Nuggets of Wisdom

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ron Paul Redditors FTW!

I regularly peruse Reddit—in fact, it’s my main news source, especially r/politics. I usually just scan the headlines, though I will often skim through comment sections of certain intriguing posts, which make for equally intriguing discourse.

One notable example is a recent post—a self post by a libtarded moonbat no less if the title is any indicator: To Ron Paul supporters on reddit: could you please tell me why you support ron Paul when his libertarian views give enshrine free market capitalism and give corporations more power?

The post obviously argues that a free market would allow corporations to run wild, thus placing the economy at risk for another crisis. Of course, this argument is bullpucky, and fortunately, many redditors (Mostly Ron Paul fans) have pointed this out eloquently in the comment section. I suggest reading the comments alone just to pick up on a few good counterarguments.

I rarely leave comments, but I did in this post. Here’s my response:
So if we “deregulate” the economy into a free market, the corporations will have free reign and run wild? Problem with that logic: America is the 4th most overregulated country in the world (behind Japan, China, and India), and corporations already have free reign and run wild!