry Jubilee to fire them all after the incident?
• Meme Alert: Dramatic closeup of Pinkie Pike slurping up cherry mess.
• Cherry Changas are real. But they’re not mashed up cherries in a tortilla that’s deep-fried. They’re a cocktail made from cherry vodka, cherry juice, club soda, and gummy bears. (A kids show referencing alcoholic beverages?!)
• Yeah, this is the part that made me want to shoot the TV. Annoying Pinkie Pie is annoying.
• Pinkie Pie said Kumquat. You know someone is going to edit this scene and make her say something naughty! :D
• Return of the Pinkie Promise!
• HOLY **** ON A **** SANDWICH! Pinkie Pie is pissed!
• HOLY **** ON A **** SANDWICH WITH **** ON TOP…WITH A SIDE HELPING OF ****! It’s official: this angry version of Pinkie Pie is creepier than Pinkamena Diana Pie!
• Apple Jack:“I’ve got to get the heck out of Dodge!” XD
• Dinky Doo is in Dodge City!
• Fluttershy stops for the bunny.
• How very lawyer like for Apple Jack to defend breaking her promise. Does anyone else feel it’s out of her element of Honesty for Apple Jack to be lying through this episode?
• Um, what was Apple Jack thinking? Even if the others didn’t manage to jump over the train, they could have easily waited until the train passed by and then continue chasing after her. In fact, I was expecting the joke to be that the train finally passed and the others just walk over to her.
• Why did the others leave Pinkie and Rarity behind? I mean, it’s not like they were that far behind! They could have easily met on the way back to town and then take the train back home.